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    I have such a fun shop & home tour to share with you this week! They’re both located inside one great big building that belongs to our friends, Tony and Sylvia Atchison. They live in Mobile, Alabama, so Kevin swung by there with our camera gear in tow on the way to my mom’s house for an early Thanksgiving on the 21st.

    The building was constructed in 1907 and used to serve as a furniture storage facility back in the day. The Atchison’s purchased it in 1988…

    Atchison Home - Before

    …and immediately began transforming the left 3/4 of it into a home furnishings shop called Atchison Home. In 1998, they started transforming the right 1/4 of the building into their home, and here’s how the exterior looks today:

    Atchison Home 2013

    Pretty awesome, huh? :-D

    Through the green doors, you’ll find their shop:

    Atchison Home | Mobile Alabama

    They’re open Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm, and from 11am-3pm on Saturdays.

    Here’s a peek inside:

    Atchison Home | The Lettered Cottage

    That’s Julie behind the counter. It was such a pleasure to meet her that day- what a sweet and talented gal! And aren’t those reindeer fun? They have lots of pretty Christmas decor out right now:

    Atchison Home | Christmas Ornaments | Clam | Vintage Car

    Atchison Home | Christmas Ornaments | Pinecones

    Atchison Home | Christmas Ornaments

    The first floor is painted all white, and each floor’s color scheme gets a little darker as you make your way up to the top.

    Atchison Home | Mobile | Alabama

    Atchison Home | European | Antiques | White Interior

    Atchison Home | Marble Bath Decor

    Atchison Home | Mobile Alabama | White Headboard

    Atchison Home | Dining Room

    Atchison Home | Mobile Alabama | Ikat

    Atchison Home | Globe Pouf

    Atchison Home | Mobile Alabama | Gray Sofa | Damask Ottoman

    Up on the second floor, the walls are still white, but the ceiling and floors are darker:

    Atchison Home | Mobile Alabama | White Sofa | Gray Armchair | Sisal Rug | Gray Armoire

    Atchison Home | Old Books

    Atchison Home | French Soap

    Atchison Home | Sea Sponge | Cement | Concrete

    Atchison Home | Slipcover Dining Chair

    …except for in this room that has a corrugated metal ceiling:

    Atchison Home | Corrugated Metal Ceiling | Brick Walls

    I love how it looks with the copper pipes!

    Atchison Home | Piano Room | European Antiques | Slipcovered Furniture

    Atchison Home | Silver Vase | White Tulips

    Atchison Home | Piano Room

    Atchison Home | Mobile Alabama | Contemporary Furniture And Art

    Atchison Home | Landscape Painting | Rustic Modern Coffee Table | Army Blanket

    On the third floor, the ceiling and floor are wood and the brick walls are unpainted:

    Atchison Home | Mobile Alabama | Old Ship

    Atchison Home | Wood Stool

    The fourth floor is where they keep all their sale items:

    Atchison Home | Brick Building

    Lots and lots of old tables and desks up here!

    Atchison Home | Sale Floor

    This green trestle was one of my absolute favorites!

    Atchison Home | Dining Table | Trestle Table

    And last but not least, here are a couple of sneak peek pics of the entrance that leads to the (two-story) home they’ve created on the right side of the building.

    Atchison Home | Ivy Front Door | Grass Pavers

    Their gorgeous old front doors are on the right hand side of this little area, but I couldn’t stop staring at the ceiling when we passed through here. Check it out:

    Atchison Home | Ivy Ceiling Vine | Lantern

    That ivy adds so much character, don’t you think? Standing there made me feel like I had been instantly transported to Europe! I’ll sign off with a photo of their front doors, shot from inside the house:

    Atchison Home | Foyer | Antique Doors | Table | Lion | Bamboo | Urn | Painted Brick Wall

    Off to edit all the other pics right now! :-D

    In the meantime, if you’d like to check out more Atchison Home, you can always find them here: AtchisonHome.com@AtchisonHome on Instagram, Facebook.com/AtchisonHome and @AtchisonHome on Twitter.

    This isn’t a sponsored post, I just love blogging about the people and places that inspire me, and hope that you’ll enjoy them too! :-)

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