• American Blogger – The First Journey

    It’s been almost a year since I first blogged about Chris Wiegand and the time he pulled into town with his Airstream…

    American Blogger Airstream Chris Wiegand

    He was traveling around America, gathering footage, in hopes to learn more about this “hobby” called blogging his wife, Casey, seemed to love so much.

    String on map

    He wanted to interview (in person) some of the gals his wife seemed to have so much fun connecting with online, and felt inspired to meld his passion (movie-making) with his wife’s love of journaling by creating a video “snapshot” of this moment in their time.

    And now, after several months of hard work, his movie American Blogger: The First Journey is finally done!

    American Blogger Poster


    (You can click on the photo or link above to be re-directed to AmericanBlogger.com)


    I’ve watched it three times already, and although I wish I would have RELAXED and SMILED a little more during my segments (#sheesh #nerves #InterviewsShouldBeCalledIntimidaterviews :-D ), Kevin and I are both so grateful we got to spend some time with Chris while he was out on his adventure. It’s always so fun to meet the kindred spirits (and/or their husbands!) who live on the other side of our screens, don’t you think?

    The movie has some segments about the business, social media, and negative sides of blogging, but mostly, it’s about the passion behind the posts, and the forever-friendships that reach beyond and back in through the blogs.

    I don’t want to give too much away in case you plan to watch it too, but man did I cherish listening to Ashley

    Ashley Hacksaw Photo

    …and seeing things from Natalie‘s Perspective:

    Nat Falls

    And then there was this one…her name’s Jen:

    Jen Loves Kev

    Positive, down-to-earth…and she loves a Kev, too! What a treat it was to meet her  throughout the video. The internet needs more Jens:-D

    And Casey? You, my dear, you and your Ainsleigh made this mama-to-be’s eyes well right up and over.

    Casey Wiegand

    That right there was such a sweet mother/daughter moment, and I’m so glad Chris captured it for keeps! :-D

    And speaking of Chris, I loved what he had to say about his journey at the end of the movie. He said:

    I learned a lot over those 48 days. I drove over 15,000 miles, through 40 states, and shot over 5,000 minutes of footage. 

    Open Road

    I’m grateful to live in a country where we have the freedom to write and share whatever we want. We do have a voice, and what we believe does matter, and sharing our experiences can change someone’s world.


    I used to think all this blogging stuff was a nice little hobby. I was so wrong. It is a way of life. Not the actual blog- no, the blog is just a tool. The power lies beneath the blog…in the pictures, in the words being shared. And just like everything in life- blogs can be used for good, or used for evil. So with blogging comes a great responsibility.

    Airstream 2

    I wasn’t sure I’d find any similarites between myself and the bloggers, but in some ways, we’re a lot alike. We both share ideas, we both share stories, and we both share our lives.

     Christoper Wiegand

    If the internet is somehow gone tomorrow, the philosophy the behind blogs will still live on. Isn’t it amazing that people can be across a nation from each other, but yet have a common thread: words that change us, and words that challenge us. Pictures that inspire us, people that influence us.

    Airstream 1

    From the corn fields of Indiana, to the subways in Manhattan. From Texas oil fields to a backyard skate park in southern California. From beaches, mountains, deserts and canyons- this thread is not easily broken.


    The blogging community is something special, and I think it’s special only because of the people, so brave and so bold, who sit behind a computer, phone, or platform and dare to speak of life.”


    Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this (first) conversation, Chris! Your movie was beautiful, and I enjoyed watching it so much!

    PS- I wanted to check out the blogs written by the women in the film after I got done watching it, so I thought I’d include a list of links here to make it easy to find them if you’re interested, too! :-)

    Kelly Stamps- Kelly’s Korner
    Andrea Duclos- Oh Dear Drea
    Jessica Gatlyn- Boho Baby Bump
    Melissa Jordan- Dear Baby
    Casi Densmore-Koon- Cupcake Mag
    LaTonya Staubs- Old, New & The Wee One Too
    Lindsey Meyer-Harley- Darling Clementine
    Lauren Jimeson- A Mommy In The City
    Danielle Burkleo- Take Heart
    Jen Lula- Jen Loves Kev
    Bridget Hunt- Tales Of Me And The Husband
    Allison Johnson- Pink Lou Lou
    Erin Loechner- Design For Mankind
    Erin Schrader- Living In Yellow
    Shaynah Dodge- Ruffled Snob
    Megan Davey – Chasing Davies
    Kim Davis- Oh, Sweet Joy!
    Emily Frame/Jenna Rammell/Nicole Christensen- Small Fry
    Chelsea Carver/Ashley Christensen/Whitney Holland- PS I Adore You
    Susan Petersen- Freshly Picked
    Cara Loren Van Brocklin- Cara Loren
    Chelsey Andrews- The Paper Mama
    Erin Mercado- Candy Kirby Designs
    Ashley Stock- Little Miss Momma
    Joy Prouty- Wildflowers Photography
    Laura Wiertzema- Ascot Friday
    Danni Hong- Oh, Hello Friend
    Kristin Rogers- Kristin Rogers Photography
    Promise Tangeman- Promise Tangeman
    Kelli Murray-Larson- Kelli Murray
    Ashley Hacksaw- Lil Blue Boo
    Ashley LeMieux- The Shine Project
    Lauren Kimmel/Stephanie Flies/Laura Ellerbroek- City Moms Blog Network
    Anita Means- Hello Apparel
    Wynne Elder- Gloriously Ruined
    Meredith Adams- The Mer La La
    Jessica Honegger- Noonday Collection
    Brynn Watkins- Being Elliot

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