• Monthly Archives: August 2009

    Fleamarket finally feasts!

    Little Fleamarket finally has a full belly. I shot this today after he dined….

    A foundling named "Fleamarket"

    I shot this video this morning… Kevin and I decided a long time ago that we didn’t want anymore inside pets, but we’d love to make sure he’s got a comfortable, safe place to eat and sleep on our back … Continue reading

    Cottage Kitty

    I‘ve been hearing lots of tiny meows, outside my office window, for a couple of days now. At night, the meowing really seemed to pick up- which made me feel like whatever was doing it was afraid of the dark. … Continue reading

    Design Consultation Update

    Thank you to those who purchased consultations this morning. All five spots were gone in less than five minutes!!!

    TheLetteredCottage.net is up!

    Make sure you stop by TheLetteredCottage.net today to check out our brand spankin‘ new layout! (Or if you’re already here, HELLO!) There are still a couple things that need to be added today, but it’s done for the most part. … Continue reading

    Lettered Cottage- Entertainment Unit Accessories

    It all started when my friend Rhoda gave me this great big, old sailboat for me ( she got for $2.00!) about a week ago. I brought it in the house, when I got back from our Endless Yard Sale … Continue reading

    Accessories for bookcases = $170, Finding your Enthusiasm = PRICELESS

    Hi gang! I‘ve been a busy little bee this week…lots of exciting news to share in the next few days and again next week. I’ll be back later today with some updated photos of the entertainment unit in our Living … Continue reading

    Endless Yard Sale 2009

    Hi! I made it back!Safe & sound, and with a backseat full of great junk. I can’t wait to go again next year! Susie was just as precious as I knew she would be, and Rhoda was just as much … Continue reading

    It’s 5:11 am

    I can’t remember the last time I woke up this early! I’m off to get ready to head to Rhoda’s. Wish me luck! Layla

    Endless Yardsale Eve!

    In T minus 7 hours I’ll be headed to Rhoda’s house for the 2009 Endless Yard Sale. Susie is already there, and I can’t wait to meet her!I’ll be back with video footage of our adventures soon! Toodle loo!Layla


    Exciting changes are taking place behind the scenes this week!For starters, you can now find our blog at www.TheLetteredCottage.net as well as here at blogspot.com.Sometime by the end of next week, our brand spankin’ new blog will be up!I can’t … Continue reading

    Design Star- Season 4, Episode 3

    This weekends episode of Design Star had the season 4 contestants competing against each other in the “White Wall Challenge”. The catch- they could only use things found at a grocery store!Since I put my design together earlier this week, … Continue reading

    Lettered Cottage Kitchen Update

    After devouring a perfectly seasoned piece of baked tilapia and a side of potato salad for lunch today, I snapped a couple of shots of what I’ve been up to in the Kitchen recently. Ever since I took these pictures … Continue reading

    Endless Yard Sale 2009

    It’s that time of year again!The Endless Yard Sale 2009 takes place this weekend, August 6th through the 9th.It stretches all the way from Gadsden, Alabama to West Unity, Ohio. A total of 654 miles to be exact. Sarah and … Continue reading

    Interested in advertising on our blog? The Lettered Cottage blog was created in May of 2008 as a creative outlet and a place for us to document our renovation and decoration adventures. And although we still write this “diary” so … Continue reading