• Written by the first person I ever loved…

    “…Waking up to only the sound of birds singing, the smell of coffee brewing, and a clear view of the sunrise, is a nearly perfect start to each day. The only way to improve that would be to add the sound, smell or sight of water. My dream home is a small, cozy stone cottage, with a view straight through to the back yard when you enter the front. A nearby greenhouse would double as a dining area for large family or friend gatherings. Also, hidden on the 2 acre+ sight would be a guest house for those family members and friends. This would all be someplace with a temperate climate — windows open at least half the year — with definite seasonal changes, and within walking distance of parks, dining, and shopping. I would like to grow things — feed bodies and souls — with organic produce, herbs and cutflowers. My daily resting time would be spent reading, walking the dogs, birdwatching, listening to music or making it on my piano. Fulfilled, the days would end with a homebrewed beer or wine, watching the sunset with my happy husband…”


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