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…and while we’re on the subject of marriage

Perspectives Cinema and Photography | New Zealand

Have you ever come across an amazing little video online that just wrecks you in the best of ways? That’s what this one did to me, and I hope you enjoy watching it here today, too:

Pomare + Vanessa || Beginning of Creation

The company that put it together is called Perspectives, and after poring over their entire site, I am such a big fan of their work! They’ve got a lot more fun wedding-related videos on their site if you want to watch a little more “mushy” this weekend. (This Disney-themed proposal was super cute, too!)

And speaking of sweet, couple-related videos- this one got me, too:

I count it a great privilege to care for this one that I’ve loved all of these years, and continue to love….she’s my princess and I’m her William, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.:-)

Happy weekend, you. Hope it’s a magical-meets-mushy one!

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  1. Lorrie says

    “What is love” video – I held it together until I saw the crown on her bike helmet, the tears could hold no more. Thank you for posting this.

  2. says


    I am now living proof that a person can live after having their heart torn from their chest. The tears…Oh my. What a beautiful testament of love.


  3. says

    OK…thanks for the tears. The “What is Love” was just too much. The husband saying God has loved him, put that love in his heart to care for his wife…just got me going big time. Amazingly beautiful–thanks for sharing Layla.

  4. Rhonda Irizarry says

    Wow.. the wedding was so lovely.. but gosh.. the long time married couple.. his complete care of his wife, well, I’m speechless.. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Lisa W. says

    As I type this comment, I cannot see…literally:) The “what is love” video was amazing!!! To have this kind of love is so, just so wonderful! I pray to have this kind of love after that many years.

    I have some experience with family members and memory loss. It is not easy. To see someone care for their loved one and to be honored truly touched me like never in my life!

    Layla, thank you for sharing this, I have never seen anything like this, truly amazing people…character, it truly shows there is love in the world with all the bad that we see today.

    For this thank you for your blog!

    Lisa W.

  6. says

    I needed a box of Kleenex for that last one. So, sweet and truly tells exactly what love is. The videos of weddings, are amazing. Already, skipped over to watch more videos. They have a true talent for capturing special moments.

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