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    …and while we’re on the subject of marriage

    Perspectives Cinema and Photography | New Zealand

    Have you ever come across an amazing little video online that just wrecks you in the best of ways? That’s what this one did to me, and I hope you enjoy watching it here today, too:

    Pomare + Vanessa || Beginning of Creation

    The company that put it together is called Perspectives, and after poring over their entire site, I am such a big fan of their work! They’ve got a lot more fun wedding-related videos on their site if you want to watch a little more “mushy” this weekend. (This Disney-themed proposal was super cute, too!)

    And speaking of sweet, couple-related videos- this one got me, too:

    I count it a great privilege to care for this one that I’ve loved all of these years, and continue to love….she’s my princess and I’m her William, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.:-)

    Happy weekend, you. Hope it’s a magical-meets-mushy one!

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