World’s Longest Yard Sale

I was tickled to find the Spring 2014 issue of Flea Market Style magazine in my mailbox this week. The World’s Longest Yard Sale article I got to be a part of last Fall starts on page 56, and seeing those photos brought back so many fun memories!

Flea Market Style Magazine | Ki Nassauer | The Lettered Cottage | Pennant Banners

Our adventure started in Fort Payne, Alabama, and as with any August outing in the South, it was very hot and humid that weekend- the air so heavy it felt like we were wearing it. (Said the girl who doesn’t like the way her upper arms look in photos, and insisted on wearing long sleeves the whole time.) 😛

World's Longest Yard Sale

Our mountain top cabin on the other hand, was as cool as the other side of a pillow, and I felt just like a kid again up there- what with all the pizza, and PJs, and girl talk, and treasure hunting.

Bear Creek Log Cabins

Bear Creek Log Cabins | Flea Market Style Magazine | Worlds Longest Yard Sale | 127 Corridor Sale

We woke up early both days, and we must have stopped twenty-five times as we shopped our way to and from Gadsden and Signal Mountain.

Flea Market Style Magazine | Worlds Longest Yard Sale | 127 Corridor Sale | The Lettered Cottage | Ki Nassauer

Mary Kay had such a eagle eye when it came to seeing the best stuff from the road while we drove, and shopping with Ki was such a trip! I’ve been inspired by her passion and creativity since 2004, and it was so neat to watch her in action!

Worlds Longest Yard Sale | Flea Market Style Magazine | The Lettered Cottage

Worlds Longest Yard Sale | Food

I came home with a few little things at the end of the trip, but I’ll always remember our time together as the best part of that sale.

Flea Market Style Magazine | The Lettered Cottage

Nothing like a weekend with my favorite flea marketeers! 😀


And while I’m thinking about fellowship- I wanted to share that I joined the most wonderful Bible study group this week! Out of our group of seven, I am the only one who doesn’t have adult children, and I’m the only one that didn’t grow up in church, but I knew within minutes I was going to love it. We’re working through Priscilla Shirer’s study on Gideon, and the Week 1 (nutshell) take-away for me was about how important it is to remember to Glean from the generation ahead of us, how important it is to remember to Share with the generation behind us, and that unity doesn’t mean sameness it means oneness of purpose.

I left Study #1 feeling so thankful for Nudge to spend the next five Wednesdays with a group of Wiser gals I can glean from, and excited that I get to share the Good News with my little one from the start. And my favorite part? The peace that came along with hearing that it’s okay to be different, and that our oneness will always be our same. :-)


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    My neighbor and good friend always hits the yard sales in the summertime, and I have never been to one…I know I know….looking at these fun pictures makes me want to give it a try this summer! So glad to hear about the bible study, fellowship with other women has been vital to my survival!

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