Working Out, Kitchen Switches and a New Hue for Hyacinth

Alright- show of hands,

Who loves Springtime?!

(My Knock-Out roses, preparing to explode.)

There’s really nothing like it, is there?

Especially days like today when the sun is shining and the birds are singing their little hearts out.


(One of my favorite houses in town, completely surrounded by Spring!)

All this wonderful weather has got me wanting to bust out my favorite shorts.

Which is exactly what would happen if I tried to squeeze into them right now.

Yeah…I seemed to have packed on another ten pounds this past Winter, and right now my Spring/Summer clothes are fitting just a liiiiiittle too closely for comfort.

And because this ol’ girl will always put her house before her self– buying a whole new wardrobe to accommodate my “extra curves” is out of the question.

I’ve got pillows to purchase people!

I did break down and buy some running shoes from TJ Maxx yesterday…


Oh yeah, I got a pineapple too.

But not at TJ Maxx.
Although I did see lots of things with pineapples ON them at TJ Maxx.

The plan is to start eating better (hence, the pineapple), and to start jogging, to see if I can shed the extra weight before we head to Tybee in June.

That’s do-able, right?

And although he doesn’t need to lose any weight, Kevin got some new shoes to run in too. He wants to be super fit by the time he leaves to go on tour later this year.

We both took our shoes out for a spin for the first time yesterday morning.

He made it around the pond at the park three times.


I made it from here to here…


By the time I reached that second “X” I was dying.

My legs were so heavy.
It felt like I was running in the water, instead of around it.

And my lungs felt like they were being attacked by a hundred angry hornets.

Angry, fire-breathing hornets.

Angry, fire-breathing hornets with cacti strapped to their feet.

It was brutal.

But I’m not going to give up!

I’m gonna keep at it!

Because no matter how crazy it feels right now, I gotta believe that one day I’ll be able to race around that thing like Kevin does.

And that running doesn’t always equate to stinging lungs, lead legs and the occasional wave of nausea.

Meanwhile, Kevin will undoubtedly be running circles around me with his big, healthy lungs and springy little sneakers.

(Kevin, on lap #3)



On the home front, I’ve started to think about my Summer mantel already.
(I know. I’m insane.)

The Spring one was a bunch of fun to put together…


…but it’s been up for like t h i r t y o n e days already.

That’s like ninety one in Decorator days.

So far, I’m visualizing lots of coastal touches…driftwood, seashells, glass floats, sailboats, lanterns, that kind of stuff…but who knows what I’ll be inspired by at the flea market this time!

(To see what happened last time around, click HERE. And to see how the story ended, click HERE.)

But before I get too carried away with the anymore mantel mania- there’s still that empty wall above the cabinetry we repurposed in the kitchen…


I’ve always thought it would be kinda cool to move the upper cabinets from the left side of room, over to the right side…


…and then to install windows all the way across the back wall of the kitchen instead…

(Move your mouse back and forth over the photo to see what I mean.)

Not necessarily those exact windows, but some kind of windows would be pretty nifty, wouldn’t they?
And boy would that really kick up the natural light factor!
(Always a plus in my book.)
There’s about two acres of woods directly behind our house, and I’d love to be able to see more of them while I do the dishes.

Yeah, we’re still hand washing over here.
And the plastic spoon that’s to blame is still living inside our dishwasher…


Speaking of kitchens-
If you get a chance, swing by the Pioneer Woman’s blog to weigh in on what color chalkboard paint Hyacinth should use on the wall that connects her living room to her kitchen…


The Design Team and I have been getting to know Hyacinth over the past couple of months, and I think she’s finally ready to get crackin’ on the redesign, but she’s leaving the final color decision up to you!

And to learn more about my “Design Team Hyacinth” partners, click on their banners below…

…they’re two tremendously talented ladies, and it’s been such a pleasure collaborating with them.

‘Til next time-

Happy Thursday!


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  1. Pammy says

    O.K. – I know I’m a little late on this posting (over a year after the fact), but I couldn’t help but wonder about the cabinet you recycled from you bathroom redo – was it already the same height as the kitchen cabinets?, or did you guys have to add to the bottom to make it higher. Usually bathroom cabinets are shorter then kitchen cabinets – ???? GREAT JOB!!!! btw! :o)

    • Layla says

      Hey Pammy!
      It was actually already that high. I think the previous owners got some good deals on cabinetry, and that it was actually intended for a kitchen. :-)