Word of the Year – 2013

I keep a little book in the drawer next to my bed. It’s called ‘Mom- Share Your Life With Me‘ and it contains 365 pages of questions and places to share thoughts. I gave it to my mom a while back, and after she wrote something on all of them, she gave it back to me…complete with cutie pie photos of her when she was little…

…and hand-drawn visual aids, too:

I love seeing more than just her answers like that. (And who knew I was a clumper?!)

Anywho, like the date in the photo above says, today is December 26th- which means 2012 is coming to a close and it’s time to choose a new Word of the Year! This past year, my word of the year was UP.

I knew from the minute I chose it it chose me that I would fly on an airplane (a.k.a- “scare-plane”) again this year. I knew it, knew it, knew it. But there was something kind of peaceful about committing to UP even though I had that feeling. It made me feel like it was the right time to try again, and that I could do it, and that I’d be okay if I did.

Long story short, I did fly this past November, and I’m really grateful for that, and for all the other positive ways focusing Up inspired and encouraged me throughout the year, too.

In 2013, my word of the year is going to be JUNE.

It’s means so much more than the month to me, for multiple reasons, and I look forward to sharing more about why I chose it it chose me around this same time next year.

Are you choosing a ‘Word of the Year’ this year? I’d love to hear what it is if you feel like sharing it here!

PS- New to the ‘Word of the Year’ concept but want to give it a whirl? Just choose one word that has the potential to inspire you and create intention in your life, and have fun incorporating it into your thoughts and goals all year long!

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  1. says

    I gave the same book to my mom and dad many years ago. I don’t think they have written in it… Thanks for the reminder, I just may have to give them a boost and get them going.

  2. faye says

    What a great idea – to have a word of the year and to try to implement it into our lives daily. My word of the year is simply – I hope that it will remind me to simply love my family and myself; simply share kindness with others; and to simplify our lives by shedding things that are simply taking up space. Thanks for this wonderful idea – I think I will go print my word of the year out and hang it in a couple of prominent places to help remind me of goal to simply be me.

    • Barbara says

      Rachel Carson – a fav of mine (look her up!) said that if she were the fairy godmother present at the birth of every child, she would give them a sense of wonder. LOVE that quote!

  3. kelly says

    I’m at the age where i seem to be losing things..literally and physically. This word i hope will inspire me to slow down, focus and find the moment…

  4. Michelle says

    Can’t wait for the details, but I think I have a hunch. :)

    My word for 2012 was “pray”. My word for 2013 is “seek”. I need to seek the things that I’ve been putting off.

  5. says

    How darn cute is that book! What a fantastic idea! I got a good chuckle when you called yourself a clumper! Hmmmm my word would be….grow! Great inspiration!

  6. Kristen says

    I’m thinking on one that needs to find me. One is stirring in my mind but I need to sit and listen to it and maybe it’s the one I need. You inspire me so much and so does your yearly one word posts.

    I can’t see what your word shall be for you. I bet it will be wonderful.

  7. Debra says

    Hi Layla,
    You know I belong to about 100 blog subscriptions, but you are the only one who has a folder for back issues. I also think I know ( possibly!?!..maybe…it could happen ya know?!) So I’ll just wait
    (un)patiently til you fill us in. Hey did you see the new color of the year? I love your new house and neighborhood. Happy 2013. d.

  8. Donna Lohr says

    INSPIRE and all its forms? inspiring inspired inspiration

    Yep. That’s my word. Now, I should probably go write about it on my own blog. :)

  9. Heather Patterson says

    Can’t wait to hear more!!! FYI, you look just like your momma in that pic of her as a little girl, precious! I will have to think about my word of the year….. I will get back to u on that one!! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  10. says

    This past year was focus…thinking the next one might me something like create. Hope you’ve had a beautiful Christmastime! xo

  11. Patti says

    This will be my fourth year for a WORD. I’ve used awareness, intentional and connection. Couldn’t think of one for this year til I clicked on this blog post. My word will be SHARE. Yep ~ it found me! I can’t wait to see where it will take me. And I’m excited to hear where JUNE will take you.

    Wow…. The power of words

  12. Marie Claire says

    Hi Layla,
    I’ve been reading you blog every day since you painted the kitchen cabinets in your old house black. I’m saying “hi” now ! :) Sorry for being a “lurker”. I”m really not a creepy person. :)

    I’m chuckling right now because I realized a few months ago that I FORGOT MY WORD! How lame is that? I’ll give this another go and I’ll be sure to display the word, or write it down somewhere.

  13. angela says

    June is when my mom and i were born and it is her middle name so June has a lot of meaning to me.

  14. says

    LOVE this idea and plan on making a post about it soon. My word will be “YES.” I need to say this word more often in my life.

  15. Sharon Hermens says

    My word of the year will be ‘right’. I chose it because I want to do and think the ‘right’ things. Philippians 4:8 says (in part) whatever is right let your mind dwell on these things. Being ‘right’ will apply to all facets of my life. Thank you for the prompt. I’d never thought of doing this (choosing a word) and I like it!

  16. says

    I think my word will be “quiet” — my type A personality needs to slow down and enjoy more of life’s details.

    June is a wonderful word. I was born in early June and I love the month. The word itself is nice to say outloud, too – it is like a breath.

  17. Kimberly VanDyke says

    My word for the year is CHANGE.

    My life is going through many changes in 2013. I will write about them and make sure the changes that take place have a positive impact on my life. I remember a song from when I was young, the chorus said, “I’m so tired of being stirred but not being changed. But this time, LORD change me, let the work begin just now. This time, LORD change me, please change me, somehow. This time, LORD change me, let my life be rearranged. I’m so tired of being stirred but not being changed.”

    I will allow change to take place this year.

  18. Angie says

    This is my first year with a word, but mine is “Simplify”. I bought a pillow with this word on it 2 years ago, and I have yet to heed it’s advice. This is my year to do just that. Simplify.

  19. Annie F. says

    Funny that you chose that word, because “June” has meaning for me this year too. Had my first real lesson in disappointment, waiting and trusting in 2012. Praising God for June of 2013!

  20. says

    My word for 2013 is HEAL. I’m knocked down with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and it has taken a hit to my confidence and whole life right now as well as a nice cold to top it off. I want to heal physically but also heal what seemed to be a broken or stuck approach to the rest of our weight loss and this temporary injury is hopefully a blessing in disguise.

    I’m betting I know why June is so special to you! ;)

  21. Melissa says

    In 2012 my word was Discover. We had just moved to a new state, with new jobs and all the things that all that “newness” entails! It truly has been a year of discovery. This year the word I have been given is “home”! From buying a new home to building homes through habitat for humanity, I’m totally looking forward to coming home

  22. says

    I’m excited to see what 2013 brings for our family and can’t wait to see how JUNE will change your lives ! Happy New Year!

  23. says

    Love that book you gave your mom. What an awesome idea. Last year my word was serve. This year’s word will be TRUST. Trusting in God as he leads us down new paths.


  24. says

    I can’t wait to share my word…..LIGHT. This has so many meanings to me and I plan to write about “Light” once a month for the year 2013.
    Thanks Layla…I hope others join in and follow along! ~Kim

  25. Jude says

    Maddox is a clumper, too! Have Justin send you a picture of their treetop :-D I’m thinking about THE word and will let you know soon. Love ya’ MOM

  26. Lisa W. says

    LOVE it, kinda sorta thinking “why” you chose that word, but like you said you will tell us more later:) It is a GREAT month, I was married AND born that month. My word is “create”! I figure I can “create” my own destiny, “create” happiness when all the world (lately) has been so glim. And simply “CREATE” as thats what we like to do!

  27. Anne says

    I am so excited for you! I believe June carries happiness, hope, expectations and much joy for you and Kev. My word this year is beautyfull. God’s never ending blessings for me are full of beauty and love.

  28. L says

    I love this word, and hopefully you choosing it is a good sign for me as well. My husband and I have been trying for almost 2 years to get pregnant and haven’t been able to conceive so far. But if we are lucky enough to have children, and have a girl, my name choice for her has always been June. So I’m going to take your selection of this word (and me being a loyal follower of your blog) as a positive sign. Thank you.

  29. Sharon says

    My word for the year will be “HOME”. We moved back to Michigan to be near our children and grandchildren and it feels so good to be home.

  30. rae says

    I have a funny feeling I know what June means…..I only hope I’m right….
    HEALTHY~~~my word for 2013…..was just recently diagonised with diabetes and really struggling with it, have a lot of weight to lose and feeling very over-whelmed at this moment……
    Happy New Year!

  31. Kristin says

    My word is HEAL. I keep praying God will heal me, deliver me, and give me the abundant life he promised. I know he keeps his promises so I’m looking forward to my complete healing this year. I’m so ready for it!

  32. says

    Layla, I can’t wait to hear more about your word!
    I’m pretty sure that my word of 2013 is strength. It’s what I’ll need to listen and follow God, to exercise and lose a ton of weight, and to beat my depression.
    I can’t wait to post about my word as well!!

  33. says

    Believe. I have to admit, this is not a new word for me. This has been my word off and on over the last couple years and it’s working for me :)

  34. Gwyn G. says

    Layla, your “word of the year” concept is genius! I jumped on board last year with the word DO, and I saved an image of DO as my computer wallpaper. This reminded me every day to quit dreaming and start doing. And I did!
    There is so much more I plan to do this year, but I find I often play it safe and sometimes (a lot of times!) my perfectionism cripples me. Therefore, this year, I’m adopting the word DARE. It kinda intimidates me a little, but at the same time I’m excited to step out of my safety zone and see where a little daring do will take me.

  35. says

    My word for 2013 is LIGHT.

    Last year, my word was Lighten – I wanted to lighten my load, lighten myself, lighten up, etc. I did it in many ways: let go of stress, lost weight, let go of tons of clutter. It was good for me, but it was all about me.

    This year, I want to move outside myself and concentrate on the Light of the World, on bringing light to those around me, on shining a light on the corners of my world that I *cough* might have been happy to leave in the darkness until now.

  36. says

    Last year a word never picked me. I never picked one either. Today “BEST” picked me.
    I will strive to think the BEST of others, be my best, do my best,

  37. Celeste says

    This is the first I’ve heard of a word of the year and I like it so much more than a resolution. I think for 2013 I will live with the word Enough.

  38. Beverly says

    I thought about it after reading this post and the work Bible came to me so fast that I nearly hit the floor! Now as I think about that word a peace and all kinds of stories, images, and verses come to me.

  39. Alison says

    My word will be “STICK”. As in stick with your plans, stick to your guns, stick with family. I’m gonna go find me a stick to hang on the wall to remind me of my word.

  40. Dolores says

    I never heard about this “Word of the year” thing… but I´ve started associating people to words because they started giving me words as presents…
    Anyways… for next year I am not decided yet… I´m in between “acceptance” and “challenge”… We´ll see which one picks me!!

    thank you Laila and I wish you the best for this 2013!!!

  41. Jen says

    Mine is CONNECTION.

    For many reasons….the main one- we’ve been waiting almost two years for a birthmother to pick us.

    Trying to stay positive and hopeful!

  42. cheri says


    Romans 12:1 speaks of renewing our minds by transforming it in God’s Word. Which allows us to open ourselves for His changes, His ways and His Purposes.

    We are ready to go forward when God calls us into ministry, until then we (my husband and myself) are renewing ourselves in His Presence in ancticipation of all things possible in Him….

    Blessings for June to you and Kev….

  43. Cathie says

    Hello Layla,

    My word for 2013 will be HOPE !
    Las year was COURAGE and I have to admit I lost my courage sometimes. This coming year might be even more difficult that is why I need to keep HOPE in my heart ! Hope that my life will shift in the good direction. Hope that I will be able to find a job and make ends meet !
    I am French and enjoying every article you (and Kevin) are writting on this blog since… a few years now. Love all of them !
    I wish that JUNE (whatever it means) will bring you all the happiness you both deserve !

  44. Urban Wife says

    I love JUNE – it’s the birthday month of both my husband and a nephew. I can’t wait to read all about the significance of it for y’all. :)
    This word concept (I remember it well from last year) is awesome and definitely inspires me to have my own word for 2013. Thanks!

  45. Nicola Blake says

    Layla, I have been an avid reader of your blog all year. I came to you via your closet doors in the other house. I stayed because your relationship with GOD and your hubby inspire me. I work a high finance stress job, I have an autistic son and my life is a constant stress.My 2013 I my word will be “release”. I will release myself from blame, stress, I will release my self to god, I will release the things I cannot control and release my fears( they are many). Thanks for all your do. i feel like your my good friend do wn the block. I come here read, talk to you and somethings, your post echoes exactly what I think your answer would be in a conversation.

  46. says

    Thanks for the push I hope you don’t mind I mentioned your blog as encouraging me to try this word for the year concept on my blog. My word is trust.

  47. says

    Last year my word was CONTINUE. I was content with where I was in my life and wanted to continue on that path.

    This year I am embracing CHANGE. I have decided to retire from a 32 year teaching career in June. It will be a big CHANGE. We will have less money so I will have to change my spending habits. It will be a change to be home with my husband who is a full time artist. It will be a change to be able to work in my garden all year round and not just the summer. And, it will be a change to start an Etsy shop – still deciding what to focus on.

    Last year I did a blog post on my word, but I have to keep my retirement secret for a couple more months. So many people want my great job that he wants to have some time to choose my replacement without having people adding their two cents.

    I do know your birthday is in June. Hopefully it also means that you and Kevin will be adopting in June.

  48. Ann says

    My word I think will be “Smile”. Amazing if you just smile at yourself in the mirror how it changes your day – because you tend to continue to “smile” often.

  49. says

    I love your word June…my daughter Ellison and my Mom were both born in June and they are my 2 favorite people in the world and happen to look just alike! :)

    I also LOVE your word of the year concept. I have already been writing many posts for January about one word…just didn’t think of it as my “word of the year” but now thanks to you I do!! So I am very grateful to you for the concept.

    And now for my word…Inspired. As in Inspired Business, Inspired Life, Inspired Design~

    And I am looking forward to an Inspired 2013 and wish you one too!
    xo, Tobi

  50. says

    I should probably come up with a new word but for me it always comes back to GRATEFUL!!
    I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment on your blog before, but I’ve been a follower for a while! My birthday is in June and I’m REALLY hoping, but I don’t want to say it, so let’s just say I’m excited for you! Happy New Year!
    :) –Fran

  51. Mel says

    I also gave that book to my mom a few years back and it was the best gift when I received it back, completed, the following Christmas. I found it to be such a great way to have new conversations about the person she is and to see little glimpses about her more private self.
    Happy New Year to you.

  52. says

    I love the Word of the Year idea and this will be my 5th year. Some years are more effective than others…

    For 2013, my word is PRESENT. I like that it has multiple meanings and is both a noun and a verb. So far the verb is what calls to me but the noun whispers too in numerous ways.

    I wonder if JUNE will bring you a little JUNE of your own… Hope so!

  53. Mandy Hackett says

    As each year passes and I now find myself fast approaching 60 years old, I realise that there are less years ahead than behind me. Time goes so quickly and somebody very close to me died very suddenly. I am a terrible procrastinator and her sudden passing caused me to take stock and realise that tomorrow is not promised to us. Therefore my word for 2013 is NOW.

  54. says

    I have liked the concept of choosing a word of the year for a couple of years now, but just never got around to doing it. Decided this would be a good year to join in.

    My word this year is ORGANIZED. We moved a year ago and are still not settled. I really do need to get more organized.

  55. Cathy says

    The word that ‘chose’ me is GRACE. To live in grace, to handle situations with grace, pray for grace, and it also provokes a sense of peace to me, which is what I want for me and my family this year. Thanks for allowing me to put this out there!!!!

  56. Heather says

    My word is FOCUSED…

    Like many here, I hope the word June means what many of us hope for it to mean!!!

  57. Amanda says

    I would say I am coming into the 2012 word thing late, but if I had to choose it would have been HOPE and 2013 is going to be Beginnings!

  58. says

    My word for 2013 is “no”
    I will learn to say “no” to unhealthy food and lifestyle choices, and “no” to peer pressure.

    • says

      I really like that you chose the word “NO” for the year. It can be so hard to say it when you are a people pleaser, like I am at times. Best Wishes!

  59. says

    Yay! I finally chose “my word” and blogged about it. My word is Strive. Thanks for sharing such a inspiring idea.

  60. Debi says

    Wow, June has a lot of meaning for me this year, too. I will be retiring after 37 years of teaching!!!!!! I’m happy, scared, apprehensive, overjoyed….yup, every emotion there is! Mostly scared!!! I’ve started my own little upcycle/antique business on the side and after being divorced for a few years now, I’m looking at change for myself, my home and my business. So JUNE is one of my words, but I think my big word will be CHANGE!

    Love your web site and blog, Layla. When I get down and really worried about things, I take a break – call my daughter usually in tears – and then look for your new words of wisdom and ideas.

  61. says

    How cute, a “clumper”!
    What a neat idea to have a word of the year. I thought it would take me forever to find the right word but it found me not even a minute later. It shall be move/move forward!

    Thank you for the inspiration and happy happy new year. Glad I found your blog by following your link on twitter. Excited to reading more tweets, getting to know you and learning from one another,

    hugs and cheers to 2013!

  62. says

    My word for 2012 was SMILE, as in a smile is catching. I wanted to see everyone smile.
    I am not so sure yet what my word for 2013 will be. Still pondering upon a few words that have caught my attention recently.

    Happy New Year!

  63. Amy Y. says

    Love your word choices and the meanings behind them.
    I also think it’s fabulous that you gave your mom that book and that she filled it in with such wonderful things for you to cherish. Very special!

  64. Amy Y. says

    Have to share this. A word just came to me that is very fitting.
    I was thinking how hard it would be to choose one word but then it came to me and I am going to use it…Reduce.
    Reduce is my word for 2013. So appropriate in so many ways!

  65. Cortney says

    I love words for the year. Last year it was streamline and this year it is SOAR :-) I guess I have an “S” them going on and I just now realized it :-)

  66. Barbara says

    Here & Now.
    This chose me – two different times this past week. It feels very grounding – we will see what the year brings!

  67. Gwenn Townsend says

    JOY . After suffering years of depression, anxiety , fear driven thoughts and life I am going to focus on Joy. There are 200 scriptures alone on Joy . I am going to have signs , notes , I am going to put Joy every where !

  68. says

    Love your words.
    Last year mine was JOY and it was probably the most joyful year of my life!

    This year my word is INTENTIONAL. I love it and am so excited to see where being intentional leads me!

  69. says

    Thanks for the kick in the butt to commit to a word to inspire me……I think “Reinvent” has chosen me. I will be 50 in 3 weeks so I not only start a new year but I also start a decade and chapter in my life. Time to reinvent from what I have learned in my firt 50 years so I can be a better person for my next 50….God willing!!!

    Hoping that all of your dreams of June come true!~

  70. Diana Minutelli says

    Year after year I cling to “bliss” as my word and have decided to give bliss a rest in 2013. My word for 2013 is going to be…..drumroll….
    1. thoughtful provision beforehand; provident care; prudence.
    2. a thinking of something beforehand; previous consideration; anticipation.
    My favorite word in it’s definition is “anticipation’. Anticipation of what 2013 will bring and the forethought to deal with the bumps that come along in life. :0)

  71. Shannon says

    I chose “reshape” because this is a year to reshape my dream into a reality, and reshape my health, and house. I’m a strong christian, but I also want to reshape my faith to an even stronger level. Thanks for all your positive inspiration and happy blog posts. I so enjoy every minute of it!

  72. Ariel Cooke says

    I love the word of the year idea. Mine will be BALANCE, another one with multiple meanings.

  73. says

    June is such an interesting choice for a word of the year – can’t wait to read more about what it means to you. It makes me think of June Carter Cash :)

    My word of the year is “Compassion.”

  74. Amanda Simonian says

    June is a beautiful month! We were married in June, and our second beautiful, blue-eyed boy was born in June. He went to heaven suddenly and unexpectedly six years ago this month at 19 months old. Such a hard journey. But, God is faithful and carries us through pain and grief. He blessed us with a beautiful daughter (who will be 5 in JUNE!). We named her Grace. It was the only name we could choose. After six years, I am finally starting to feel a bit like myself again. I am looking forward to reading your blog, actually doing some things to our house besides keeping it clean, and embracing some joy. It has visited us alongside our grief, but now I’m ready to grab ahold of it with both hands. Hmmm… I think I just found my 2013 word. Here’s to a JOY-filled year.

  75. Joycelyn says

    My word is “Hope”. It’s something I’ve always had….until this year. Circumstances overwhelmed me and somehow it(hope) got away from me. I wasn’t quite sure what felt different in me. I knew I was sad, disappointed and afraid, but I didn’t know I had lost Hope until I read this, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire is fulfilled, it is a tree of life” Proverbs 13:12 “Whatever happens, trust in the Lord…and trust in the power of hope!” When I read that in my devotional, a lightbulb went off……oh, so that’s what I lost this year. I lost hope that I could go on without my mother-in-law(she was a precious friend) and without our 13 year old chocolate lab(another precious friend) and that I could forgive those who hurt me. So my goal for 2013 is to find HOPE again and learn to trust HIM. Thank you Layla for the inspiration:-)

  76. De says

    My word is “Restore”….I really need to rest on God this year and restore areas of my life.

    June is special to me Layla because we were married in June – 25 years ago.

  77. says

    I am happy to read you used an airplane and not thousands of balloons, that would eventually pop and fall down to the earth potentially damaging and killing wildlife etc… I love to fly.. haven’t in a long time… I will when this world settles down…

  78. says

    You inspired me… I was linked to your site through another blog and after reading your Word-of-the-Year couldn’t get it out of my head! It was such a great concept that I chose my word “Try” for 2013 and shared the concept with my blog readers… Not to worry I linked them to your site and and mentioned you in the post! you can check it out here…http://theappreciationfactor.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/word-of-the-year-2013/ (I was too late for the link-up party)

    Thanks for the inspired idea… I feel like I have an extra daily purpose now..

    Oh… also really enjoy the other articles on your site too… especially the hidden notes one… something I would do… but usually only with family/special friends… I admire that you extended it to the public!

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