Wood Chandelier

Well, it took a couple of tries and some crazy, don’t-try-this-at-home style scaffolding but my knight in shining “arm-ink” finally managed to replace the ceiling fan in the sunroom.

We worked out a trade with the folks at Shades of Light on their Wine Barrel Chandelier, and we had fun modifying it a little with the help of our neighbor, Cindy:

She hooked us up with a rope-covered chandelier pole for $20 (regularly $49.50 on AidanGray.com), and we’re very grateful for her help with this project.

To make it match the metal parts on our chandelier, I just covered the rope part with a couple of plastic bags and some painters tape and sprayed the gold parts with oil-rubbed bronze spray paint. After that, we swiped a canopy from the middle pendant hanging above our kitchen island…

(PS- We plan to replace it and the other two pendants hanging there with something a little more farmhouse-y at some point down the line.)

We still have some touch-up painting to do on the ceiling in the sunroom, but we’re loving the way the new rope and metal parts look:

Other than permanent window shades (which we’ve decided to wait on for a while), the sunroom is good to go, and we’ve really enjoyed using the desk and playing piano in there.

Or should I say, “making noise” in there.

Special thanks to my hard workin’ hubby for painting, re-painting, and standing on bi-fold doors above the piano to connect something heavy to wires that are scary. (Even with the power shut off.)

Kev, I know I probably drove you nuts with my repeated “make sure you bend your knees a little” reminders, but you rock my world honey…and you sure did rock that sketchy scaffolding, too. XO

PS- If you’d like to read through all of our sunroom re-do related blog posts, click here: Sunroom

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  1. Wendy M says

    Looks excellent Layla – really like the choice of the rope covered pole to hang the chandilier on – ties in so well with the rug under the piano! Good job Kev! (and I see you have the coasters under the piano legs now too :) ) This room has really come together, I would love spending time in the sun there. Bet it is cute at night too – take a picture with the light on in the evening and let us see how it looks with the new fixture.

    • Layla says

      Thanks, Wendy! Yeah, we had those caster all along…just hadn’t put them under there the last time I blogged about the room. :-D We turned the chandelier on for the first time last night, and since it’s on a dimmer, it looks SO pretty! Just like little candle lights! I’ll have to snap a pic tonight. :-)

    • Layla says

      Hey Susan!

      From what I’ve heard, that means your browser needs to be updated. Unfortunately, I’m not very tech-minded when it comes to actually doing that, so I’m not much help there. :-( I’m sorry!

    • says

      I had the same problem on another site. I went to the address bar in at the top left of screen and clicked on the little thingy that looks like a sheet of paper torn in half ? :/ Next to the refresh button.

  2. Kristi says

    Love the room and the chandelier….oh my! Reminds me of Restoration Hardware. Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the house. Blessings!

  3. says

    I love how the sinuous curve of your kitty is perfectly reflected in the sinuous curve of your baby grand. (It is a baby, right? The piano, I mean! LOL)

    • Layla says

      Yes- to feeling at home! Because of how it was designed, this neighborhood/house actually feels more cottage-y than the last one! :-D

  4. Theresa says

    Layla, I absolutely love coming to your site, and wish you had time to update daily! lol It’s a wonderful break in my day since I’m a complete decor-a-holic, and love seeing how other people create and decorate. Recently I’ve really been loving your adoption journey, we are trying to go the foster to adoption route, and reading your journey is helping me to be not so terrified. Bye the way, have I said how much I LOVE your house and neighborhood?

  5. Mitzi says

    I love your new sunroom. I have the same green pot. It was purchased at an antique show in Michigan and started me on my collection of green pottery :) But – I MUST know where your husband’s t-shirt came from!!! “Make Noise”!

  6. Megan C says

    That looks awesome! I wish I could just leave my home one day and then when I come back it look like yours!

  7. Brandi says

    Love the light fixture and the POLE — definitely need one of those!

    PS – How do you hang your plates and bowls??

    • Layla says

      Thanks, Brandi! :-) For info about how we hung those plates, click on the Sunroom link at the end of my post. That’ll take you to my post all about ‘em! :-)

  8. Karie says

    You two are amazing! I love the chandelier…. While I was reading the post all I could think was I would love to see your place and I wish you could come to Ohio and help me with mine! Enjoy your day!

  9. Jude says

    That photo of Kit-Cat is AWARD WINNING!!! I planned to write this before I saw it had already been announced. IT IS AMAZING. Love the whole room, and look forward to playing music in it during my next visit :-)

  10. Laura says

    Is that chandelier available online for purchase? i have been looking for something for our dining room and this would be perfect!

    • Layla says

      Yep! Just click on the “Wine Barrel Chandelier” link in the post above and you’ll be re-directed right over to it. :-)

  11. Sarah says

    So pretty and pulled together.
    I am guessing you like the dish towel side of the pillow better than the green graphic side.

  12. Kelly says

    Knight in shining Arm-Ink just made me snort tea all over the place. That line just made my day! You guys are hilarious!! Loving the new look of the light. Kit Cat is so sweet, just like his owners!

  13. Reenie says

    Love it!!

    You need a lil window seat (they attach ~ clip over the ledge of the window) for kitty to sit on in there =)

  14. Toni C. says

    This might sound silly… but I just love the little wire hat holder on top of your secretary. I am a lover of straw hats and have several in my “decor” but I have never seen a wire holder like that! too cute! :)

  15. Margaret says

    Layla, please, please can you post a BEFORE and AFTER shot of the sunroom, like you used to do with your old house. Of course, we have been following the transformation, but its been gradual (thanks for letting us join in!) and the suddenness of the B/A is SO delightful! Maybe with a little mouse moving magic….
    Love everything you’re doing xx

    • Layla says

      Sure thing, Margaret! I thought about that AFTER I hit “publish” on this post. :-) I’ve got *one* more little thing to add to the room, and then I’ll stick a post about the whole she-bang on our “Our House” page! :-D

  16. says

    Wow! That chandelier looks amazing! Shades of Lights ought to offer a new version of the light & call it the “Layla,” using the unpainted rustic wood. I would buy that in a jiffy. :)

  17. Caroline says

    I think you have a good one there Layla, Kevin I mean!! The sunroom is looking awesome, I love what you have done with it. Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the house. Love and Blessings :)

  18. Donna Lohr says

    That picture of Kit-Cat on the piano needs a frame….for when he’s not lounging on the piano!

  19. peggy says

    I love Kit-Cat’s pose and his reflection on the shiny piano top.
    I think he thinks of the sunroom as his personal space and is just sharing it wih you guys.

    • Layla says

      It does sound nice, Sarita! We’ll definitely have to do a music video in there at some point! :-D

      • Sarita says

        maybe play lullabys! God speed with your adoption. I’m a Birthmother and am thankful for adoptive parents.

  20. says

    I seriously cannot wait for your posts each day!! Congrats on your first
    ( almost) finished room in your new home! Can’t wait to see more ;) ~Kim

  21. says

    I’m completely jealous of the fact that you have a sunroom in the first place, but now I’m green with envy.
    I’m so happy for everything good that’s happening for you guys right now. The room looks AMAZING, as I knew it would.

    • Layla says

      Thanks, Mindy! We’re having fun with the new place and can’t wait to welcome our little one home to it soon! :-D

  22. Mary Lemon says

    I just love Kit-Cat. He’s such a fun cat and you get the best pics of him. Love these two. And your sunroom is so gorgeous. I love the wall of plates! I really want to do that.

  23. says

    Kudos to Kevin! Those ceiling fans can be super heavy and seriously tough to get down. I know. I don’t touch electrical here, but my electrician neighbor is a big help. Plus, I’m his trusty assistant as I stand on my wobbly ladder holding up the fixture! The magnetic tipped drill is a must too!

    :) Linda

  24. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    oooommmmmmmpppphhhhhh….I love everything this room has to offer.
    Kev’s bicep and Kit-Cats photos………just made me wanna sing. Oh that Kev and his beautiful ink. I could adopt him in a nano-second!!!!! Kit-Cats little face just says what a happy cat he is.
    Another really gorgeous post Layla! way to go.
    What’s next on our list? LOL.

  25. Shirley you know... says

    LOVE THIS! WHY? I’ve had this chandelier for two years hanging in my space and I never get sick of it like other chandeliers! I love the rustic-ness of it! It’s a knock-off from Restoration Hardware and I picked mine up for under $200.00! SWEET! Looks great over the baby.

  26. says

    i could just reach through this screen and hug you….you are just the sweetest thing:) and that light just rocks my socks off…xo

    • Layla says

      Well, aren’t you just a doll for leaving me such a sweet comment to find! :-D Thank you so much for the sunshine, my friend. XO

  27. Amy Y. says

    Love the chandelier. Also want to suggest (if you haven’t done so already) looking on Pinterest for creative ideas for shades in the sunroom.
    You never know, you just might be inspired by something on that site?

    • Layla says

      Hey Amy! :-) We actually have something in mind- we just need to wait a couple of years to make it happen! ;-) #secret

  28. Stefanie says

    I love the chair by your secretary! Where did you find that? It would be perfect for my desk in the kitchen…

    I just love your home and the changes you have made! We have been in our house about a year now, and we still have so much to do now that we know how we “live” in our house.

  29. ashlee c says

    i’m on a “commenting on layla’s blog” roll! haha. your sunroom looks lovely. what i like about it is the simple fact that it’s filled with things you probably LOVE. it doesn’t look like you bought things just to fill your room – it looks like you’ve collected treasures over time and have put them on display. does that make any sense? so many people rush out and buy enough ‘stuff’ to fill a room in entirety but none of it seems PERSONAL. i’m a big fan of making spaces your own, rather than copying magazine photos. everything from your plates to your mason jars look beautiful.

    • Layla says

      Makes total sense, Ashlee. Free, found, and flea is my favorite way to add personality to my environment! :-D

  30. says

    Yours was the very first blog I read and still continue to follow it. You have never ceased to amaze me. You guys are still awesome and I love the chandelier!

  31. says

    I absolutely love this chandelier and thanks for reminding us that you can most always modify something to fit your style or room. Looks great!

  32. Paulina J! says

    Hi Layla,
    This room makes my heart pitter-patter really fast :) I was wondering what the cards in the teal planter are and where you got them. They look so pretty. Love the room and the way you decorate!

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