Wood Ceiling Installation

Kev made me a birthday hair flag yesterday morning and you can bet your bottom dollar I wore that sucker all. Day. Long!

Even to Publix.

Birthday lunch: spinach & artichoke dip, Townhouse crackers, california rolls, and mini cupcakes

Yep. I turned the big 3-8 yesterday, and I celebrated in true DIY style- working on Kevin’s brother’s ceiling! Here’s what it looked like before we started nailing up the planks on Monday (11am)…

…and here’s where we left off last night (6:30pm)…

Like I mentioned the other day, we’re using this photo as our inspiration for this room…

…so the blue-painted planks will really give it that Southern Living feel for less than $200.

We started by pulling down the vent covers and two of the recessed lights…

Insulation came raining down on our heads when we pulled the light fixtures down, and since each one had a big ol’ sticker that said…

…we made a quick call to Kev’s brother (Kerry) and suggested that he update his lights when we’re done working on the ceiling. (Note: Kerry agreed, and our electrician friend, Mark, is installing the new lights on Friday!)

After the lights and vents were down, we made trip #2 to the home improvement store because we realized that we’d definitely need one of these…

…and since we didn’t feel like making trip #3 to the home improvement store (doh!), we used a couple of these to mark our ceiling joists…

Note: Don’t forget to buy a chalk line when your at the store! It took a looong time to do it this way, and we probably should have just driven back and purchased one, but we did it, it’s done, and our crayon lines have been workin’ like a charm so far- ha!

(Note to Kevin- I love you so much for trusting my crazy ideas, and I hope that if you’re reading this several years from now, that you’re smiling REALLY big about our crazy days dropping “half crayons” from tall ladders. “Who’s turn is it to climb down and get it this time?” 😉

#IfYou’reWackyAndYaKnowItClapYourHands #ClapClap

Oh, hey, and here’s another little time-savin’ tip (ya know, since we’re so good at saving time…hardy har har)- Paint drips are NOT your friend. Be very careful to use a light touch when paint your ceiling planks otherwise you will have to use a 5-in-1 tool screwdriver car key scissors to scrape out every little drip because the boards won’t click together like they’re supposed to.

We plan to finish the ceiling today, and then Kerry will start on touch-up duty: filling in some of the seams, knot holes & nail holes, and touch-up painting everything when it’s dry.

Things are definitely lookin’ up, and I can’t wait to blog about the project again later this week!

PS- Here’s another link to the planks we’re using: CEILING PLANKS. (Obviously) I’m no expert, but if you have any questions about my experience with them, I’d be happy to answer them in the comments section below! :-)

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  1. Julie says

    I have that same pic in my house design dream file. What a great idea for the ceiling.

  2. MB says

    Will planks work on walls that are swayed & not square? If so, any tricks for a successful install? Do you put the planks behind the existing trim or flush with it? Thanks!

  3. LauraLee says

    Happy Birthday! My mother loved, loved,loved your blog.She talked about you all the time..Unfortunately, she passed away in February. I miss her. I love coming to your blog for “missing my mama therapy”.. :)

  4. says

    Just catching up-I’m known for my behind-ness these days! ;} Love the half crayon idea. I was doing something crazy yesterday with half chalk and fabric. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and War Eagle! ;}

  5. says

    I love this idea! We’ve been trying to figure out what to do with our icky popcorn ceilings without scraping them. But I have a question for you if you have a moment:

    We live in a tri-level home, so from the kitchen you look down into the living room and the living room ceiling is at about eye-level when you stand in the kitchen. So, I’m not sure what we would do for edging on the edge of the ceiling that faces the kitchen. Does that make sense? Any ideas?

  6. says

    Where did you find the packages of planks? I’m looking at Lowe’s and Home Depot online and I’m coming up with nuttin’!