Wood Ceiling Installation – Complete!

The last time I blogged about Kevin’s brother Kerry’s ceiling we were right here…

Since that day, we were able to finish installing the planks, and Kerry did a fantastic job of caulking the seams, and knot & nail holes…

We used some Rustoleum primer and spray paint to freshen up the old light gray vents…



We used some inexpensive half-round trim to finish out the edges of the ceiling…

I painted it Moonlight White (Benjamin Moore) to match the other trim in the room, and we just nailed it up with our pneumatic nailer…

To cut out for the recessed lights, Kev just held up a plank and used a pen to trace where the hole was…

Then he used a jigsaw to cut it out…

Here’s a pic of him doing the other side of the same hole…

Ta Da!

And speaking of the recessed lights, our friend, Mark, took down those old (unsafe) recessed fixtures after we finished the ceiling. Here’s a shot of the new ones…

And here’s a pic of the new ceiling fan…

It came from Lowes, and it’s called the Twin Breeze by Allen+Roth. (Item #0275436) It cost $179, and I thought it was a good alternative to the ones they used in the Southern Living room we’re drawing inspiration from for this makeover…

Both fixtures have the long, oil-rubbed bronze bar, but having the fans will help keep their electricity bill down, which is always a good thing here in Alabama!

Next up, we’re going to head to Atlanta and pick up a white entertainment unit at Ikea. Something like the one I used in my presto change-o drawing…

…but, again, something much less expensive. We’re going with the Hemnes unit…

It’ll be similar to the unit above, but Kerry and Robyn are going with the 2-cubby bridging shelf and the 2-drawer TV stand, because the wall they’re putting it up against isn’t quite long enough to accommodate the larger pieces. It’s solid (white-painted) wood and it’ll fit the budget at $639 + tax.

I look forward to helping them accessorize it, and blogging about the next update soon!

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  1. says

    The ceiling looks great! I would love to do something like that to mine. The light fixture/fan is really cool and definitely helps give the room a modern look. I have been eyeing the Ikea unit for a while and would love to have one for my living room as well. The hubby is coming around though and even declared last month that he thought a unit like that would look great in our living room.

  2. Nannibuzz says

    I just wanted to thank you for “teaching an old dog new tricks”. You have shared such wonderful ideas that I was inspired to redo our bedroom.my husband ( age 70) and I ( age 68) pulled up the old carpet, had the floors sanded & stained & had great fun painting, picking out new accessories & bedding. We completely changed the look from country to spa feel. You inspired us to change our brass headboard & gold mirror to a lovely silver with primer & Martha Stwewart “polished silver” paint. We are delighted with our new room that is peaceful.

  3. says

    Love that ceiling. We have the same ceiling fan. Never really thought about doing the boards like that on the ceiling but after seeing this we just might. Can you tell me what the rule of placement for recessed lighting? I was thinking that might be something to even tackle in that room if we’re going to be doing the ceiling anyways.


  4. Melinda says

    This is shaping up to be yet another great TLC transformation! Thanks so much to your family for letting us peek : )

  5. Denise Z says

    I LOVE those fans and stop and look at them every time I’m in Lowe’s. I was all set to buy them and then read comments from people who had them that they are NOISY. That held me off buying. Would LOVE to hear what you think!

  6. says

    That looks awesome. We removed the popcorn from our ceiling and then used beadboard wallpaper in our familyroom. We found these great scraper things used specifically for taking of the popcorn…a long pole with a wide scraper and a place to attach a bag, so as you scape the junk off it falls into the bag. Nifty. As our ceilings are low, we just painted them the same glossy white as our trim and panelled walls, but i would love to have done a different shade like the Sea Salt. :)

  7. Angela Foster says

    So I have a personal question…would you mind telling how much it cost to put that ceiling in? I am thinking of doing this as well, but not sure what to expect cost-wise.

  8. says

    That looks GREAT! We have a similar ceiling in our kitchen and family room (it was dark brown, but we painted it a semigloss white). Someone suggested that we apply a glaze so the ceiling is more noticeable, but after looking at your photos I think we’ll leave it as-is.

  9. says

    I love it!! My husband and I are renovating a home built in 1900 and ALL of the ceilings and walls were made of tongue and grove planks. It’s crazy, and sad that we have to take some of them down :( I love them so much!

    Great job on the ceiling. Um, and those ceiling fans…awesome.

  10. Wendy says

    Dying to know what colours were used? What blue on the ceiling and what colour wall paint? Getting ready to paint our cottage and love these colours

    FAB job on the ceiling, going to try to steal, I mean copy that look in our new cottage!

  11. Liz says

    I absolutely am loving the results! Thank you again for all the close up photos of the DIY ceiling & how to cut around the recessed lights. I’m looking forward to doing our kitchen ceiling. By the way did you use 1 or 2 coats of paint on the boards?

    Liz VanKirk

  12. Sandy Briscoe says

    LOVE.LOVE,LOVE that ceiling and the inspirational room also. I have just recently discovered your blog and I am obsessed with it. I just love all of your rooms and ideas. Keep them coming. By the way you and Kevin are the cutest!!

  13. says

    This is a really fun series of posts. I’m excited to see the finished product all accessorizes and “magazine ready”. BTW your husband has some mad photography skills. You’re quite a team!

  14. Sandra says

    Kevin and Layla,

    You guys ROCK! I love the ceiling and the light fixture you have picked out. I can’t wait to see how you accessorize the entertainment unit. I sure could use some fresh ideas for mine! Love what you guys do!

  15. Dorothy says

    That’s just gorgeous!! Now I want to do it everywhere too. LOL. I’m in love with the long panels you used-but didn’t you say at once time that they come in shorter lengths that you have to place differently? It would be great if that’s not the case. Just wondering….??

  16. says

    I love, love, LOVE those plank ceilings! I so badly wanted to put some in our living room when we renovated it… which never happened as we had to up and move out. Maybe if we go back to that little house one day! ;)

    As for the Hemnes unit – good choice! I think it will work perfectly. We just purchased one for our rental and it’s a really great solution! Can’t wait for another update! :)

  17. Cheri says

    You’ve topped yourself this time. I’ve been waiting to see how you finished off the tray ceiling as mine is just like this (well–more like the b-4 photos!)

    Gees, I wish I could get you two up to Idaho. What would it take?

  18. says

    we were JUST looking into options for ceilings and saw this… so TIMELY! love the fan, we saw it a few weeks ago (or one JUST like it) at a store.. I am in the “hem & haaw” phase of a room remodel and… it was SUPER to see how this room came out…
    as ALWAYS, thank you Layla and Kevin for inspiration and encouragement… Just reading about all YOUR DIY projects is encouraging…
    a real “gee.. you mean we aren’t the only never ending diy’ers?” lol
    be blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    < mama c

  19. Julie says

    You guys are awesome! Always inspiring! I love how you interpret your inspiration photos when using them in real life/real home situations. (Not that they don’t come from real homes, but they looking nothing like what I live in!)

  20. says

    We put the Hemnes unit in our living room – the one with the two sections in the middle and 12″ wide on either side – and it’s wonderful. To make it look more substantial, we also took a piece of thin plywood and painted it to match. Then we hung it behind the “hole” in the middle on a French cleat. It was super easy, and it looks awesome!! I should have pictures on my blog of it soon – just getting it up and running.

  21. Annette says

    I love the idea of the boards on the ceiling, it would solve a big problem in my kitchen. Those sponged ceilings always look patched when you move lights or fans. My husband many years ago made our box light for the kitchen glued , nailed, caulked that thing to the ceiling. it needs to go. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

  22. Diane says

    this is going to look wonderful
    i have a question about the inspiration room…
    do you happen to know anything about the drapes
    are they store bought or did someone make them?
    i love the fabric and would love to know where they are from
    thanks so much

  23. Kaye Chastain says

    Layla, it is truly amazing the way you are able to find bargains that are almost identical to the pricier pieces. Love the IKEA entertainment center, and REALLY love the double ceiling fan! Awesome!!

  24. Dana says

    LOVE what you have done but I really love the entertainment piece in the presto chango pic. The one that’s more expensive than the IKEA model? Can you share where it is from? I’m dying!

  25. Stephanie says

    looks great. What type of material did you use on the ceiling? Is that tounge and groove? Was this special material or is available at home stores?

  26. Krystal says

    So, if the trim is Moonlight White and the ceiling is Sea Salt…what color is being used on the walls? I love love love this!!! We did our dining (converting into an office) ceiling like this after reading your blog. Everyone loves it! I sent you a pic of it to your pick my presto :-) Thank you for all the beautiful inspirations!

  27. says

    I can’t wait to see how you accessorize the Hemnes unit…I just got the exact same one and it’s just sitting empty until I decide what in the world to put in all those shelves!

  28. Stacye says

    You could try a version of what we did. Buy two bridge units and place one of them directly on top of the TV unit. That will give you more space for electronics and you might be able to go with the smaller shelving units then.

    We don’t have the shelving units. I bought one bridge to set on top of the TV unit because we needed more electronics space. It solved another problem for us too. I hate looking down at my TV. Having the bridge sitting on the main unit gives a height of 36″ instead of 22″. The final plus…It gives it a nice dimensional look that I love, since the bridge isn’t as deep as the TV unit.

    Beautiful room. Can’t wait to see it all styled!

  29. Kim in MD says

    The ceiling turned out beautifully! Great job you guys! I can’t wait to see what you do with the wall unit!

  30. Patti says

    Just a quick question about the Hemnes unit you mentioned. You said that it is solid wood, but every time I’ve looked at those units the white is particle board; only the stained units are solid wood. Are you planning on painting one of the the other units white? Or did you find the Hemnes white in solid wood?

    • Layla says

      Hi Patti! I just visited Ikea.com and it says the white Hemnes unit is solid pine with a lacquer on top of it. :-)

      • Patti says

        Oops, sorry, my mistake! I have a couple other Hemnes pieces (shoe cabinet and dresser) and the white is only particle board. I had steered away from anything Hemnes white because I figured it was all the same. Thanks for letting me know!

  31. Keely Heidtman says

    The ceiling looks amazing! I really would love to do this in my home and my question is: is it necessary to remove the popcorn ceiling before putting up the planks? Can you put the planks right on top of it?

    Thanks so much and love your website!

  32. says

    I can’t get over how super reasonably priced the twin breeze light fixture is, I love it!!! Y’all did a fantastic job on that ceiling I can’t wait to see more.

  33. Elizabeth Briones says

    Layla, I love it. But I was wondering, did y’all end up using liquid nail glue on the planks that couldnt be nailed to the joists? Or we’re they light weight enough to just nail to the sheet rock?

  34. Deanna says

    That looks amazing. I am hoping to do that to my family room also. I noticed that your before pictures show the fireplace with regular brick and the after photos the fireplace looks stone (can be seen from the mirror on the wall). Do you have a blog about that being updated and, if so, can you please give me the link? Thanks!

  35. Amber says

    The ceiling turned out beautifully! Would it work to use these same planks to cover a wall rather than the ceiling?

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