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    We’re only just beginning our adoption journey, but we’ve met so many awesome folks along the way so far. A couple of weeks ago, I crossed e-paths with a woman named Annie, who created a website called Wonderful Waiting Kids.


    Annie and her husband adopted their daughter, Lizzie, through Lifeline‘s “special focus” China program in 2008…


    …and this year, she and her husband are anxiously awaiting to adopt two more daughters from the same program. This is Lucy, in the striped pants below:


    And this is “Fufu”, until they decide on a permanent name:


    I’ve only been following Annie’s story a short time, but I cannot wait for the day I visit her blog and see photos of them all together as a family!!

    I’ve seen the faces and file descriptions of so many amazing boys and girls on both Annie‘s and Lifeline‘s websites, and we’ve been praying for all of them as we gather up the last of the documents we need to finish our home study.

    One of the children Annie is advocating for right now is a beautiful, little girl (currently) named “Halle”, and I’ve really been feeling Called to share her name with you this week. She was picked up in a parking lot at the age of 6 months, and has lived in an orphanage her whole life. I’m not allowed to post a photo of her, but I can tell you that she’s 13-years-old and her orphanage director describes her as well-behaved, quiet, and artistic. I also spoke (via email) with the mother of a 13-year-old girl that went to (public) school with Halle up until she was adopted last month, and she said her daughter smiled very big when she asked her about Halle, and said she is a “very good girl”. Halle will “age out” of the system next January 4th (when she turns 14), which means she will no longer be available for adoption. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about her, please drop Annie a line at [email protected] She is absolutely wonderful and she can share everything she knows about sweet Halle with you!

    I read a post on Annie’s blog recently that was written by a teenage girl named Honour. She was picked up in a train station in China when she was 4 years old, and was adopted by a family in the U.S. several years later. The end of her blog post reads, “To me, having a family means having a REAL FAMILY NAME on earth….FOREVER. It means BELONGING to someone. It means getting to go to a Father-Daughter Dance. It means getting to go to Take Your Child to Work Day. It means someone helping me find my talents. It means walking to school with sisters and someone caring whether I come back. It means not being invisible anymore.

    I just sat there and stared at that last line after I read it.

    “It means not being invisible anymore.”

    I don’t think I’ll ever forget that she said that.

    I have no idea what it feels like to be a parent, but with each new introduction, I am more and more thankful for the Chance to create a family through adoption.

    Before I sign off, I’d love to encourage a discussion about adopting older children. (Meaning, a child that is no longer considered an infant.) If you’ve adopted an older child and feel like sharing a bit about your experience, please feel free to do so in the comments section below. (Email readers will have to hop over to our blog to access the comments section.)

    We hope to learn the age of our (first) child sometime next Spring, but in the meantime, I feel like there are a lot of us out there with older child adoption-related questions, so I thought it might be helpful to ask about that here today.

    This journey just keeps getting more and more meaningful, and I’m so grateful to be able to share links that lead to inspiring people like Annie and Honour, and for all of the encouragement and advice fellow adoptive parents continue to leave here for us to find. Thank you!!!

    PS- Click on the banner below if you’d like to follow along with Annie’s personal blog:


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