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Thank you to everyone who chimed in about neti pots and NeilMed Sinus Rinse!
I opted for the rinse:

Yeah, I was too chicken to try the neti pot thing. The thought of not tilting my head at the exact right angle and possibly gagging on a mixture of burning salty water was just too much for me to handle. For some reason, I’m not afraid to use a reciprocating saw but I am terrified of all things medical. Just sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office is guaranteed to trigger a “number three”.
But my head just won’t stop hurting, and my equilibrium is all messed up, so I forced myself to try the rinse.

After several failed attempts, I finally got the saline/water mixture to go all the way in, through, and out my nasal passage three times.
I’m still feeling pretty bad, but I’ll try “flushing” again later tonight and we’ll see what happens. Don’t you know I’m just counting down the minutes ’til I have to stick that thing up my nose again. I can feel it staring me down from across the room as I type.

But enough about me and my stuffy head.

Thanks to all the great comments you left us about our “Wish”, I had Kevin run back to the flea market and scoop up his brother so that we could give it away here on our blog this weekend:

So if you’d like to enter for a chance to win your very own Wish, just leave a comment on this post by noon (central time) on Sunday, January 10th.

Good luck to all those who enter!

Layla :-)

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  1. Sherri Langford-Farrell says

    You sound like you’re going through what I did a few years ago. I had horrible headaches (ones that send you to bed) and then the vertigo started. I was in a store when the first bad one happened, but it passed. The second bad one was at work and I ended up in the emergency room…couldn’t stand to open my eyes, vomitting…bad news. I ended up going to a wonderful ENT specialist who after doing some tests and MRI or CAT scan, found I had sinus blockage. Had surgery to remove all the pollups (I know, it sounds lovely) but now I feel great!!! No more vertigo, no more sinus infections all the time. Just glad the vertigo never hit while I was driving…I could have hurt myself or someone seriously!
    Take care of yourself!!! (btw, I’m a doctor scaredy cat, too!!!)