Window Treatments for the Master Bedroom

Life just seems to have gotten busier and busier lately, so there hasn’t been a whole lotta renovatin’ goin’ on in the master bedroom.

That being said, this is what looked like just a mere month ago…

…and here’s a shot of that same wall, today…

(still gotta work on the closet doors and install crown & baseboard molding around the rest of the room)

So we have made some progress in there!

The curtains are from Ikea. They’re called Lenda, and they were just $24.99 for the pair.  You can’t see it ’cause I didn’t take a close-up pic, but they’ve got a really neat little embroidered, vertical stripe detail in them. (I’ll have to remember to snap a pic of it next time.)

The white panels closest to the windows were ones I already owned, and the double rod came from Wal-mart. ($37.69, on sale from $44.69) We’ve never done the whole “double rod thing” before- but since we only have one window to dress in here, we decided to get wild and crazy this time.

The shades are from Bed, Bath & Beyonce Beyond and they were just $9.99 on clearance.

The antique nightstands are from our friend Mary at Urban Farmgirl, and we absolutely love them! Kev’s is already outfitted with some snazzy little knobs…

…but we’ve still gotta get some for mine…

And then we’ll have to really start thinkin’ about what we’re gonna do for a headboard/bed.  And let me tell ya, we are re-he-heally excited about the thought of sleeping on something other than a mattress on the floor. It’s been almost three years now, and now that the room is finally coming together, I couldn’t resist having a little fun “imagining” for a minute today…

We’ve been collecting all of our bedding elements over the past couple years, and some of it has been neatly folded and stacked on a shelf in my closet, just waiting for a nice, comfy bed to cover. I can. not. wait to pull it all out and finally use it!

All the colorful, stripe-y, quilt-y stuff is from Pottery Barn’s “Clearlake” collection…

The shams are reversible, and I’m cuckoo for cocoa puffs about both sides…

My Mom also got us PB’s Matine Toile quilt and shams for our birthday’s this year…

…so it’ll be fun to switch things up throughout the year.

But enough about the bedding- we’ve got a bed to build or buy! (Or find at a flea market or on Craigslist!)

You helped us choose our wall color (Hip hip hooray for Sherwin Williams “Blue Hubbard”!), so the next big question we’ve got for ya is: what color/finish would you go with on the headboard/bed?


Something natural/textural/woven?

Something metal?

A medium-toned wood?

A dark-toned wood?

Something else?

We’ve got a couple of ideas that we’re leaning towards- but ya know we always like to hear what our friends are thinkin’ too!

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  1. says

    HOORAY! Finally a space for you two. I bet it will feel like staying overnight in a resort when you’re all done :) Mater bedroom makeovers are just about the best thing for your sanity (and marriage) every once in awhile!

  2. says

    It’s looking good! As for the bed – Something textural or metal or maybe a wooden bed with vintage ceiling tile inserts. Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will be awesome!

  3. Lindsay May says

    I think you should build a bed from She has some really cool plans for beds!!

    • Monique W says

      That is EXACTLY what I was getting on here to say!!! One of the ones from her Farmhouse collection would rock the space… with a distressed finish.

      • says

        Beat me to it! LOVE her designs and would love to see what you guys could do with it. ALSO, I would like to request that you add a widget where people can donate via paypal…to your project fund. We all LOVE what you do on here and I, personally, would love to “pay you back” in some small way by donating to keep the inspiration coming and help you get a proper bed STAT! :) DO IT!

        • Heidi says


          I thought the same thing for getting them an AC for those agonizing summer months in Alabama! I guess if it’s to happen, it will have to be one of us to set it up…they’re too sweet!!! :)

          • christie says

            Because everything in the room is square and boxy, I would make the headboard fluid and shapely, queenly: scrolling up to a high point, and I would make it an offshoot of white/pink/blue (the palest of pales), with a border of some sort that pulls lots of colors together, sort of like a rag rug effect. I love your eye! Can’t WAIT to see what you come up with.

  4. Sara says

    It looks so good! For the bed I’d definitely go with either white or natural/textural/woven! Can’t wait to see your progress and eventually the finished room! :)

  5. teri says

    Love the bed selections and the curtains. The room is really coming along.

    The one bed that I think would work the best for us and not collect so much crap under the bed would be the one with the basket cubbies, where is that one from to get a better idea of how to make it?


  6. says

    Natural, texture, woven just screams Layla & Kevin! Awesome job so far. Can’t wait to see the finished room. So, get er done. lol.
    PS.. LOVE, your about me page, beautiful pictures!

  7. says

    Looks good. I’m curious as to why you don’t sleep in the guest bedroom instead of on a mattress on the floor? Seems like the most obvious thing to do. ;) Love the nightstands.

      • says

        I think Jessica meant why don’t you sleep in the full-sized bed in the guest bedroom. A bed is always better than a mattress on the floor. Be your own guest! Can’t wait to see your finished bedroom. Love it so far.

        • Kevin & Layla says

          Hey Rita!

          Well, my response is the same on this one actually: because it’s a FULL-SIZED bed! :-) Not only would we not be able to get comfortable all night long- but my joints would probably be completely locked up by morning. That bed is definitely meant for one guest!


  8. says

    Wow! I can’t decide which looks better – the walls or the floor. Great transformation! I like an antique-y iron bed or a headboard made of old shutters. Our bedroom is the least “finished” room in the house – hopefully we’ll get there soon. Can’t wait to see what you guys decide! :)

  9. says

    This is looking so good! What progress you two have made :)
    Im really loving the wood headboard in front of the window (as yours will be).
    But I know this, whatever you two choose, it will rock!
    Love looking at your posts, keep em coming…
    Becky C

  10. says

    Hmm. I’m thinking a darkish metal. It would tie in w/the curtain rods and provide a little contrast (don’t decorators say that it “grounds the room”), but the small metal frame would still be airy enough for the open feel you have going in there, while dark wood might be too heavy for the room. I’m sure what ever you choose will be gorg. but that’s my 2 cents, since you asked. Love how it is coming together!

  11. says

    I think slipcovered. I have a Pottery Barn slipcovered headboard in the guest room and it is super cozy. We have two metal beds and I would never buy one again. So uncomfortable when you are trying to read in bed. Even with pillows behind your back the bars jab through or the pillow falls through the cracks. Your progress looks so good!

    • Mindi says

      Totally agree with Lynda – had that uncomfortable experience while staying in a beautiful guest bedroom visiting family. You can do it for a couple of nights, but for every night, comfort is necessary!

  12. Lorrie says

    I’m sure that any bed you choose will be great. Since I love my metal bed, I would lean towards a metal bed. The way my headboard is designed, it’s comfortable (with several pillows) to lean against!

  13. says

    I know whatever you two decide will be great. I’m with you on being excited about having a real bed — we’ve been “transitioning” from Colorado to the PNW for a year and a half now, traveling back and forth for the first year. We finally bought a fixer upper right on the beach, but until it’s habitable we are camped out in a postage stamp sized apartment over a market in China Town! We have a fold out sofa in the living room, and a mattress on the floor in the bedroom! This summer our youngest was home from college, and we were all crammed in here together (with a 75 pound dog and a cat). All of our stuff is in storage, and I’m dying to nest again! (and use a dresser with drawers, and not a stack of milk crates)

    Your bedroom is going to be fabulous — can’t wait to see how you finish it up!

  14. says

    Congrats on the return of skivvie-dom… and I love the bedding, colors, and the nightstands. And call me crazy, but I like the idea of a bed with a wood finish! Maybe because my 90 year old Mother has just given me 4 HUGE pieces of antique wood furniture and made me swear on the bible that I won’t paint it!

  15. says

    You have made excellent progress! I’m so excited to see what’s next. As far as the bed goes, I don’t really have any great ideas but I think it’d be really cool if you made something yourselves.

  16. says

    I’m a lover of most things white, but I think your room needs a bed with some texture! So, I love your second picture. Though the honey and dark-colored ones would look great too. :) Good luck!

  17. says

    I say metal. A great vintage-y metal bed would look fabulous with the walls and colors and bedding. I did my daughter’s room last year in white and cream and pale turquoise and found a great antique iron bed, which I painted cream. I LOVE it. More than she does, actually.

  18. says

    I say metal also… maybe like tin. Something with a fun design punched into it maybe, since it looks like your bed will be in front of the window… maybe light could shine through a punched-out pattern in the headboard??

    Either tin… or something else that lets the light come through it. I don’t know of any that you can buy… but since you and Kevin can make just about anything, I bet you could make something like that?! :)

    I hear you on things getting busier and busier though. I’m pretty convinced that with the time change there are now 23 hours in a day. ;) Have fun finishing up your master bedroom!

  19. Sandra says

    I love the metal headboards just like the one you have pictured, in front of the window. Or maybe even painted metal, but lightness of the open iron headboard won’t take anything away from your gorgeous window!

  20. says

    I just have one more idea I promise… maybe you could hang something (like stained glass.. or clear frosted looking glass for example) in front of the window as a sort of “fake headboard”… and just use a low headboard below that?! I’m not really sure how to pull any of these ideas off in real life though. It’s sort of like architecture school… designing buildings that cannot possibly stand up to gravity’s test, but it is fun to dream!

  21. says

    First, I love the “dork” shirt….where’d you get it?

    Now, about the bed. If it was mine, I would go for something dark and natural/woven. You need to break up all the lightness of the room and I think a nice big, dark, comfy bed would be inviting. I love the bed with the baskets under it, but I had a friend with a similar style and she said they don’t stay comfortable for long. It’s more of a spare bedroom kind of bed. Metal, I wouldn’t do EVER!! Metal creaks after a while and nothing worse to me then a creaky bed!!!

  22. Kate says

    You’ve heard of Ana White – Knock-off Wood right?! She’s got plans to build almost all of the beds you have listed above!!!! It is amazing what people have done and inspiring. Go to Warning – you’ll be there for hours!!!!

  23. all that jazz vintage says

    Your bedroom is really coming together~ wow, quite a difference from before to after!! I honestly don’t have an opinion of a headboard…I have never had one, not since I was a little girl, I had a great white caned antique one that I would kill to have now!! I’ve always just had my mattress on a metal frame. I would love to have a headboard made out of an old door or something….
    can’t wait to see more!!

  24. Leone says

    Metal or medium wood is the way I would go. I LOVE metal beds in a crisp, country room. Med. wood, that would look awesome too!

  25. says

    My own style is iron beds all the way (this is my current bed: (ignore horrid clutter, I’ve moved house since then) and here is the white iron and brass one at my mother’s house )
    For your bedroom I think something like the white one in the picture could be great. I think with the wooden walls it could look like an amazing built in, almost boat like. I’d love that. You could distress it to be just like the bedside tables.

  26. says

    So, when you are imagining this room completed does it include a child cuddled up between you?! :)

    The room looks fantastic so far. I’m not seeing the stripes in the curtains even when I go to the site and enlarge. I must be going blind. Deciding on a bed is a challenge with so many beautiful options. I’d just ask my friend Layla’s opinion.

    Your Friend,

  27. Kristen says

    The whole bedroom is looking great — especially the wall! I think a white bed would set off your bed linens the best. But honestly, almost any of the choices would work!

  28. says

    What a lovely start to your master bedroom! Based on your room thus far, I would definitely go with natural/textural/woven for the headboard. Whatever you choose, have fun shopping for it!

  29. says

    I love that first bed, too! Thanks for the lead on a build-it-yourself option.

    I’d vote a medium-toned wood. There’s white in the wall and the bedside chests, so I’d shy from white because the headboard would disappear. The woven option is about the same color as a medium wood, but I feel the texture is too much given the patchwork of some of the bedding options. I don’t think metal would provide the grounding the bedding needs, and dark wood, for me, would be too harsh a contrast.

    If you wanted more texture maybe barn board or driftwood?

  30. carolyn says

    I have a simple black metal bed we bought almost 20 years ago and, although my decorating style has changed pretty drastically over those years (think country to modern), it’s one of the pieces in my house I still love every time I see it. There’s something timeless about it. But, I know whatever you choose will look fantastic. Love those side tables.

  31. says

    How southern and how cute that you’ve made a pallet on the floor!

    I’m voting for something dark for the bed. You need some contrast. Either a dark iron bed or a dark stained headboard. The bedding is lovely.


  32. gina says

    I love the room so far and cannot wait to see your bed all “dressed up”!! I’d go with the seagrass headboard.

  33. Nicknee says

    White. The bedding and shades will add the warmth the room needs. White will let the bedding (you love) shout. Awesome. Thanks for all the tips (nail gun) and tricks (re-use things thu-out my home). You rock.

  34. says

    Your bedroom is going to be gorgeous when finished! It already looks quite smashing!

    I love seagrass—-and cats do too! Don’t know if you have one. I think a white wood farmhouse bed (like the one @ Pottery Barn) would look great!

  35. Beverly says

    I think seagrass would really look good next to your blinds. I love the twin ones you used for the Mess Hall. I absolutely dig your shirt. I am a self proclaimed dork and am proud of it.

  36. Nadir@StitchSense says

    I love the look of the woven/textured headboard, I think it’ll just add to the beautiful wall treatment. :-) Good luck!

  37. says

    I have to say, I LOVE the medium-toned sleigh bed! And my second favorite is the woven headboard! Last year I had my husband build me the PB Stratton bed (first picture) and I LOVED it. But I honestly missed having a headboard. So currently we have one similar to the dark-toned picture and my PB look-a-like sits in storage until I change my mind again. So my vote is the medium-toned sleigh bed!

  38. says

    My vote is for the metal bed…not too bulky in front of the window, but provides another texture and deep color. Second choice is the lighter wood bed. Gives the same color feel as the seagrass, and adds texture, but isn’t as beachy looking and would transition to different looks easier. Whatever you go with, it will end up looking great, as usual!

  39. says

    I’m a total lurker, but I thought I would comment on how lovely your room is coming along. Love!

    While I really like the look of the natural/texture/woven headboard, seems like it might be scratchy! I love the darker wood one and think it would pop in the room.

    But, I’m sure whatever you choose it will be lovely.

  40. Laura says

    the room looks great – LOVE the night stands!! I am a sucker for metal beds and IKEA has a great (cheap) option – check out the LILLESAND bed – its awesome!! I wonder what you think about the height of nightstands – do they need to be the same level as the mattress??? lower ok? anyways . . . LOVE the room!!!

  41. says

    It looks so great already! I love your style and think you and your hubby are so cute! I vote for natural/texture/woven. Either way I’m sure it look fabulous.

  42. says

    I love the look of the all white beds with the baskets for under-bed storage, but even more, I like the idea of a metal bed in the same tones as your curtain rod as a subtle layer of texture in this room.

  43. Angela says

    I vote for a metal bed. With the solid wood night stands on both sides it would help break things up. It would also block the window less. It mimics the curtain rod too.

  44. says

    Your room is already gorgeous! Amazing transformation! I think my favorite look for your room would be a metal bed frame. A vintage iron bed would be gorgeous!

  45. Jeannette says

    I’m voting for an iron headboard, or anything short that won’t block your window too much. Gotta let the light shine in!

  46. maggie says

    I’m loving that room already! My first inclination was towards an old iron or brass bed (I have one myself and love it), but on second peep I think the medium toned wood bed would look best in your room with your bedding, floor, wall color, etc. That’s my two cents.
    I sure wish you were closer to me as I saw some beeeautiful old beds at a junk store here this past weekend!

  47. says

    Woven is my choice…will really warm up all that white and look great with the golden tones in your quilt as well as the pretty toile quilt Mom gave you. Next is lamps, oh my!! From an older and experienced decorator, nice job so far!

  48. says

    Hi! I’m a new reader and I just love your site! The beds and furniture are fantastic but I’m more interested in where I can find a copy of your Dork shirt :) I desperately need one. My husband would love it! Thank you so much, Nina

  49. Sue says

    wow. love the wood walls and flooring. as for the bed — maybe you would love what we did. we have a white iron bed with gold accents. we have a poofy coverlet like yours and without our footboard the whole set would fall off the end of the bed during the night. so my thoughts are — iron bed works great in front of a window since you don’t want to block the light and a bed with a footboard to keep the covers in place.

    can’t wait for the big reveal.

  50. says

    I LOVE the way the room is coming along!! It is just beautiful you guys!!
    As for a bed, I am IN LOVE with Pottery Barn’s white iron Claudia bed. I think iron would be nice in front of the window, as it wouldn’t block the light coming in, and a white bed would keep things light and airy. Just love your room!!!

  51. kfowler says

    Normally I’m a fan of mixing a dark wood tone with an otherwise light and airy palette because I think it gives it nice contrast. However, since you have a wood floor and a wood tone on the shades, I think the addition of a third wood tone would be too much. SO, my vote is for a vintage looking wrought iron bed, preferably in white. (Though a red or pale blue would be pretty too!)

    It’s all looking really so good! Can’t wait to see more pics!

  52. says

    I adore the Stratton bed from PB. In fact I bought the exact one in your photo for my daughter and she absolutely loves it, but I know whatever you decide to do will be absolutely perfect for your space. I love your style and love seeing what you will do next.

  53. says

    It’s all looking lovely, Layla. I would go for either metal, natural or medium wood. Those would all work beautifully with what you have going on already. I’m partial to dark woods, but it might be a little overwhelming in that space. I’m sure whatever you do will look fantastic. :)

  54. Amber Clery says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! i just cant get over how some painted wooden planks across a wall can make a room feel so gorgeously cottage-y and cosy and add soooo much character!!
    i reckon that a black metal bed frame (along the lines of the Lillesand model from IKEA) would work beautifully in your room! i think it would tie in with your curtain rod and would be a lovely contrast against the white plank walls PLUS it wont block any light getting into through the windows-and that style of bed is really cottagey!! i have the exact same curtains for my own hse-they are fantastic and add lovely texture to the room. ooooh i cannot WAIT to see the big reveal!! PS You both look fantastic in your new photos, such a lovely happy fun couple. :)

  55. KK says

    Hi Kevin & Layla!

    I’ve been following along with your recent tweets & just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. I hope you guys never change no matter how big you get! I appreciate you both just as you are. It’s amazing that there is always someone out there waiting to steal the thunder of another. Keep on keeping on & “to thine own-self be true.” Otherwise, what’s the point? Looking forward to watching TLC & you both grow & evolve thru the years to come. Life’s too short to worry about ending sentences with prepositions, etc.


  56. says

    I think if this were my bedroom, I would never ever leave. I love everything you’ve done (as always).
    You’ve got such an eye. And those little tables are STUNNING!
    I would go with something light for the headboard to keep the dreaminess of the room. OR metal – I love the contrast between a cottage and industrial feel!
    But I know you will find just the perfect thing and then I will say to myself “why didn’t I think of that?” I do that a lot when reading your blog :)

  57. says

    Wow! It looks so fresh and cheery already, can’t wait to see the finished deal. I vote for a natural/textural headboard or a really great looking iron one. But I know I’ll love whatever you guys decide since I think all of your style ideas are amazing and magazine-worthy!

    Love the bedding components.


  58. Lindsey d. says

    Metal! With all the great natural textures you’ve got going on (wood, cotton, etc), I think you’d benefit from the contrast of the metal. The thinness of the type in your photo would keep it simple and not too clunky.

  59. Carol Ann says

    I would say, woven seagrass for the summer…. then you make a slipcover (or as many as you want) for the winter in one of the colours in your new bedding shams… this way you will get the best of all the looks you want…

  60. Patsy says

    I think the metal would be the best complement to the linens, wall texture (slates) and overall design of the room. Can’t wait to see the finished room.

  61. Lexie says

    love – love – love it & you’re not even done yet! can’t wait to see it when it’s finished – i’ll bet you can’t wait either ;)
    imho: if you’re gonna put the bed in front of the window, i would go for an iron/metal headboard to keep it open and airy and to keep from blocking the window view. you could always build/buy the pottery barn base with the baskets if you wanted more storage. currently we have a metal headboard that i picked up for uber-cheap on clearance at a furniture store (all scratched up and no matching footboard). i primed & painted it creamy white and antiqued it with brown stain. this winter we’re planning on building the “stratton” pb bed w/baskets (plans from anna white). anyway…can’t wait to see whatcha’ll pick out. cheers! ;)

  62. Tiffany says

    I can’t wait to see the final setup! My vote is for metal or a medium toned wood like a distressed pine maybe?

  63. Karrie Gee says

    Love how it is coming together!!!!! I would go with a plush velvety headboard!

    Also…love the shirt! Where can I get one???

  64. says

    I think the metal would look the best, or white. But the metal would coordinate with your curtain rod and look pretty cool. I think we have the same fabric window panels from Ikea in our living room! I love the tables, looks amazing so far! Can’t wait to see the final product!

  65. says

    I’m a dork, too! You have to let us know where you got that shirt.

    I dunno, I’m kinda partial to the woven, textured look. Or the wood. Metal scares me, at least for a bed, cause it’s just so cold and metal-ly.

    It’s looking really nice. Can’t wait to see it all done.

  66. Jen- says

    I don’t go for woven ones because they can get damaged easily AND they are a buggar to dust! Cleaning wood or white is easy, but that woven stuff gets dusty bits all in the cracks. I love the texture, but I ended up getting rid of my similar decor items that were woven because they don’t stay fresh and pretty long. ESP if you have a pet. ;)

  67. says

    I like the woven one or the medium wood or the dark wood. I’m a sucker for dark wood- even though when I look at pictures I always love more white… i tend to buy dark wood. not sure why. whatever you choose will look awesome though!

  68. Sage says

    Mmmm…I say black metal, for that “striking contrast” look. I just love it when Pottery Barn does that – they’ll have a whole room pretty neutral with a pop of black picture frame or something. Awesome!

  69. Shar Yates says

    White and vintagy metal…it will let the light come in from the window and will not take away from your gorgeous bedding. I would like to ask what color you used on Kev’s nightstand? Love that color so much.

    thanks! And keep sharing!

  70. Becky says

    Since it’s going in front of the window, I think you need something see-through to let in the light. Something metal then?

  71. says

    Very pretty so far, cant wait to see the room finished. Love the wall such a cute creative ieda. I have knotty pine all in my living room. We got it with the house not a big fan of it to dark, if my better half would let me paint it i would to paint it white or a cream.
    And I would say your going to have a hard time figuring out what bed to get cause they all look pretty I would have not clue…lol

  72. says

    It is looking great! I just bought the Lenda curtains on Sunday for our master bedroom redo that we’ll be working on this winter! I love them!! I will look forward to seeing the rest as is comes along!!

  73. Sarah says

    I also have the PB Clearlake bedding in my bedroom. I have it paired with a vintage red iron bed and it looks awesome. I don’t think the other colors in your room would handle a red bed but an iron look-either white or dark-would look wonderful.

  74. Amanda says

    LOVE your site! I vote for the anitiquey metal headboard. You don’t want to block the window behind you too much and weigh down the room with too much bulk from a wooden headboard. Plus with your darker window shades I think there would be too much dark in front of the window. Metal it is!!! :)

  75. says

    Love the room! I like the idea of a contrasting darker wood, but what about building an upholstered headboard with burlap, or even re-purposing a seagrass rug for texture? Can’t wait to see what you end up doing :)

  76. Rebecca says

    Love how your room is coming together…I vote metal on the bed. Ours is dark wood and I really wish we had one of those gorgeous metal ones that are everywhere right now. Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  77. Karen Flanagan says

    Metal is the first choice. I don’t see it in the room yet, but I’m sure you’ve got some planned. Medium toned wood is a distant second. I LURVE everything you do.

  78. says

    White, (not a confident opinion, haha, I’m still working on my bedroom, never, ever completed it’s 4th makeover…nor the 1st….)

  79. says

    Hi Layla!
    Everything is looking great! I just listed a Pottery Barn Clearlake quilt on ebay last night. I have had it for awhile, bought it new and went a different direction in my spare room re-do. Seeing yours all put together, makes me think hummmmmmmm….! I was thinking that if that is where your bed is going to go, an old iron bed ( something with chippy paint) would look great and not block alot of the light coming in. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  80. says

    SO pretty! I LOVE the side tables – I’m on the lookout for a pair very similar that I can re-hab for our master bedroom. We need us some storage because we both have a stack of books to contain. ;)

    My favorite bed/s are the last two pics!


  81. Patti says

    Lovin the room so far! Is that blue hubbard on Kevin’s nightstand drawers? My vote is for a metal or woven headboard.

  82. Christy says

    Love the bedding, and the pieces from Urban farmgirl. I like the idea of texture or maybe shutter type Jane Coslick style !!!

  83. Diane says

    We have a dark wood headboard similar to the last pic, I can (usually) write my name in the dust! I have to still convince my hubby about painting it. It’s real pretty w/ my bedding but only for a short time. I hate it.

  84. Shelly says

    My husband and I have a similar looking bedroom and we have the Lillesand bed from Ikea. I LOVE how it looks – very clean and crisp. We dress it in fairly simple bedding…no bedskirt, so it really looks light and airy. Here is a review on Apartment Therapy (one of the main reasons we ended up getting it!):
    You can’t beat the price either! I noticed a few of the other posters didn’t think a metal bed was comfortable, but I haven’t found that to be true. To be fair, we don’t do a lot of reading or watching tv in our bed, so that may be why.

  85. says

    I LOVE the sisal/wicker look for a headboard but haven’t found an affordable king sized version for us. That said, I like the idea of a wood toned something for your room to contrast the white a bit. Nothing dramatic, just a light or medium toned woven or wood. How exciting to be closing in on your finished room!

  86. Cathy P says

    Where did you get the “Dork” shirt? Love it! …. and love what you’ve done so far to the room.

  87. says

    I like the white one with the basket storage. I am not nuts about the sisal/wicker look because they harbor dust- and who has time to clean them?

  88. says

    Loving the window dressing you all came up with. Don’t you just love IKEA! Great prices for stuff. I just had my husband buy us some curtains from there as well. I have six windows to cover with double panels so, I needed them to be at a good price.

    I think with all your light colored and washed finishes you all have going, it would be nice to see maybe a linen covered headboard or a textural type headboard. As much as I would love to suggest an iron bed; I don’t think that would be the right choice if you like to read in bed. Trust me, we have an iron one and it’s not fun trying to get the pillows just so so you can read in bed.

    Whatever you all decide it will look lovely….just as lovely as the rest of your home.

  89. says

    Have you two seen Knock Off There’s TONS of designs on there and with your creativity and out of the box thinking you could really come up with truely one of a kind bed. My Hubby and I made one of her designs and love it!

    Check Ana’s page out!

  90. Sue Symens says

    Black. I know it was not one of the options but that was the first thing that popped in my head. Everything else looks soft and dreamy and I want the bed to make a statement. Painted black and distressed like a cannon ball bed. Just food for thought. Looks great so far…

  91. says

    I have an iron bed now in the new place and I’m getting used to it, but it feels kinda cold to me? Is upholstered with nailhead trim a consideration? I want the pondicherry bed from Serena & Lily with the nailheads. :) Call me sometime, I miss talking to you in real time!!! xo.

  92. says

    Your room is like a breath of fresh air! I am just seriously loving the wood on the walls and the colors you chose. It will be BEEEAUUUTIFUL when it is done! So glad for you that you finally will get to sleep on a real bed! It’s about time!! :)

  93. says

    Love all the improvements you have made in your master. I like the idea of bringing a softer look by bringing an upholstered headboard in a camel/taupe color, and it is something that you can DIY cheaply and make changes to it if your decor changes. Another idea might be a head board made out of chippy shutters. Possibly bringing in the same secondary color that is on the nightstand. I am new to your blog and loving it, the icing on the cake is that you are a fellow transplanted Minnesota girl that loves her roots (I also grew up on a farm, with Mankato being the it town for fun).

  94. says

    I think you need some texture in the room, or a nice warm wood. Love your nightstands. You’ll find some knobs in an antique store, Layla, and remember that they DON’T have to match. Just be similar. Three years without a regular bed? That first night will feel so great.

  95. says

    Hey guys

    Love your bedroom already. We are also PB fans and will be painting and designing our bedroom this fall, so this is a great inspiration. Thanks!

    p.s. your new website rocks!

    Kinga and Joe

  96. says

    Room looks FANTASTIC ;) I think an iron headboard that lets the sun come in through the window would be the best. If you are interested in gaining a lot of STORAGE without the price of the PB bed…you could try the Bed Riser with a regular bed frame like we had to use here at The Love Shack…I just posted about it today so it must be a sign that I’m reading your post tonight…lol
    Hope this helps, fondly, Roberta

  97. says

    For the headboard: Metal, metal, metal! The nightstands are precious (I actually have a dresser that has the same detail as Layla’s knob-less nightstand). Can’t wait to see the finished product!


  98. Tanya says

    What did you do with the tabs on the top of the Lenda curtains? Or maybe I can’t see them in the picture.

  99. says

    Love it so far! How did you guys do the wall? Is it paneling? It kind-a looks like clapboards?… we have really old house with some really bad walls so this may be a solution! Can’t wait to see your beautiful room completed. :)

  100. Tracy says

    I love how its turned out thus far and can’t wait til the end result! Being the two of you are so handy I thought I’d share She has tons of Pottery Barn inspired furniture and plans to boot! Her site was once named until the folks over at Pottery Barn/Crate and Barrel got wind and send her a fancy dancy formal cease and desist letter from their attorneys. She took it as the highest compliment and has since changed names a bit – Enjoy!

  101. Cass says

    I am totally nuts for dark wood but it might look too “heavy” in your space. I think you should do the natural/textured look or a soft microsuede upholstered headboard. It will break up the visual effect from your walls and bedding. Good luck and I can’t wait to scope out the final product!

  102. says

    what a beautiful room and a beautiful blog! all those beds are giving me house envy! I think anything textured or upholostered or the medium wood to provide a nice contrast against the walls :) xx

  103. Heather says

    For the headboard I think woven or a distressed medium toned wood would look best in your room. I typically like distressed white furniture, but the walls in my house are usually painted in colors I love, so the white pops on them better than it would on a white wall. I have been drooling over PB’s Caroline bed for awhile now. Hoping it goes on sale sometime, so I can actually afford it.

  104. Julie in Holland says

    What about a headboard made out of old barn wood or almost a drift wood effect. Unevend shaped like an old fence? Different shapes and size boards or twigs etc?…. maybe a couple of them whitewashed or so? Im sure whatever you choose will look super. Cant wait to see the room finished. Good luck you two! Julie xo

  105. says

    Oh wow! I am so in love with the room so far! Getting ready to do a major master reno. Can I just copy yours?? For a bed I like the idea of a metal bed, chippy white maybe. That way it would not block the window too much. However I do dig the seagrassy one in front of the window in your pictures.

    Good Luck! Decisions, Decisions!


  106. Dawn says

    Ok so I love everything you guys have so far and am completely jealous of that bedding but….what if you did the first wooden white bed with super cute textural baskets under it in black instead of white? Just a thought! Good luck and let us know what you go with!!!

  107. Erin says

    If you are planning to build your own bed you should check out the plans Ana White has developed on her website – Knock Off Wood. She provides free (and easy!) building plans for lots of PB, Restoration Hardware, West Elm products. Very cool!

  108. Eileen says

    Love the look! I highly recommend the LILLESAND bed frame from IKEA. We got it last year and it was the easiest IKEA product ever…the slatted bed base (SULTAN LERBÄCK) hardest thing ever to put together. But the bonus was, we were able to bring home the queen sized mattress, bed base, and frame with our Honda CRV all by ourselves. Best price, great foam mattress, and no waiting for it to be delivered.

  109. Carolyn says

    Long time reader, first time commenter.

    Your site is awesome, and this goes without saying, as anyone with eyes can tell that. But I’m prompted to comment about the shirt. I..MUST..have…one… immediately if not sooner.

    And I vote for the medium toned wood.

  110. says

    When I read that you have taken 3 years on your bedroom, that made me feel so much better about the slow slow progress on every aspect of my house :)

    I’m going to vote…. Natural fibers or metal!!!!

  111. says

    Your room is coming along so nicely! It’s going to be GORgeous when it’s done! And I definitely have to go check out those IKEA drapes. I’ve been craving some linen-y things for my house!

    As for beds: I have that same PB sleigh bed in my inspiration file, so I clearly love that. But I think that having one signature wood piece in an otherwise write room is a great option — so warm and inviting. And a bed like that will last a lifetime. Seagrass is very cool, but will you love it in a few years? Will it stand up to wear? As for metal, I’ve owned (and since sold) a metal bed. They’re so charming, but they’re not that great to live with. The pillows are always falling out the back and they’re uncomfortable to sit up/read in. But some poeple love them, so there you go.

    Love everything you do!

    ~Angela :-)

  112. says

    What fun! The room looks soooo great! Love all that white! And I am too a big fan of Ikea’s curtains…I know what you are talking about–the texture is amazing! My husband and I have been married for a little over a year and are still sleeping on his old futon! Glad we are not the only ones who have put the bed on the back burner for the right time! I love the white but I also think the lighter wood would look great against your comforter! So fun!

  113. Jenn says

    Love everything about the room!! You inspire me to be more creative (while being thrifty) for my home. Thanks!

    When you showed the bed examples, I instantly thought of the bed that is featured on the TV show “Two and a Half Men”, the one that is “Charlies” bed. I love this bed!! It is a rattan style bed, but not just the headboard, the whole bed. It would be a great contrast to everything white.

  114. Leigh Griffin says

    I LOVE the look of the wall lined with 3 x 4 boards?? Anyone else ever done this before and is it hard/expensive to do? Thanks!

  115. says

    Beautiful! The 3 by 4 boarded wall and the double rod drapes have created quite the impact! I’d encourage more homeowners to try the double rod treatments–the layers create depth as well as an intimacy that’s perfect for a bedroom! As for the bed, I’d lean toward natural fibers or iron to balance out the wood of the walls and floors. Thanks again for sharing!

  116. says

    I wanted to thank you for sharing the curtains from Ikea and rods at Wally World! :) We have been living in a new home since March and our living room and dining room do not have curtains. The windows are large and everything I could find was “dry clean only”…with two cats and a dog I have learned my lesson that they MUST be washable. Hubby and I went on a road trip to Ikea and purchased the curtains you shared. Awesome fabric and we will be hemming them today…now we await to rods from Walmart. I am tickled pink to finally have curtains that I LOVE and keep a bit of the cold, frosty Michigan winter OUT! thanks so much for your inspiration! Love your blog!

  117. angie chappell says

    On the Ikea curtains..did you modify how thay hung? The ikea website shows them hung by tabs?

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