White Flower Farmhouse

I received a package on my doorstep yesterday from White Flower Farmhouse.

The first day I stumbled upon their website, the words “Simple Country Style” on their front page immediately made me feel at home…

Inside my package, were the vintage theater marquee letters I ordered…which spell out one of my favorite words…

(Marquee letters= $4.00 each)

Here’s a photo from their website, WhiteFlowerFarmhouse.com, showing the letters too:

Also nestled inside the box was the driftwood sailboat I ordered…

And I can honestly say, it’s my favorite thing in the whole house right now! :-)

From the little navy flag on top…

…to the perfect piece of driftwood on the bottom…

The ticking stripe fabric makes me smile everytime I walk by it. :-)

(Driftwood sailboat= $22.00)

And if those two treasures weren’t enough, I also found this little fish, tucked inside the box as well…

This is a photo from their website, showcasing some of their fish and some of their sailboats together…GORGEOUS!

Photo: White Flower Farmhouse

And last, but certainly not least, I was also happily surprised to find these vintage glass pieces, and a lavendar-filled pouch in the box as well…

I just recently started collecting small, old clear glass jars and vases, so these little guys are a welcome addition to my, so far, tiny collection. I love them!

And lavendar just happens to be my favorite scent, so I was very happy to receive that as well.
Thank you so much Megan and Lori…you two do such a wonderful job of making the world a even more beautiful and inspiring place to live!

Lori shares her favorite frugal design tricks here: Frugal Farmhouse Design

Megan shares the ins and outs of shop life here: White Flower Farmhouse

Happy Memorial Day 2009!
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