White Flower Farmhouse Christmas Decor – Part 2

When the weather started to get cold, I thought I better bring my ferns inside. I put one in the fireplace. I love how its leaves simulate “fresh flames”!

I stuck the spiky picks Lori and Megan sent us into it, to add a little razzle dazzle…

Do you like my rolling mop bucket planter? :-) I told you I was a sucker for all things galvanized!

I used the small, glitter-filled glass apothecary bottle they sent inside one of the shelves on our entertainment unit…

I like how the color of the glitter speaks to the color of the lid on the jar next to it. And it does a nice little job of bridging the gap between the big, pebble-filled jar on the right, and the mirrored frame on the left…

I never got around to buying candles for the chunky white candle holders I picked up for $5.00 on the Endless Yard Sale. So I decided to use the bell-shaped ornaments Megan and Lori sent us, along with some of my own Christmas ornaments, on and around them instead…

Do you see the green and gold, glass platter propped up behind the candle holders? I got that the other day for $2.80! It was originally marked $27.99, but thanks to a “90% Off All Fall Items” sale at Hobby Lobby, it’s now acting as a lovely backdrop for our green-accented, wire bells.

I nestled the little bird they sent us into some faux snow we picked up while we were at Hobby Lobby…

I love the layer of softness it adds around all of the other contrasting textures. And seeing a bit of “snow” up there reminds me of being a kid in “Minne-snow-ta”.

The tiny sunburst ornaments I stuck on top of each giant pine cone also came from Hobby Lobby…

I thought they were the perfect mini counterparts to our big, silver sunburst mirror.

It’s been so fun sprinkling our space with seasonal sparkle.
I hope you’re having fun decking your halls too! Even if it is just a little faux snow here and a few old ornaments there. Even the smallest actions have magic, grace and power in them!


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