• What I Wore Wednesday

    I’ve always been inspired by the “What I Wore Wednesday” concept I’ve seen e-floating around out there in blogland, so I thought I’d join in on the fun this week, too! :-)

    What I Wore Wednesday

    Kevin and I ventured out to Neighbor Jenny’s barn this week to snap some photos of some of my latest Fall favs- American Eagle jeans, a v-neck t-shirt and super soft blazer from JC Penney, boots and a light-weight, gingham-checked flannel shirt from Old Navy, and my prism necklace made by my friend,  Lucy.

    Old Navy Shirt and Boots | JC Penney Blazer | Fall Fashion | The Lettered Cottage | Layla Palmer

    The blazer is made out of a jersey material and it is soooo comfortable. It’s fitted, and has a coordinating pinstripe lining, so I like to roll up the sleeves a little so that shows. Looks like JCPenney.com only has it in black now, but it’s on sale for $35.99 so if you’re looking for one in that color, I definitely recommend checking it out.

    Fall Fashion | Old Navy | JCPenney | The Lettered Cottage

    As for the Old Navy flannel shirt, I have a few of them (all different patterns) and I really love them, too. I wasn’t sure about how it would feel underneath a blazer (I don’t do well with “bunchy”), but these two pieces actually layer really well together.

    Fall Fashion | The Lettered Cottage | Old Navy Boots and Shirt | JC Penney Blazer

    The prism necklace is so much fun to wear, too.

    Fall Fashion | Lucy Locket | The Lettered Cottage

    Like I mentioned up top, it was made by my friend Lucy. Remember Lucy? From Southern Accents and The Chapel Market? She has such a knack for creating beautiful jewelry using architectural salvage.

    Lucy Lockets Necklaces

    That’s an old chandelier crystal in that photos above, and I just love the feel of it. It’s solid, and weighty, and cool to the touch.

    Lucy Lockets | The Lettered Cottage

    I got the drawer pull necklace from her, too:

    Lucy Lockets | Jewelry | Necklace

    How pretty is that? I’ve been pairing it with white t-shirts and v-neck sweaters lately and I get so many compliments on it when I’m out and about. Sometimes it takes folks a second to realize it’s actually an old pull! :-D

    I’ve got a couple of Lucy Lockets leather cuffs, too:

    Lucy Lockets | Bracelet Cuffs | The Lettered Cottage

    Our wedding anniversary is 6/25 so I had to have the locker number one when I saw it in sitting in a box in her truck last month! I fell in love with the green beaded one at The Chapel Market too…

    Lucy Lockets Cuff

    Lucy Lockets | Cuffs | The Lettered Cottage

    Lucy Lockets | Locker Number Cuff | The Lettered Cottage

    I love the way the (thin) leather bands move with my wrist, and my heart skips a beat every time she posts one of these kinds of pics on Instagram:

    Lucy Lockets Bracelet Cuffs

    (She’s @LucysInspired on Instagram!)

    I texted Lucy yesterday while I was putting together this post and asked if she was running a Cyber Monday sale over at her Etsy shop next week.

    Lucy Lockets

    She was so sweet to text back with a coupon code just for TLC readers, so if you’re interested in checking out her gorgeous creations (*cough* Kevin *cough*) and you find something you’d like to purchase, use the code: TLC2013 when you check out to receive 15% off of your order. (The code will be good through December 31st, 2013 and she’ll be adding more pieces of jewelry all weekend!)

    Anywho, this isn’t a sponsored post or anything- I just thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite Fall finds today…including this one named Millie:

    Fall Fashion | Old Navy Boots And Shirt | JC Penney Blazer

    Jenny- you’ve got quite a precious “prop” over there in your barn! :-D

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