• Vintage Style Kids Room / Future Home Office

    “We shape our dwellings, and
    afterwards our dwellings shape us.”
    -Sir Winston Churchill


    The construction is done in our little one’s room, so I’ll start caulking and painting today.

    Built In Storage | Old Doors

    I walked in there yesterday afternoon…just to sweep and dream for a bit.

    Old Cabinet Door Hardware | Gray Shutters

    I think I swept more dreams than dust. ;-)

    Old Cabinet Door Hardware

    It’s in those moments that I can really feel the future of this space.

    Decorative Cabinet Feet

    We haven’t received the invitation to travel this month, so it’s looking more and more like we’ll be bonding with our babe in February or March.

    Wood Walls | Built In Storage | Dark Hardwood Floor | Kids Room | Home Office | Vintage

    Truth be told, I’ve never felt like it was going to be January.

    Thin wood planks from Lowes

    I’ve always felt late February.

    Built In Cabinet Storage | Shutter Doors

    Secret be told, my Grandma showed me February 26 in a dream last year. She held out her tiny, old wristwatch (which I still have) and there it was, clear as a bell, engraved onto the back side: 2-26.

    The morning after I had the dream, I got up and went straight for the watch.


    No date.

    Hmmmmmm? Could it be the day? The day we’re officially matched with our boy? The day that we travel to Haiti?

    Shutter Cabinet Door Latch

    Feels weird to type that out loud, but who knows, right?

    Vintage | Boys Bedroom | The Lettered Cottage

    Shaping dwellings is my passion, but when I stand in his room, I can feel my passion aligning with a Purpose…no matter which pillows and paint colors I choose. :-)

    PS- For those wondering, the old shutter doors are 100% sealed (multiple times) and 100% chip-proof thanks to a product called Peel Stop. Once they had fully cured, Brian the Carpenter found it difficult to even scrape off a small section of the surface with his (very sharp) utility knife so that he could install the hinges. Peel Stop creates a very hard and protective surface, so I feel very comfortable about the everyday handling, and opening & closing of these doors. :-)

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