Variety Is The Spice Of (My Lettered) Life

Today’s a bit of a smorgasbord post. A little bit of everything…even Chuck E. Cheese pizza.

(PS- There are 5 questions for you throughout this bad boy, too. If you feel like responding to  any of them, I’d love to hear from you!)

My android phone bit the dust a couple of weeks ago, so Kev and I decided to bite the bullet and get iPhones. I’m loving Instagram, and I am officially addicted to the Notebook app.

Over the past few months, (before Notebook) I had really been having trouble relaxing when I got into bed at night. I’d just lay there and think about all the things I didn’t get done that day. (Which totally stunk because I’m a huge fan of collapsing onto, and snuggling into, my bed at night!) It was like I was doing a little bit of everything, but never actually finished anything. Ya know what I mean?

Now, thanks to my Notebook app, I just make sure my “To Do Today” list is cleared out before I go to bed, and there’s no more feelin’ bad at bedtime. I guess it’s just something about seeing tasks typed out in front of me, and being able to check things off throughout the day that has really made a positive difference.

(1) Are you a daily list-maker/checker-off-er?

I’ve decided to kick the words “disappointed” and “disappointing” to the curb. They’re never fun to read, write, or say out loud to people, so I’m giving them the boot from my vocabulary. I’m serious. I’ve already trained my eyes and ears to change them to the words, “delighted” and “delightful” if and when they ever pop up.

And speaking of the power of words, Kev sent me a link to this video about the importance of being extra-ultra-over-the-top careful with our written words here on the ol’ inter-web. It’s only 3 minutes long, and it’s definitely worth watching…

At the end of every computer is a real person a lot like you.” What a great reminder to slow down and really think about how we could potentially affect the person on the other side of the screen. Huge fan of that mindset, too.

(2) Have you kicked any words to the curb lately?

Speaking of Mr. Kev, every once in a while he’ll find out that one of his songs is in a movie or on a video game. It’s usually a complete surprise, (long story short, bands don’t get paid for these kinds of things until their record label is paid back first, so we never know when these “gigs” are going to pop up) and I’ll never forget the time we were sitting in a movie theater here in Prattville, and one of his songs started playing in one of the previews. I wanted to jump up and clap at the end so bad- LOL!  Of course, Kev could sense that I was about to bubble over with excitement, and immediately held my hands down and whispered, “shhh”.

Anywho, rumor has it there’s an Aquaman trailer in theaters right now that has one of his songs it. We checked it out on YouTube, and sure enough, Kev starts singing and playing guitar (and his ShootFLYShoot partner, Josh, starts playing bass!) at the 1:26 mark in the video below…

The guys are still hard at work, putting together their Photoshop Elements e-class, so we haven’t had time to go to the theater and hear it yet. That being said, we’re really looking forward to seeing The Hunger Games once the fellas have launched Elements…which hopefully will be sometime next week!

(3) Have you seen The Hunger Games yet?

I found the new “Flea Market Finds” book-a-zine by Matthew Mead in my mailbox the other day…

It’s 160 pages of flea market style goodness, and I had so much fun dreaming up ways to decorate with milk glass for an article that starts on page 46…

Flea Market Finds is available for purchase at and, and we’ll be giving away a copy of it here on our blog later this week, too- stay tuned!

(4) Do you collect milk glass?

Last but not least, Kev and I joined our friend Shaunna‘s family for supper at Chuck E. Cheese the other night. I haven’t been there since I was a little girl, but man did that place bring back memories!

Fun, game-playin’ memories…

Although, I gotta say, I think that duck puncher machine is totally rigged- ha!

Scary memories…

In addition to the slowest/one-after-the-other-style eye blinks ever, drummer boys right arm was broken, and completely stationary that night- which made the whole Munch’s Make Believe Band experience even creepier.

Prize-picking memories…

300 tickets for a pack of Fun Dip.

(5) 300 tickets for a pack of Fun Dip?

My favorite moment of the night, however, was when Shaunna’s daughter, Ava, decided she wanted to play skee ball…

And when I say “decided”, I mean- that sucker literally went down just like this:

1. Ava grabs a (very hard) skee ball at lightning speed.

2. Shaunna flies into action to try to stop a potentially destructive overhand throw.

3. Ava launches skee ball through the air before Shaunna can persuade her to throw it underhand.

4. Skee ball miraculously safely lands in the lowest loop, but Shaunna is clearly unable to exhale until the ball is completely in the hole.

Good times.

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  1. says

    I just went to Chuck E Cheese for the first time in January for a birthday party, it was very . . . loud. My poor autistic boy had his hands on his ears the whole time :D But then there was pizza and he was ok.

    Jealous of the iPhones, I think are the only household here in Silicon Valley that does not have one.

    • Layla says

      You are right about that Claudia…I couldn’t get over how loud it was either! Kev kept saying, “it’s like Vegas for kids in here!” :-D

  2. says

    I love this post – and so bad at leaving comments usually, but I had to. Yes, to the list making! My android died so I ordered a new cover from shutterfly {one where you can put your own pics on it} to ease my pain in switching. I can’t wait to try that app – totally love seeing things checked off. And to the word disappointing – brilliant. And also to the reminder that there is always a real person on the other side of technology. I saw comments on pins this weekend {not mine} that I thought “wow, that just isn’t kind”. Congrats to Kev! Have a great week, Bev

    • Layla says

      MOMINIZER! :-D Thanks so much for swingin’ by today- and for the tip about shutterfly! I hope you have a great week, too! :-D

  3. Jay Hendershot says

    There is a Reminder app on the iPhone (I think it comes as a default app) as well that is great for making notes/reminders for yourself.

  4. says

    Layla! I just love your posts. Every time I see you’ve posted a new one, I click on it right away. 2 awesome videos you posted. Loved the little cartoon, it’s so true. I really hope out paths cross at Haven, I look forward to meeting you.
    Congrats on the new i phone ;)

  5. says

    Layla! I just love your posts. Every time I see you’ve posted a new one, I click on it right away. 2 awesome videos you posted. Loved the little cartoon, it’s so true. I really hope out paths cross at Haven, I look forward to meeting you.
    oh by the way, if you are in the Atlanta area April 28-29 I would like to invite you to stop by The Little Red Barn Sale I’m going to be a part of. It’s in downtown Norcross.
    Congrats on the new i phone ;)

    • Layla says

      Nah. Not til Geffen Records is paid back for the deal they gave them in 2002. :-( I think they’re getting close, though! :-D

  6. says

    OK. I love questions to answer. Here goes….
    1. Daily lists are too much for me…I am more of a deadline checker-offer. Getting better at not doing this at the VERY last minute!
    2. Guilty is the word that I am getting rid of….not gonna do that anymore. Kinda goes with your disappointed…
    3. Have not seen the Hunger Games, but have read and reread the books so I am ready, but waiting for a day when I can go for a private showing at the 1:00 matinee in my little town!
    4. Nope, no milk glass, but it might look good with my Fiesta collection.
    5. That Fun Dip should have miracle healing properties for that price! Chuckie’s band is very scary!

    What a fun post this was. Now, I want to see Aquaman and Kevin won’t be there to keep me from shouting out, “Hey, I sort of know that guy, you know, through bloggy connections.”

  7. says

    Love this post! I’m so with ya on avoiding the word “disappointed”. I’m trying to get the word “guilt” out of my vocabulary…but I feel guilty about doing it. LOL! The only lists I make these days are grocery lists and somehow I still mange to leave the store missing some of the items on it. How does that happen? :-) And I truly do appreciate what you shared about the impact of our words on the web. We had our first not-so-nice comment on a project recently and while I didn’t dwell on it, it still kinda stung a bit. I appreciate you helping to promote thoughtfulness!
    So fun to stop by here today,

    • Layla says

      Hey Vanessa!
      – “Guilt”…that’s another good one to get rid of!
      – I’m totally with you on ALWAYS forgetting something when I make a trip to the grocery store. What’s up with that!? :-D
      – I’m sorry you had to find a not-so-nice comment on your blog. They sting because our blogs are so personal and important to us. I hope you don’t ever have to read one like that again!

  8. Kathy PH in LH says

    I’ve heard really great things about this app (first seen on Pioneer Woman!):

    It is $2.99 through the app store but it automatically moves items that don’t get done to the next day w/o having to reenter them .. .and much more!

  9. says

    LOVE YOUR BLOG! And you hit the nail on the head with your list-making and sleepless nights! Those are both of my middle names! There is something about writing it all down and getting things crossed off that is so exciting, but it can bite ya too, when those things don’t get crossed off in as little time as expected. Same conversation my husband and I had yesterday. We have toooo much on our “List” right now!
    Glad you found time for Chuck E. Cheese, I haven’t been there in awhile, looks exactly the same though :)


  10. says

    that video is so very true, and that has been on my mind a lot lately, too.
    thanks for sharing it!
    oh, and i just spent the better part of the day reminiscing at chuck e cheese, too.
    my daughter played and played and played and got just what you said….a package of $25.00 FUN DIP! yikes!

  11. says

    Wow! I did not know that you were in the new Matthew Mead book-a-zine…that’s great. I don’t collect real milk glass but I found out last year that you can spray stuff with white appliance paint and make it LOOK like milk glass (to an untrained eye) so I am always on the lookout for stuff to spray paint to add to my faux collection. .

  12. says

    Layla to answer the 5 questions:(1) YES!!! I am such a “TO DO” Lister but the old fashion way….calenders and list on fridge…(comes from having three children) if you don’t fridge it you will forget it! (2) I have to go with words of anger….kill them with kindness works better. ( Lets get this clear don’t really kill them ha ha ha) (3)no but I am looking forward to seeing it, (5) ya know….we learned after a while you can just buy it from there much cheaper !!!

  13. says

    I’m only a list maker once I get overwhelmed which kind of defeats the purpose because making a list ahead of time could make it so I DON’T get overwhelmed. DER! ;-)

    LOVE the video and I am going to share that!

    I’m not commenting on the Hunger Games lest I make myself sound 1) tragically unhip and/or 2) an 80 year old curmudgeon.

    I would collect milk glass if I had a place to put it. The Mr is probably relieved we don’t.

    Isn’t that like a $20 Fun Dip by the time all is said and done? HA! Oh yeah, skee ball rocks.

  14. says

    1. nope, not a list maker. if something is THAT important, i’ll remember to do it. other than that, i don’t stress.
    2. i have not kicked words to the curb, but do make an effort to be as positive as possible. personally, i feel that words aren’t dangerous or bad, but the way one wields them is.
    3. how cool that one of kev’s songs showed up by surprise in a movie trailer!!?!?!! i would have clapped as well! yes, i saw the hunger games (and i am glad i did before i read the book.)
    4. i don’t collect milk glass, although i do have a lovely little lamp that belonged to my grandmother. i love it. but those plates on the wall in the photo could certainly convince a girl to start collecting! gorgeous!
    5. a few years ago a friend was in town and we had a lunch business meeting planned. he was driving as he had picked me up, but didn’t know the area so he simply followed my directions as they came up. we were on our way to the fancy restaurant, wearing our best professional suits, when i hollered, “turn right here! right turn!” that unexpected turn took us into a chuck e. cheese where we got on our knees to play air hockey and whacked more moles than i can count. average pizza lunch, but great fun. terrific meeting, too.

    • Layla says

      I totally agree about the “one who wields them” bit, but until I can figure out how to read, write or say the word “disappointed” in a positive way, I’m kickin’ it out of my vocab- ha! :-D
      SO funny about your Chuck E. Cheese experience- what a happy accident! :-D

  15. Maureen says

    Great post Layla (as usual!!) My cell phone is an antique (as per my daughters!) But I do have a book on the bedside table that I write down anything on my mind at bedtime, that way I don’t have to deal with thinking (aka: worrying) about it then. It will be there in the morning and if it still important I will deal with it!
    I would like to know the name of Kevin’s band. That is some music I would love to download! Is his music on itunes?

  16. says

    Ooh I love that app too! I put things I need to do daily in the Reminder app. My long term goals go in the Notes app. It wasn’t that long ago I was trying to stick posty notes to the back of my blackberry! Haa ha ha! Also love my Shutterfly and Pinterest Apps as well.

    That has to be so exciting for Kevin and Josh!

    I am not a fan of the chuckie cheese near us. I actually find it disturbing. I see many parents come with their children and then go out to the car without them. They use it like a babysitter while they go talk on their phones in their car. Meanwhile, their kiddos are following us around begging for coins and tickets. I avoid that place like the plague!

  17. says

    Hi Layla and Kevin –
    How exciting to hear your song in the Aquaman trailer. That is just so cool! Congrats to you and Josh – you guys are so talented.
    I got an iphone a few months ago and do use the notes app a lot. I also love Voice Memos for when I am too lazy to write anything in the Notes app
    Enjoy your day :)

    My best- Diane

  18. Beverly in Des Moines says

    I refuse to use the word “hate” even if I’m only talking about calamari! I like your idea of getting rid of “disappointed” as well.

  19. Diane P. says

    OMG I have boxes full of milk glass in my basement! I inherited them from my grandmother and mother. I don’t really have a place for them hence boxes in the basement. I’ve always wanted to do something with them but what?? Hopefully you will help with some ideas. But now you got me thinking…..

  20. says

    Layla- being creative is a curse sometimes-all that crazy stuff rolling around in ones head!! Sure makes it hard to sleep sometimes! So glad you and Kevin have this outlet (as well as others) to channel it all. Makes life easier when you can just pour it all out. It’s even better when someone else can connect to it all. I hear ya!! Thanks for talking about the trailer- I LOVE THAT SONG!!! It is my kind of music-gets you goin’!! I hope all of this attention really puts Kevin and the guys out there. I know I will keep listening and watching you both-Have a great day!

  21. Amy says

    (Standing up) – My name is Amy and I admit, I am a post-it’aholic! ;) I have em everywhere! When I’m done, I throw it away! Ta da!

  22. cheri says

    Hey Layla, I love your blog! (don’t make me choose which post I’ve enjoyed most… I can’t!) Yes, I’m a list maker, and LOVE that I can make lists on my iphone in the middle of the night (if needed!). Haven’t seen Aqua Man yet, nor have I read/seen HG… those are on a list. (haha!)
    Thanks for all the thought & work you put into your posts. Blessings on you & your man.

  23. says

    Love this whole post, but you really struck a chord with me when you spoke about kicking the big D word to the curb. Amen to that, sister. Every now and again that word comes across the screen, and it’s such a day-breaker. I much prefer your alternative: DELIGHTED. Now that’s a day- maker!


  24. Cindy Jones says

    I think my new name will be “one random winner” at 9am, Wednesday, April 4. teehee! Winning a stencil would be awesome. I absolutely love the vanity in that bathroom. To save expense I think you could do a beadboard backsplash and wood shelf and get a similar feeling. The chrome framed mirror and accessories really make it sing!

  25. says

    1. need to get that app!
    2. great video reminder about the person on the other side of the computer
    3. been too long since I was at a ChuckE Cheese… (didn’t think I’d EVER say that :)

  26. says

    Layla, your blog is so delightful!

    It must be exciting to hear Kev’s songs in places like this! You both are so talented! I am delighted in your replacement of the d word! ;)

  27. Harbormom says

    I also have the Notebook app on my iPhone. But there is another one – TeuxDeux (also free) which carries over from day to day any task you don’t mark off. I love it! Also love your blog!

  28. Kelli says

    My favorite email of each day is the one from The Lettered Cottage. It adds extra sunshine to my day to read and see all our your ideas – it’s a dose of Inspiration everyday. If only time was on our side to complete all of our projects.

  29. Lori H says

    I don’t officially collect milk glass, but I do have a few pieces and am open to adding on to them!

  30. says

    We’re kicking a few words out of our vocab around here too. I have four kids between 5-16 and, although my husband and I rarely curse, there are lots of words our kiddos say all the time that we wish they wouldn’t. Crap and suck (as in, that sucks) are not too cute coming from a 5 year old little girl.

    Also, can I just point out the connection between the words you choose to think/say and the words you put out into the world via the internet. How different would our world be if we deliberately only put positive-ness out there?

    Have a really lovely day!

  31. Cheryl says

    I kicked the word “problem” to the curb a long time ago! I work at a furniture/home decor consignment store and when one of my co-workers says, “We have a problem” I reply, “No, we have an opportunity!” That usually brings a smile and some laughte–and it always brings a whole new way to look at the situation. Then I usually wrap up the whole thing with, “It’s just furniture, folks!” ;-)

  32. says

    I do collect and LOVE milk glass!

    Congrats on the song. I watched the trailer just to hear it. :)

    Ahhhh skee ball! It’s been ages….

  33. Katie says

    I”m a terrible list-maker. I blame it on my “type B” personality. I certainly think my life would be easier if I would take the time to list out my to-dos, and more importantly, follow the list!
    You’ve inspired me to think of some words I should kick to the curb. I need to be more positive!
    PS: Love the stencils! I can think of so many fun things to do with them!

  34. Maggie says

    Wow,you just made my day, week, year! I have just started claiming our house as our own and have been scouring the Internet for a zinnia wallpaper that I had seen a picture of somewhere. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Just clicked over to the link for Cutting Edge Stencils and low and behold the zinnia wallpaper wasn’t wallpaper at all. My hubby will be so pleased. I think he’d consider killing me if I actually put wallpaper up anyway. Will order the zinnia stencils in a few days and be reclaiming my office by mid April.
    yippee, can’t wait.
    Thank you!!!

  35. says

    (1) I’m a definite list-maker! I make list after list knowing that I will probably never get to cross the majority of the items off! (i.e. house lists, dream wardrobe lists, etc etc)

    2) I haven’t kicked any words to the curb just yet, but I like the concept.

    3) We saw The Hunger Games on Saturday, and to tell you the truth, I was a tad disappointed. I LOVED the book, and as is usually the case, it was way better than the movie, but my unhappiness with the movie stemmed from their choice of casting. I thought Peeta was ALL WRONG, and Woody Harrelson as Haymitch? Give me a break! The kid they chose as Peeta was too… frail. I don’t know… he was too short and not muscular enough, and I thought his chemistry with Katniss was off. While reading the book, I pictured Haymitch sort of like Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter, just without the crazy eye. He needed to be fatter and more disheveled. Okay, enough of Negative Nancy here, it was still very good and definitely worth seeing!

    (4) I LOVE milk glass and have quite a few pieces, but I’m always on the lookout for more!

    (5) My hubs always wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s. We don’t have any kids yet, and I’m a nanny so I spend all day with kids, so the thought of going to a place filled to the brim with loud screaming kids when I don’t absolutely have to just gives me hives.

    Have a great day!

    • Layla says

      Hi Jenna! My eyes turned the D-word to “delighted” in your comment about The Hunger Games…so I think we’ll still go see it. :-D

  36. says

    Hi Layla,
    I did see the spread in Flea Market Finds about you an it looked great.

    One thing I find so endearing about you is that you don’t try to give the impression that your blog corner of the world is always perfect. Life is messy and daunting, at least my is :), and you share so much of yours…..the joy and the frustration. I always enjoy reading about you and Kevin. I posted on my blog about a part of life that ways heavy on me and just thought you and your readers would enjoy it…it’s called Silencing the Guilt Monster. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  37. Karen C says

    Words matter! Love that you’re being so careful with yours. As for milk glass, I’ve become a spray-painting fool lately and am having fun faking it with plain old glass.

  38. Deanna says

    *I’m a list-maker when I have tons to do and need to make sure it all, without a doubt, gets done. Hubby, though, is a list-maker extraordinaire! Drives his firefighters nuts! We’re due for an upgrade, and after receiving an iPad for Christmas, may have to take the plunge….so I can be all “synced” of course. Next…MacBook Pro…hahaha! Not anytime soon since I didn’t win the lottery the other ight!
    *Love the video.
    *love the inspiration pic for the stenciling! If we didn’t want to sell our house so badly, I’d do so many things! The realtors insist on keeping it basic and not al all personal. No red accent wall in the bedroom, master bath, and kitchen I guess. Soon, I hope, we’ll be in our forever house. At least forever until we retire in 20 years. ;-)
    *Maybe we’ll see the Hunger Games on Hubby’s next off-shift.
    *Love your blog…it’s really the only one I follow regularly. Thanks for making it interesting!
    *I plan to take the Photoshop class in the near future. Looking forward to it!

  39. Lynn says

    Milk glass? Of course. It’s always a sure find in any resale shop. No matter what the age it is always bright white which doesnt usually appeal to this patina, crackled, well loved lover. Or maybe it’s that the bumpy dotted kind I favor reminds me of candy dots on paper!
    BTW Cutting Edge stencils are awesome. Great quality.
    Be well,

  40. Barbara says

    Took my 2 1/2 year old grandson to Chuck E. Cheese recently and he went wild! I went wild trying to chase him through the maze of flashing, beeping, rocking rides! He never quite finished one before he was onto the next. So fun! But I really wanted to say, “Wow!” on Kevin’s band! They are so good! Congrats on that and maybe you can post some more of his songs as backdrop for your amazing makeovers… :p) Congrats on the Aquaman trailer!

  41. Louise says

    What a lovely post – as ever! I’m about to inherit my husband’s old iPhone and can’t wait! Like the video about being careful about what you say on the internet – so true. I don’t bother to read comments on newspaper articles anymore because everyone ends up attacking each other. Sad. That’s why I love your blog! So uplifting!

    So COOLabout Kev’s song! Congratulations!

  42. Carol says

    30 years or so ago, my husband and I were passing through a town I had lived in during my childhood. I wanted to show him, and our kids, where I had lived. Long story short – the people who lived there are the ones who bought the house from my parents. Turns out he was the architect for Chuck E Cheese. Went to dinner with him and his family at one of the stores. Have to tell you, our boys had a wonderful time!Thanks for the memory.
    And, why yes, thank you, I would enjoy playing with new stencils :)

  43. Lori Allberry says

    Hi Layla!

    Oh. Em. Gee. Another person to share my iPhone excitement with! I can not even begin to tell you how much I love my iPhone! I am seriously addicted to it! I may need an intervention. And Instagram? Oh my Heavens to Betsy! Like, ummm, addiction does not even come close to explaining it! I mean, it is like Facebook for photographs! I am in luuuurve with it! Would you be willing to share your username on Instagram? I would love to follow your photos!

    I am a list maker, definitely. I use my notes app just as much as I use my reminder app, check out the reminder app! I also love Sticky Notes!

    I have not kicked any words to the curb lately.

    I have not seen Hunger Games.

    I do not collect milk glass.

    And I wonder how long that 300 ticket Fun Dip has been in that case? Scary! ;o)

    Take Care Layla! I love your blog! Thank You for sharing so much with us!


  44. says

    Hi Layla, what a good post. I love the list making thing and often I will keep the pad next to the bed, seems as we linger off to sleep we remember everything RIGHT THEN THAT WE SHOULD BE DOING! hahaha…
    I have kicked to the curb this one thing…when my hubby asks me to do something for him (married 32 years) I just say yes…no tone of attitude…just yes. Because I appreciate that when he does that for me.
    And love Fun Dip…
    Have a Happy Easter!

  45. Kim in MD says

    I love this post! Answers to questions-

    1. I am such a list maker!
    2. I tossed curse words to the curb when my children were born (at least the ones I say out-loud!), and am trying not to over-use the word amazing.
    3. I haven’t seen The Hunger Games yet, but I hope to see it when the crowd dies down after Spring Break.
    4. I don’t collect milk glass, but I collect drinking glasses like most women collect shoes!
    5. Yikes- is that Fun Dip laced with gold? :-)

    Ok- and that song is so good! Kevin should be and needs to get paid for his music! He is so talented! That said, you and Kevin are both so “amazingly” talented! Ha ha…I said I am trying to kick that word to the curb! :-)

  46. Gina says

    I had no idea Kevin’s band was one of my favorites in high school. Watching that trailer made me pull out the cd and listen to it today!

  47. says

    I’m an obsessive list-maker! I discovered Wunderlist a few months ago and have never looked back! You should try it! :)

    I’m also on Instagram (@taralb)…would love to follow along with you!

  48. says

    What a fun post! And yes-to-the-heck-yes on the lists. I couldn’t function without them and having the notes app on my iPhone means that I too can make lists as I’m trying to fall asleep and reduce some anxiety about forgetting things. Smart phones are really life-changing, in a good way.

    Hunger Games was fab, we really enjoyed it.

    How neat to hear your husband’s music in a trailer! My husband is an artist and every now and then we’ll be in a movie theater or watching tv at home and will see one of his prints or sculptures in the background of a scene. We never know ahead of time either and it’s SUCH a cool surprise. We had to go see “Dressed to Kill” twice because one wall in Michael Caine’s office in the film had a number of my husband’s prints and we were so distracted that we kept loosing track of the plot! LOL

  49. says

    Hi Layla,
    Haven’t thrown any words to the curb, but would love to throw the word “stupid.” There’s nothing positive or kind about that word. It’s just plain…stupid!!

  50. says

    Wow – I’d love to win some $ for stencils :O)

    In regards to some of your questions today…
    I use to make daily lists, but was constantly disappointed so don’t anymore.

    I do love milk glass – wishing I had kept some of my mom’s old stuff, but sold it at a yard sale years ago. Oh well. ;o)

    So exciting to hear Kevin’s music! My daughter is an actress and did a CenturyLink commercial last year and I was so loud & giggly everytime it was on! I don’t know how you didn’t scream with glee when you heard Kev’s song for the trailer.

    Hope you have a fabulous week!

  51. Carol Ann says

    Hard to believe that a phone could make such a difference in my daily life, but the iPhone does just that. It makes my life simpler. And it’s way smarter than I will ever be. You guys are going to wonder how you ever lived without one.

  52. Jane H says

    Thank you to Kevin for that video – I shared it on fb!
    Also, GREAT song in the Aquaman trailer! I had never heard his band’s music before – they are really great! You are always such a ray of sunshine; no matter how busy my day may be, I never miss reading your posts!

  53. says

    I have only been inside of a Chuck E Cheese once in my life – my husband threw me a surprise 30th birthday party there because he thought it was weird that I had never been! I had Hello Kitty decorations too. I’m sure they thought we were nuts.

    I have collected milk glass for a couple of years now and I love it. It’s so pretty yet sturdy and since it’s neutral in color it will always match my decor. I think I have some in just about every room in my house. I even replaced my plain glass mixing bowls and custard cups with vintage Fire King pieces! I just scored my eighth bubble bowl at Goodwill yesterday for $2.99. Gotta love an affordable collectible!

    Here are some posts with a few (HA!) photos of mine:

  54. Erin says

    I love getting reading your blog. Thanks for all your great tips and sharing your ideas. They are so great and always inspiring!! :)

  55. Twila says

    Love your blog and I look forward to it everyday! Can’t tell ya how many things I have experimented with!!!

  56. Amy says

    I’m so excited to hear Kevin’s song! I feel like I know you guys–I guess I do through your blog but you know what I mean :)

  57. Cheryl B. says

    I felt the same way at Chuck-E-Cheese when we went there last year.

    You have such a wonderful blog

  58. says

    Congrats on making the iPhone switch! I love using the TeuxDeux app for list making, especially because you can put an item on any date (now or future), and you can go back in time to see what you crossed off on any given day. It also syncs with it’s free web browser version. I know I sound like an ad but it’s really awesome! Just simple and straightforward. And congrats to Kev for another song on the big screen! So exciting. :)

  59. Jewel says

    I am a big time list maker. I have even been known to add a task to my list that I just completed just so I can cross it off the list! My biggest problem is that I have several lists – on my phone, in the kitchen, in the office, etc. I really need to combine my lists but when I think of something I have to do, if I don’t write it down that minute, it will escape my brain forever. Sucks getting old.

  60. Kara L says

    Totally recognized Kevin’s song right away, though it’s been years since I last heard it. Tell him congrats!

  61. says

    Hi! I read your blog often, but don’t think I have ever commented (though I loooove everything)….but SO awesome about your movie trailer experience! I can only imagine sitting there when the music came on! :) That really is awesome. Good for ya’ll!

  62. kelly in georgia says

    an i-phone!…(banging head on computer keyboard) i can’t take another new piece of technology to learn right now! between wordpress and the camera I am going cross-eyed…okay enough. new blog should be up by friday. (fingers crossed!)
    1. yes, i am a list maker to the max..and my lists right now are forever long.
    2. haven’t kicked any words to the curb…(just some folks’ opinions that i have decided are not worth my time worrying about.)
    3. i would have stood up and cheered – not just clapped if i had heard the song in the theater. daughter loved the book and the movie of the hunger games…i’ve not read or seen either.
    4. i have inherited over a hundred pieces of milk glass, but they just don’t fit in my “style” right now…maybe one day.
    5. ah chuckie cheese’s…such fun old memories. do you guys have stevie b’s for pizza where you can win the nice extravagant prizes too?
    love your blog…just remember there is no way to please everyone in this little world…love you both.

  63. Jessica says

    We have kicked the word “sucks” to the curb. You don’t realize until your seven year old says it constantly what a horrible sounding word it is!!

  64. Liz VanKirk says

    Love the notes app. I use it everyday for the “to-do” items and also for groceries. I delete as I finish each item. Also it’s great for when someone mentions something or I hear something I don’t want to forget later I can jot in in my notes and come back to it later. Done that many times….

    One app I think you will love is called Shazam (it’s free). It lets you tap it when a song is playing on the radio that you want to know who is singing it and what the name of the song is. I LOVE it…..

    Saw the Hunger Games the 1st day at a matinee. Disappointed in watching kids killing kids but my 15 year old daughter LOVED it. She read all the books. I didn’t read any of them. Thought the overall rating of it was good though. I’d pay $$ all over again to see it.

    • Layla says

      Thank you for your comments, Liz! I saw the d-word in there, but totally understand where you’re coming from. ;-)

  65. says


    I really enjoyed this post! I think the words we choose to use are extremely important! My husband and I don’t allow our 4 yr old daughter to describe people or things as “stupid” or “loser” nor can she tell others to “shut up”. It shocks me how many kids her age call each other such hurtful things. By teaching her something as simple as respect towards others through the words she uses, she has become very aware of the impact she has on others feelings.

    There are a few words I have tried to kick out of my vocab as well. “CAN”T” is the dirtiest one of all. ;) I always try to remind myself I CAN. Sounds cheesy, but by thinking that way, I have accomplished a lot of things I never thought I was capable of. Thanks for lookin’ on the bright side! Your post was a delightful treat today!!

  66. says

    1) I soooooo make lists. 2) We kicked ‘can’t’ to the curb 3)Nope on Hunger Games 4) Love the milk glass! Don’t have a ton, but I pick up a few pieces every now and then at the thrift store 5) Fun Dip—there’s a pack in the cabinet I hijacked from one of my unsuspecting children…:)
    Happy week to you! Love your blog.

  67. Meghan says

    I’ve been reading your blog off/on for the last six months..I rarely comment on blogs but just had to let you know that I love your style and what you’ve done to your home. And really loved the video today about choosing words wisely – couldn’t the world learn a lot from that! You and your husband truly seem to live a purposeful life, just love that. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!

  68. Michelle says

    Hi Layla,
    I don’t have an i-phone, yet. I don’t make lists, but perhaps I should (I might get more things done that way!). I have never been to Chuck E. Cheese and I collect glass, but not milk glass. We saw Hunger Games this weekend — it was o.k. (my husband has read all the books and was looking forward to it, but he didn’t like it). I wouldn’t see it again, but I am going to read the books.

  69. Laura says

    I like Errands (free, I think) and PW’s recommendation, TeuxDeux, which was a big splurge for me at $2.99. It crosses things off when you touch them, and it moves them to the next day if you didn’t cross them off. I think we could do away with “blowout”! If you have ever been around a baby in a diaper, you know what I mean! No Hunger Games here. No milk glass either. The giant rodent wandering around his pizza parlor makes my almost 7 year old shriek and hide, so we don’t spend a lot of time (or money!) there. But they do have the most expensive Tootsie Roll Midgees on the planet! Cool movie preview and song. My menfolk think they have heard the song before?

  70. says

    Hi Guys,
    1. I am a list maker for sure! I keep a running one in one of those black and white composition books. They don’t take up much space and are easy to store, I’ll keep them once they’re used up for about 6 months, give it one more whirl, then toss it.
    2. I’ve kicked some words to the curb in fact just recently – last Sunday the Pastor said the Bible says you should { n e v e r } speak ill of your self – because God doesn’t make any junk.
    3. I would have been hollering and dancing around when the band came on!! How cool is that :) Yay Kev!
    4. Milk Glass – – one thing I don’t have any of, I’m gonna start looking at the thrift stores – see what I’ve been missing.
    5. Fun Dip is sheer awesomeness! I’m gonna have to go find that tmrw too!
    Love you guys! Katy :)

  71. says

    1, I suffer from insomnia and have learned instead of laying there thinking about what I didn’t get done, I get up and do them until I wear myself out. Mind you sometimes that’s not until the next day at 3PM, : / We are Mac people. Thomas is a tech geek and converted me long ago. We’ve had iphones since 2007, when they first came out. You will love all the applications available. We are both list makers. Have to see what needs doing and what progress has been made.
    2. Mother Teresa said it best: “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.” I haven’t kicked any one word to the curb but I try to find something good in everyone I meet.
    3. Congrats to your Music Man! That is fantastic news. I haven’t seen the Hunger Games and know absolutely nothing about it except the title because everyone is talking about it!
    4.Flea Market finds are always eye candy and good for a junker’s soul and purse. Milk glass? Ha! What don’t I collect?!
    5.You are a brave soul to venture into the land of Chucky Cheese! (Personally, I think they should serve alcohol. hehehe) It’s a joke people, don’t be haters. Ava was just launching the skee ball the way every other tiny tot in that joint does!
    Hope you got everything checked off your to do list and crashed into some sweet dreams tonight! :)
    Your Friend,

  72. says

    Just kind of loving this post today, Layla. :)

    #2: kicked to the curb the word “fail”. It is now replaced with “prototype”.

  73. Rhonda says

    Your blog is my very favorite! I always start with yours first and only then click around and look at some others. I love your style, refreshing and honest.

    Keep em coming you’re doing great :)

  74. Geri says

    Hi Layla.
    Love the video.
    So powerful and creative in only a few minutes.
    Love the iPad, iPhone, i anything.
    Love lists when I can find them.
    Love throwing the “D” word to the curb.
    As a mon and a preschool teacher and now a grammy
    I use to think and still do that it was worse than the “F” word
    along with the word stupid.
    I feel possessed the older I get when I wake up thru the night obsessing about things I didn’t get done or need to do. I now just go with the flow and go with the whole new me. hehe
    I love The lettered Cottage and u both for all you share and who you are. I guess that wasn’t a question.
    Hugs, Geri.

  75. Reagan says

    I put all of my New Year’s Resolutions on my notepad and it sends them to me every Friday at 5 p.m. to remind me of my goals for the year. So far, I have three of the ten (yes, I am one of those people) checked off. I like to think it’s because I keep reminding myself of what I am reaching for.

  76. Angela says

    I am totally a list maker but even a bigger-list-crosser-off-er. Sometimes I add to the list just to cross off!
    LOVE your milk glass-I have a collection of it that I just love-especially the hob nail milk glass!

  77. Bethany Berger says

    I have to say that the horrible aquaman tralier was worth watching once i heard kev’s song. it totally put a smile on my face. I had a total flashback. i love that song. I had no idea he was the lead for trust company . . . i think im going to watch the trailer again:) thanks and congrats!

  78. says

    I’m getting an iphone tomorrow or Friday. I’m excited but literally for one thing – because it has more memory that my evo. I hate to switch but I have to!

  79. Allyson says

    The Aquaman trailer you saw was for a TV series pilot that came out in 2007. My husband and I watched it and he has it in his iTunes library. I loved the song. His music is right up my alley! I haven’t seen The Hunger Games yet but my 11 yo son is going to make sure he and I see it before spring break is over!

    • Layla says

      That’s what I thought! I guess they’re playing it in theaters right now for some reason…weird! :-D

  80. debbie r says

    i can’t believe i am saying this..and i am wearing my reading glasses..but that picture of that broken armed drummer kinda looks x rated. I KNOW it isn’t but take a look at it and u will see what i mean. And, no, i don’t have a dirty mind. If anyone else noticed this before me on the comments sorry, but there were too many for me to read right now. Love ur blog Layla, they always delight me. :)

  81. Abbi says

    Have you heard of TeuxDeux? I LOVE IT. It’s a very simple, streamlined, minimalist website and app that allow you to–insert drum roll here–just make an electronic to-do list. It sounds so simple, and it is. But it’s also awesome. You can move items to a different day’s list, re-order the items as your day and priorities change, and cross items off once their completed. Things that you don’t finish just roll over to the next day (unless you just move them somewhere else :) ). Thought it might suit you.

  82. says

    Hi, I don’t think I’ve ever commented to you before, even though I’ve been reading for years (Yes, I’m officially a lurker, but I’m trying to change my non-commenting ways) so Hello! I’m Kari. Nice to meet you. I’m also a lover of notepad. Although i just use my husband’s old ipod touch, so it might just be called notes. Anyway, LOVE IT. I lay in bed every night and make lists of stuff that needs to be worked on, and delete stuff that got done that day. I have lists of prayer requests that I want to remember, I make grocery lists, there isn’t must that DOESN’T get listed on there. It totally saves me from my previous habit of kicking myself the next day when I know there was something I had thought of that needed to get done but I just couldn’t seem to remember it. Glad to see I’m not only one loving the lists.

  83. crissy armstrong says

    hey layla,

    i LOVE to-do lists. there is a fantastic app called teux deux ( you can log tasks online or on the phone and they sync. i have three accounts set up on mine (my to do list, work to do’s and my shopping list) i literally cross stuff off while i’m shopping and i rarely forget something b/c i check my shopping list when i’m out and i can pick up any straggling things if they are on my list. love it!

    (p.s. i’m not affiliated w/ teux deux at all! LOL – just a big fan. it’s also nice looking, graphically, which is a big perk for me.)

  84. says

    I love the video we do need to remember there are people at the end of our computers.. Case in point an artist that was very commercially popular died suddenly this weekend… and some comments on this public website concerning him were disparaging, I just thought how horrible for his loved ones to read this, why would anyone feel like that was okay? This person has passed if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. So I appreciated that video.

    I also very much enjoyed Kev’s song and felt very excited because that is a huge deal.. HUGE! Congrats. :)

    I have an Android phone and I don’t believe it has that list app. you mention like the iPhone does. drat!

  85. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, and thought your husband looked familiar, but couldn’t place him. Then, I watched the trailer above, and it clicked! His band is one of my favorites and got me through some pretty awful high school times.

    So cool!

  86. Mary Stack says

    Layla…Love your blog!
    I purchased the Flea Market Finds Mag. at my local grocery about a month ago…LOVE it and so worth the 12 bucks! I love the idea of using milk glass (specifically the lace edge plates) for decor. I bought my first one over 10 years ago as a gift for my mom to start a collection – I love them hanging in a window in the winter (suction hooks) b/c they look just like snowflakes! I find them very hard to come by as of late, but that could be the area I live. Keep up the great work!
    Mary :)

  87. Jami says

    Just getting caught up on your blog and wanted to tell you how much I love your style! It is my style. I didn’t know it until I found it but it really speaks to me. I sort of want to copy much of what you do verbatim. Would that be weird?!?

    Yes to lists…I’m a little obssessive about them.

    I’ve been trying to ditch the word “should”…as in doing things because I want to, not out of a sense of obligation…..a tough one for me.

    No collections here but milk glass is pretty!

    No to Hunger Games…waiting for some good summer reading time to get through the books and THEN, I’ll see the movie. (Congrats on the song…how exciting!)

    No way to the over-priced fun dip….even as a kid, I thought those ticket prices were a rip-off!

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