• Upper Cabinets

    I would LOVE to rip out all my upper cabinets and install windows all the way across the wall in my kitchen.

    I mean, this is what’s on the other side of the wall for pete’s sake!

    Just look how cool having no uppers looks in this picture:

    Here’s another view of the same kitchen…isn’t it perfect?

    If I could have any floor, I’d have this one. (sigh)
    The light fixtures above the island capture that perfect combination of industrial meets traditional, that I love so much.
    And get a load of the horizontal wood boards on the back wall!
    I must install them in our Master Bedroom…I am absolutely crazy about the look of it.

    Well…back to work on the final paperwork involved in auditioning for HGTV. I’ll post a link to my 5-minute final audition video here soon…I really tried to push myself and my passion for design to the limit. Hopefully it will pay off and I’ll at least get a shot to appear on that first nerve-wracking episode where people wig out, and start bawling or throw tantrums because they can’t handle the pressure of standing in front of Vern, Cynthia, Martha. :-)

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