Tybee Island – Day Six

It’s almost midnight and I’m laying on a bed in Paula Deen’s guest room.
I’ve got my laptop in front of me, my cell phone next to me, and eight pretty pillows behind me. I should also mention the two extremely heavy lids located above my eyeballs- today was a whole lotta fun, but like most of the trip, it was spent shooting lots of photos and visiting lots of friendly folks, so I’ll probably keep tonights post short and sweet- just like Tybee!

Today was our last full day on the island, and due to a reservation mix up (my fault), we’re spending our last night at Paula Deen’s beach house.
(Thank you again Diane, and sorry about that Laurie!)

Although Paula isn’t here right now, there is a life-sized cardboard cut-out of her in the living room, so it sort of feels like she’s hanging out with us.

The whole trip has been such a fun experience, and I am definitely looking forward to coming back to Tybee a.s.a.p!

I’m also looking forward to blogging about all of our adventures when I get back home.

We slept in some incredible houses…

Photobucket(The kitchen at “Just Beachy”)

We stayed up way past our bedtime with our favorite author and her fabulous family…

Photobucket(Mary Kay Andrews)

We got a private tour of the inside of a movie set…

Photobucket(The church from “The Last Song”)

We took hundreds of photos…

Photobucket(Master Bedroom at “Breeze Inn”)

…and I made a forever friend that’s just like me…

Photobucket(Jane Coslick, my TyBFF)

I also did a lot of shopping, sunning and cruising around on a bright yellow beach bike- so check back tomorrow night if you’d like to see more photos and read more about our trip to Tybee!


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"Just Beachy" and the Beach House and Chapel from "The Last Song"
Tybee Island - Day One

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