Tuxedo Cat

Remember the little kitty I blogged about a couple weeks ago? Well, turns out it’s a boy, and I was so excited to be able to pick him up from the animal clinic the other day…

(Click the play button on the video below to see him in action!)

It only took him a couple of hours to get over his camera shyness…

And figured out that dangly camera straps are fun to play with…

We’ve been calling him Kit-Cat, because he reminds us of those old “klocks”…

And we thought the Kit-Cat Creed described him pretty well, too:

Put a smile on everyone’s face;
Love in everyone’s heart;
Energy in everyone’s body;
and be a positive force in everyone’s life!

He’s been living on the “quiet” side of the house, while Max (our chihuahua) has been sticking close to us on the other side. (We have a little gate separating the two sides of the house right now.) Kev and I have been taking turns hanging out with Kit-Cat at different points throughout the day, but Max has always been very jealous of us holding or petting other animals, so it’s pretty much impossible to bring Kit-Cat over to Max’s side of the house. Our old cat, Bean, (who passed away earlier this year) never could sit on our laps because Max would always run him right off. :-(

We’d really like to find someone who doesn’t have an attention hoggin’ dog to adopt little Kit-Cat because he’s so affectionate and we want him to live a stress-free/love-filled life! (We travel a lot, too- so that’s another reason we’re thinking we should find him another home.) The vet said he should remain a strictly indoor kitty because of his fragile leg, and we’ve already taken care of neutering him, and we’ll bring him in for his rabies shot next week. So if you live near Prattville, Alabama- and you’re interested in adopting him, drop me a line and we’ll go from there!

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  1. says

    How adorable! I had a tuxedo tom years ago… he had a bad leg, we called him Gimpy. He was with us for years and years till he passed.
    The kneading the cat does is the movement kittens do to get milk from their momma. It’s a sign of love and comfort.
    I sure hope you find Kit Cat a new home, he’s precious!

  2. Christine Aldinger says

    oh u best keep Kit_Kat its rare to find a lap cat i have 1 just like this same color same personality but he is fading fast….if he is meant for another home i am sure you will make sure its a great home…he’s a very lucky kitty

    • Layla says

      Hi Christine! We have struggled with whether or not we should keep him. He is so sweet! But we thought we would put the word out and see if anyone wants a sweet little Kitty! :-)

  3. says

    He is adorable. I love black and white kitties. I love how he looks likehe is looking right through the computer at us. He picked a good family to live with. Max, hopefully will come around.

      • says

        while looking right into your eyes..
        he is simply finding other paths into your heart!
        does he have any extra toes?
        My gray tuxedo Toby G does..
        and what a lover/snuggler/deep purr-er he is!
        would love adding another furbaby, especially a kitten..
        but distance makes that impossible..
        and I’m afraid the 3 current ones might not accept him..
        good luck!!
        warmest hugs..

        • says

          Hi Loui! He doesn’t have any extra toes, but he is a deep purr-er and such a sweet little kitty! Thank you for your sweet comment! :-)

    • Layla says

      Hi Carol-Anne! The song is by John Mayer, it’s called “Heart of Life” it’s been stuck in my head for two days! :-)

  4. says

    AWE! So cute!!! You have me gushing in front of my coffee here. I fell in love with our kitty from the shelter…he’s almost solid black. He has the tiniest patch of white at the base of his neck.

  5. says

    Layla – it’s so good to see there are other compassionate animal-lovin’ folks out there! Kit-Kat is adorable and you’ve already gone above and beyond in giving this little guy a chance at a better life. Your story touched me cuz we’ve had cats for over 20 years, all strays we found (or who found us). Tate passed away a few years ago at the age of 17 and we now have Lily (her full name is LilyBean) and Thomas. I ‘m confident you’ll find a good home for Kit-Kat very soon. Kudos to you guys! :)

  6. Tanya says

    The lord works in mysterious ways. Perhaps you and the cat have more to offer each other than you think….. I’m sure it will work out exactly as its meant to. Xx

  7. Coastal Femme says

    He’s so adorable.I live in Florida, but if I were near you I’d consider taking him.I agree, it’s hard to find a lap cat and he looks so affectionate and loving. I love the name you and Kevin chose for him, it’s so apropos :)

  8. says

    Awhh…he is so sweet. Our kitty got outside and ran away about a month ago, I really miss her and want another kitty.
    I think the shelter is a perfect place to rescue animals. Thanks for sharing him with us Layla!

  9. says

    Such a sweet story with a lovely ending. We’ve rescued both our Beagles and they make the best companions. Good luck with your search for Kit-Kat’s forever home, or if you decide to keep him, even better!

  10. Mott Smith says

    My mom passed away unexpectedly in May at the age of 81. Daddy has been lost without her after almost 63 years of marriage. He has literally almost grieved himself to death! My aunt took a cat (an older stray that took up with them) over to him to “keep” for a couple of weeks while they were out of town. It was the best company for him but it got out a few days ago and he is grief-stricken again. What a precious kitty!

  11. BornInaZoo says

    I’m not fond of cats, but but your video & the music with it made me cry. I’m the mom of 2 rescued dogs (& 1 dog I paid a gross amount of money for).

  12. BornInaZoo says

    I wasn’t sure about the time I’d get to spend with a pet when I got my 1st one. Then … I got the second one. My sister’s BFF offered up to be babysitter whether I’m traveling or just at work … all I had to do was drop her off at her house and give her $5/day or $20/overnight (kenneling would cost $35 per day). My girls love her boys (they get mad if I drop them off late or pick them up early) & Sadie (the Corgie) & tolerate Sam (the stray cat). It will be interesting to see my texts this week from her when she has all 3 of my dogs for the 1st time … and it’s an overnight.

  13. says

    Oh, Layla, he is precious! My heart just broke reading about him getting injured, but I”m so glad you were there to rescue him and get him fixed up. We have adopted 4 kitties here at my house, and I’m always happy to hear about others who are given a better life because somebody cares. I hope Kit-Kat finds a new home where he can get all the attention he deserves!

  14. Lisa says

    Such a cutie! Your recent post about him made me want a new kitty, so since we live in California and were too far away to adopt your little guy, we went to the Humane Society last week and adopted a tuxedo cat named Charlie. He’s a fantastic addition to our family! -Wish I lived closer, or I’d adopt Kit-Kat too!

  15. says

    Okay, first off…you all have the cutest accents. From a Canadian girl, this is the kind of thing that makes dream of one day living in the south to listen to that accent all day!
    Secondly, CUTEST video. SO sweet and such an inspiration! I completely stopped traffic once, while 8 months pregnant to rescue a SQUIRREL, but it was worth it. I’m so glad Kit-Cat gets a happy ending :)

  16. Jan says

    He’s such a sweet guy. Be sure not to adopt him out prior to Halloween. The pounds and Humane Societies won’t adopt out black cats/kittens right now. Keep him safe til November. : )

  17. says

    He’s adorable. Someone is bound to snatch up the loving little guy. I love to have him but, like you, we travel a lot also. Best wishes to the little guy.

  18. Amy says

    I always called what you are calling Kit-Cat clock…Felix the cat.
    Another great male cat name. Just an FYI in case you’re interested.
    Darling cat, love the white whiskers.

  19. says

    So glad you saved his life, Layla. He’s a cutie. I used to take so many stray kitties to vets and try to find them homes in my old job when I was visiting poor neighborhoods. It’s a wonder I don’t have 50 cats. Very sad how some don’t have homes.

  20. Somebody's Nana says

    Often, a dog will grow accustomed to a kitten even when they will not accept a full-grown cat. Kittens are more likely to accept that the dog is dominant, and they are so full of fun that they’ll keep trying. You may find that if you don’t overdo the introduction, and praise your dog for everything you can find under the sun, they might just become best friends!

    The kitten is adorable, though. How can you say no to that face?! :)

  21. Serena says

    I had a cat that looked like that named Kit-Kat too! She was a street cat I “adopted” and fed. Good luck with your new little fella!

  22. kari says

    I loved this blog! We got a little tuxedo cat when our kids were 10 and 8 years old, they are now gone living their lives but the cat is still here with us, jsut over 15 years old. He is part of our family and a very loving friend!! Enjoy your kitty!

  23. says

    How adorable Kit-Cat is! His affection reminds me a bit of our cat, Max (my husband calls him “Maxwell Smart’…who knows why!)

    Have you thought of borrowing Cesar Millan’s book on dog behaviour from the library? He goes over how to introduce new pets, and his website offers some advice on socialization, which may help Max accept Kit-Cat – even short term while you wait for kitty’s forever home.

    Thank you for being so caring!

  24. says

    I am so relieved to hear that your little guy is going to be okay. I have thought of him often. Good job with the quick thinking and getting him to the clinic fast!! Wish I could bring him home, but my son has allergies, and I live in Kansas. The perfect mom/dad is coming I just know it!!

  25. Ruth says

    Interesting… my Grandma had a cat she named Kit-Cat. I wondered how she came up with the name. I wonder if it’s the same reason?

  26. wezzy says

    Thank you for putting the cat’s well being first. So many people never stop to think about the effects of frequent travel and hostile room mates . Your consideration of his needs shows what a great pet owner you’ll be when the time is right. Wish more people thought like you before they got pets or had kids!

  27. Lisa W. says

    You two are SUCH good people…you saved that Kitty’s life!! Good luck on his new home..and maybee he already has one…for sure does right now:)

  28. says

    What a sweet little kitty! I wish I lived close so I could give him a home (although Hubby would kill me since we already have 2 cats and 2 dogs). Glad to know I am not the only person with a soft spot for animals.

  29. says

    What a cute kitty! And a lucky little guy, he found someone who cared enough to make sure he got the help he needed. Most people dont care any more about sick or hurt animals. I am glad to see there are some some who will help animlas when in need. You guys have done so much for this little guy and I am sure you will have an easy time finding him a home. But I think in the end you will keep him..lol He is already used to the camera its pur—–fect…lol Sorry could not help it. Oh by the way the kitty kneeding is so cute, two of our kittys do that. I buy those wal mart micro fiber throws that are super soft and they just love it they will sit there and work there feet till they fall asleep its so cute.

  30. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Bless your hearts! A life saved and a beautiful kitty to bring joy into someone’s life. We call “making bisquits” doing “paw paw”………it was good to see Kit-Kat doing his happy moves, whatever ya call them.
    Good job kids!

  31. Janet says

    I have had my second Tuxedo cat, she’s an 8 month old named Gibbs. She is very mild mannered and sweet. She is unusual in that she has one blue eye and a gold eye. My 13 yr. old and 5 yr. old kitties tolerate her for now, they are jealous of her. I know you will find you new addition to your family charming and sweet too.

  32. Ashley in Nashville says

    What a little goofball! How lucky is he that the two of you happened by? And particularly generous of you guys to have him neutered – so important.

  33. says

    Wow, he’s a cutie. We used to have one that looked very similar. Somebody dropped off 3 kittens many years ago on Halloween Eve in front of my parent’s country property (all tuxedo kitties and all male). Horrible that folks do this but at least my family is compassionate enough to take action. We found homes for them all and kept one ourselves. He was named Petri by my sister from the “Land Before Time” movie. He sadly passed about 2 years ago after being with us for 12, but was such a sweet-heart. Hope you have many years of love with him as our family did!

    • Britany says

      Hey is Madison, AL too far away for adoption? We just moved here from Oregon and our 6 year old was heart broken we had to leave our chickens (her pets) behind. We are in an apartment so an indoor cat is what we’re looking for. She’d be well loved! How far away are you from Madison?

  34. Jane H says

    Not sure who looks more angelic – the sweet kitty or the very sweet woman who (with her partner in angels) recued him! ;-) He is adorable, if we lived near you I would be wanting to take him home, too!

  35. Stephanie says

    Did the vet give you any indication as to how old Kit-Kat is? I live in Georgia, not too far away, so I’m curious.

  36. says

    If I was in Ga instead of Texas I’d probably want to pick Kit-Cat up to be a buddy (and ally in the fight against our puppy, Indy) for our kitty, Fievel. They look just alike, except where Kit-Cat is black, Fievel is gray.

    Hope you find him a great home!

  37. Allison H. says

    Love the big hearts the two of you have!!! Thanks for saving the sweet little boy. We have 5 cats, 4 of which were rescues, one is a big tuxedo who loves to knead and lick just like your little guy. Our dog is thankfully very tolerant of cats, but since he is hugely in the minority he doesn’t have much of a choice. :) Thanks for all the happy posts you write, they often make my day!

  38. says

    Pets really do make your life. Despite all the work with the renovation, our dogs have their own blog at giantwuppie.wordpress.com. Our cast of characgters includes Penny The Crochety, Waldo the Lion, Nellie the Nervous, and the Giant Wuppie himself.

  39. Kim says

    Love the way this cat’s story is unfolding. Also LOVE the music in the video…was that Kev singing?

  40. says

    Hey y’all,

    Stephanie is interested in adopting your little Kit-Kat thought
    you might of missed her comment. I am cat person too I have
    Chloe who we rescued in 2003. Love this kitty too much.
    So glad you touch the time to save this one.

  41. says

    OK… So I am not even a cat person… and this precious one has stolen my heart. My husband is also allergic to little kit-cats! BUT… he sure has a great story with you and brings a sweet smile to your face… I join some others in voting you keep him and let the love flow! :0) He is too precious!

  42. says

    I have to say, rescued kittens like this make the best “dog-cats”… you know, look like a cat, act like a dog? Mine actually comes when you whistle, and he totally fetches twist-ties (while still retaining the feline look-of-utter-disdain for appropriate times, like when I ask him to move off my keyboard so I can type. The nerve!)

    I don’t think there was ever any doubt you two are fabulous people, but not many would have taken the time to give this kitty a chance at a good home. I hope he finds one!

  43. says

    How sweet! They find a way into our hearts so fast! We are “fostering” 3 kittens a neighbor found. I am looking for homes for them…that event will be as hard as yours!

    Bless you for the kindness you have shown!

  44. says

    What a lucky little guy to have found you two and gotten a second chance at life. I really hope you are able to find him the perfect home! What a sweetheart!

  45. Lisa says

    I noticed two people (above) were potentially interested in adopting him – Brittany from Madison, AL, and Stephanie from GA. We’d all love to see Kit-Cat get a a great forever home! Keep us posted! : )

  46. Katie says

    He looks like he’s a licker! My baby girl (well, she’s 2 and a half…) isn’t much of a cuddler or a snuggler, but when she’s in a good mood she’ll curl up next to me and start licking me. Makes it really hard to scratch her head, actually, because she keeps trying to lick the scratching hand.
    I wish Kit Kat luck… I can understand not wanting to add another pet with Max being like that, and if you’re always going to leave kitty alone. It’s great that he has you guys to stay with for the time being, though!

  47. Carol Sullivan says

    Did Kitty find a home yet? I keep checking back to see if y’all have posted an update!

  48. Wendy M says

    What a sweet story Layla and Kev. So nice that what started out as an abandoned, injured kitty has turned around to a bright future for this little guy, all due to you both. Kudos to you! His story touched me, but being from Canada (a tad far away) and the fact that my hubby is definitely not a cat person, I can’t offer a home. You make a good point about all your travelling – does Max go with you ‘on the road’? I don’t remember seeing him around in your posts from other locations. If the two of them can’t come to terms, that would be difficult. I hope it works out that you either can find a forever home for Kit-Cat, or Max finds a way to accept him. Either way, he is way better off than where he was. Wishing a happy future to you all!

  49. Cindy Chapman says

    So many folks don’t bother neutering a male, but they live a much happier, healthier life when they are fixed. So speaking for the Montgomery Humane Society,where I work, thanks! If you can’t find him a home, bring him to us and we will gladly find him one!

  50. Reenie says

    He knows you guys saved him……I sure hope that you can keep him. That kitty will run away and hide from Max…..I say start slowly getting them used to each other. In time, Max will get used to him …..and they’ll become best buds. =)

  51. Renee M says

    About 6 weeks ago a tuxedo kitten walked into the machine shop my husband works at. The guys all thought it would be neat to have a shop cat so they started feeding him, even went out on the 2nd day and bought cat food. But by the end of the 3rd day, they all decided it was too dangerous for such a little fella to be hanging around there, so my husband brought him home to join our other 4 cats:) He is the most loving little thing. Hope yours finds a good home if you guys can’t keep him!

  52. Ann says

    Just checking in to see whether you are keeping KitKat or if he has found another forever home. All “us cat people” would love to hear the latest about him. Do hope he, and you, are well and thriving. Please let us know.

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