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Hey there!

We’re back with a few more shots of our neighbors kitchen today! If you didn’t see the ones we featured in our e-zine, you can check them out here.

Here’s a shot of what the kitchen looked like when they bought the house back in 1999…

Among other things, they removed the bar that separated the kitchen from the dining room, replaced all the light fixtures (with salvaged ones), and took down the 70’s style linoleum backsplash.

Here’s a shot of the stove area, before and after…

Peter reconstructed some of the cabinets on the left so that things would look a little more symmetrical. He used a set of salvaged doors on the cabinet above the fridge, and they removed the soffit up above the upper cabs to make room for some of the vintage kitchen items they’ve collected.

Here’s another piece of their collection that I absolutely LOVE…

And here’s a shot of Josette’s potato masher collection…

She started collecting them as a young girl and especially treasures the one from her Grandmother. (The shortest one in the photo above) You can see the salvaged window Peter installed (sideways) over the kitchen sink in that photo too.

This is a shot of the garden window he removed….

To make for a smoother transition during the switcheroo, Peter installed the salvaged window first, then removed the existing window. Smart idea!

This last shot seemed to be one of the most popular pics in our e-zine, so we thought we post it here again…

It shows how Peter and Josette transformed their kitchen cabinets by giving them a facelift with thin strips of wood before painting them. What a fantastic way to create a shaker style door, huh?

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  1. sarita says

    how clever is that idea for the shaker cabinet doors!!! i love the red door also! thank you for showing us ideas that we can use in our homes.

  2. says

    Thanks for so much inspiration :D I love your blog.
    And know I know what the wooden thing in my kichen is for, which I got from my grandgrandmother :D
    It´s an potato masher :D I used it to press Blackberries through a sieve. ;P


  3. kristin mccullough says

    Cut it out! those vinyl topped stools that helped to create that out-of-date look in the first photo re-appear in the last photo looking fabulous!!!!!! I am also intrigued that the cabinet color and the wall color are exactly the same. The cabinet door fix? BRILLIANT!

  4. says

    Great photos… thanks for sharing. The cabinet door solution is one that I LOVE. So easy and inexpensive. Congratulations on your e-zine and everything else you have in the works.

  5. Debbie says

    Layla & Kev,

    First off let me say that I love, love, love your blog! I am a fairly new fan, but have already taken many of your ideas when contemplating changes in my own home. I check your blog daily and am NEVER disappointed in what I find. You are both so talented!

    Secondly, thank you for sharing the redo pics of Peter and Josette’s kitchen. It is amazing! I would have never believed that is the same kitchen! I now have some ideas to use in my own kitchen.

  6. says

    Ooooh I love the pops of red! That is a beautiful kitchen and what a clever idea on the cabinet door makeover. Love it! I am also a sucker for any vintage kitchen gadget….beautiful!

  7. Courtney says

    glad I read your PS – I was just about to ask what the cabinet color was!! :) it pays to read the WHOLE post. Love it!!

  8. C says

    What a treat to see the Lance jar – my husband has worked for them for 40 years! A delightful re-do and fully expected the doors to be new, the refurb detail very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  9. says

    Do they have any advice for the counters on where to start? I see in the e-zine they had a local fabricator and then a roofing person do it all. I would love to do this project but not sure where to start. If they do- they can write me on my blog- I would really appreciate it!!

  10. says

    Love, Love, love this kitchen. I love the splashes of red threw out. Those cupboards are amazing, I am rushing to my kitchen to see if they would work on mine.
    I was wondering if the floors are original or something new?

    • Josette says

      The floors are original. We did have to make a couple patches and refinish the area that was under the bar that we removed.

  11. geri says

    Lots of oooooo’s and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHs!
    I love when you get a kitchen that looks like you spent thousands of dollars and from a magazinecover.
    I love even better when it is done with broken nails, banged fingers, and tons of creative,
    talented , and simple ideas.
    Just simply beautious.

  12. robin allen says

    I just want to know WHERE on EARTH did they get their barstools….I have been looking for some just like that…that don’t cost a small island to purchase…..WONDERFUL kitchen…RED is my favorite color….

    • Josette says

      We got them in Chicago at a secondhand store in an antique district. We pretty much pick up a piece or two on every trip that we take. They look like they actually date from the 1950s and cost about $50 for the pair as I recall. Many places online have affordable reproductions of the stools though.

  13. says

    Wow that is so smart, when we house hunting at times i seen those 70’s style cabints I thought wow even painting wont update it.
    I thought this kicthen had been refaced or got new cabinets for this redo and when I seen how they used what was there that blew me away. Awesome idea, and love there new kicthen and the paint color is so pretty.

  14. says

    what a transformation! The afters are lovely. Love how they used the base of the old cabinet doors to refashion something more up to date. Shaker style is so classic and looks great in their kitchen.

  15. glenda b says

    Oh wow! I had those same cabinets in my old kitchen and hated them, but the way they redid these is amazing. This kitchen is awesome. Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Eileen says

    We have “California Poppy” on our front door, benches, and our barn! We absolutely love that color.

  17. says

    I admired the transformation of the house. The kitchen became lovely, lively, sassy, and more chic. Did the flooring also change or it stayed the same?

    The red door accentuated and highlighted the new color of the wall and the cabinets. It’s easy on the eyes. A perfect mix and match.

  18. says

    I have seen a few photos recently of those microwaves that go over the stove. Just curious if they have an inbuilt exhaust or if it means there is now no rangehood over the stove? I’ve not seen any like this in Australia.
    Great makeover of the cabinets too. Just wondering what sort of paint you would use on the cabinets – enamel? I imagine it would have to be something fairly hard-wearing and something that won’t cause them to stick.

    • Josette says

      The over the stove microwave does have an exhaust fan. I wondered too how well the painted cabinets would wear, but almost ten years later, they still look great. The paintt has never chipped or peeled and we have only done a couple of small touch ups since we first did it. Even though I was skeptical, Home Depot said the Behr semi-gloss latex would hold up, and it has.
      We started with tinted Behr primer. Then we used the semi-gloss top coat. We used the same paint on the walls and cabinets. It is Behr brand paint, but we had it mixed in a Ralph Laren color.

  19. Pandora says

    I can’t even believe that is the same kitchen! It is amazing and I just love that new color scheme, the red door and stools add a charming retroish touch!

    Pandora from Home and Decor

  20. Aron says

    I am wowed by your “happily ever after” transformation.
    Top 5 favorites….

    1. Love the idea of matching cabinet and wall color.
    2. Love the door style & color.
    3. Love any colors that remind me of fabric. Burlap. Awesome.
    4. Um love that snake!
    5. Of course, love the diy cabinets are ingenius!

    Congrats. Hope you are enjoying your fabulous kitchen :)

  21. Jessica P says

    Amazing transformation! It’s hard to believe what it looked like before because it is so beautiful now. They did a great job!

  22. Courtney says

    Love the blog and LOVE the cabinet transformation!! I am trying to convince my husband that we can do the same thing! Can you tell me what type of wood and adhesive you used to create the Shaker style? We are so doing this now!!

    • Peter says

      We used 1/4″ birch plywood. I bought a 4′ x 8′ sheet and we ripped it into two different width strips, one width for the edges and a narrower center strip for the Shaker effect. We used a combination of Liquid Nails adhesive and some small finishing nails to secure the strips. After we primed the doors, we caulked the gap between the strips and the original cabinet doors.
      For those who may have wondered, the cabinet door idea just kind of came to me when I was holding a couple paint stirrers one day. They were too narrow so I taped pieces of cardboard to one door to get an idea of how it might look. We had already gotten a quote for refacing the cabinets with very light colored Maple, which was in style at the time and it was more than we could afford. I also felt bad about junking the well constructed and serviceable doors that we already had, despite their ugliness.
      Overall, fixing the strips to the doors really only took a few minutes per door after we got it down. I’d love to see some pictures when some of you use this idea.

      • Julie says

        Hi, We have similar cabinets in our old home. I am going to attempt your idea. I hate to throw out good cabinets but I dislike the doors. So I found your website and pictures. Did you sand the cabinets prior to priming? Also, did you sand or prime BEFORE you added the strips? I am refinishing my cabinets to use in the laundry room for storage. Great green Idea!

  23. says

    Wow! This kitchen SCREAMS the colors I love. And it’s called “burlap”?!! Love it!
    The “before” pictures of the kitchen look very similar to kitchen in the house we might be buying.
    This is great inspiration!

  24. Lisa says

    I am painting my kitchen door RED!!!!

    Gorgeous house, and as usual, beautiful photos from you and the Mr. :)

  25. Gina says

    That is GENUIS idea for the cabinet fronts!!! I have been struggling about what to do with my kitchen cabinets. I don’t have the money to replace them and I’m so sick of the raised panel, curved top design…..now I have a plan!!!!

  26. faye says

    I’m new to your blog and I have to say-I Love, Love, Love it!! I’m enjoying seeing all the changes you are making in your own home as well as others who share your passion for decorating! Can you tell me the type of wood pieces and where Peter and Josette got the wood, the size, etc., that they used to transform their cabinets? I’m new to this whole DIY stuff and am encouraged by you and your friends!

  27. Trudy M. says

    I love LOVE this Kitchen!! It’s the inspiration I have been looking for to redo my own. Has anyone tried looking for the paint color Ralph Lauren’s “Burlap”? I’ve looked at Home Depot and at a local store carrying Ralph Lauren. But the only “Burlap” I can find is dark brown/green. Any suggestions?

  28. ashlee says

    thanks so much for this idea, and thank you peter for outlining above the exact method/materials you used. i plan to look into this further for my horrible looking kitchen.

  29. says

    What an amazing kitchen transformation! We went out today to get the Ralph Lauren Burlap for our cabinets we are painting, and it is a darker brown than what is pictured…did they lighten the paint at all? Thanks so much for posting this! What a beautiful kitchen!!

  30. Mindy says

    I stumbled upon this post when I was looking for aqua and red kitchen color schemes. Instantly, I loved the red door and the color of the cabinets. However, I had Home Depot put burlap in a sample of the Behr Ultra Premium today. While I understand lighting, camera, monitor calibration, etc. all make a difference, it is definitely not the color in the pictures shown above. It is more of an olive brownish color. So that is definitely a no go. Also, I bought a quart of the California Poppy color to paint my door with, but it was more pink than red. The jury’s still out on that until I put on a second coat though.

    • Layla says

      Hey Mindy!
      I’m sorry those colors didn’t work out in your kitchen!
      You’re right about the paint looking different on the monitor- their cabs are definitely a olive brownish color in real life.
      Hope you can find the perfect color for your space soon…it’s such a tricky thing, isn’t it? Drives me nuts sometimes! :-D

  31. says

    I am in brown wood hell and have just about finished painting out massive amounts of wood in our house by the beach. The next on my list is our kitchen where the tackiest part of the 70’s went to die! First step: painting out the dark wood cabinets — all 22 of them…and a pantry. *sigh*

    This post has given me the will to go on. ;)

  32. Leah says

    This cabinet redo is amazing. I have the same dated cupboards and was going to use beadboard for the doord but think this is great. One question: What did they do for the drawer fronts?

  33. Chyna says

    HOORAY! I have those exact cabinets with the soffit above them as well. Now it’s time to put the hubby to work. How did y’all remove the soffit?

  34. Shelley says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It looks awesome and it gives me hope that I can do something to transform my ugly kitchen too!

  35. Linda says

    Love your cabinets but having a hard time finding the right color. Show that you used Behr paint and Ralph Lauren color, Would you mind sharing what color you used? As are walls are becoming a checker board of BAD colors.
    Thanks so much

  36. Whitney says

    My cabinets look just like these and could really use a makeover! Is there any way to get additional information on how they determined how wide to make the strips of wood? As I see in their with their cabinets, they are different sizes but the strips of wood still have a consistent look no matter what size the cabinet is. Also, did they do the same to their drawers?

  37. Lisa Thomas says

    On your kitchen remodel, how did you address the issue of your drawer facings? They looked different at the end, but no explanation as to how yu changed them. This is an amazing idea, our cabinets are exactly like yours but with even uglier hardware !!!! Yuck !!!! But the cabinets are made of solid wood, so we didn’t want to tear them out. Can you please share what you did with your drawer fronts??

      • Kelli says

        Any answers on what was done for the drawers? We have similar cabinets and have been searching and searching for ideas to freshen up our kitchen cabinets and this may be our solution. Thanks!

  38. says

    First, I love what you’ve done with this kitchen and can appreciate updating a Tudor style home on a budget as I am about to embark on many projects with my husband in our “new” home. I wanted to find out where you found your wood strips to reface the cabinet doors? Were these available in your local hardware store or did you buy the thin wood then cut these down to size? Any details you have or link to a “how to” would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing your work!

  39. Tiffany says

    I was researching and found a product called Reclaim, by Country Living. I says it requires no sanding, priming, etc. We have the typical oak cabinets and we are thinking of going all white. Am am afraid to go too white. Our trip and molding is high gloss white, but not sure if that would look good on the cabinets. So your friends didn’t sand? They only primed?

  40. Christine4nier says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Those before cabinets are the same as in the house I’m in the process of buying. No money for new cabinets and I was wondering WHAT on earth I was going to do! This is perfect! Can’t wait to get started!

  41. Christine4nier says

    Lisa, and Kelli, to me it looks like they filled the grooves. This is what I was planning on doing with all of the cabinets. You can buy the Durham’s rock hard water putty at any hardware store and mix it yourself, or for better results I have used Zinsser’s wood filler (don’t know the exact name) but found it at Home Depot. It goes on really smooth and comes in a pre-mixed can that looks like paint. Buy it by the quart or gallon. Love the stuff! Both require a LOT of ventilation and would be best done outside – with a mask. You’ll need some passes of increasingly finer grits of sand when you’re done. Good luck!

  42. Christine4nier says

    You’ll need some passes of increasingly finer grits of sand*paper* when you’re done. Good luck!

  43. Leana says

    I also have those cabinets. Must have been a big sale back in the 1970s. Showed it to my husband who immediately said the strips of wood would be too expensive. Did you buy them somewhere or cut strips yourself. Did you glue, nail, or both? More information would be appreciated.

  44. says

    I absolutely love this! So much so, that my own kitchen is getting this treatment in about 4 months. I have a few questions though.

    *What kind of wood did they use to add to the cabinet doors?

    *I have been thinking about mitering the corners and leaving out the center bit. Will that cause any problems in the usefulness of the cabinet?

    *Last one – how did they attach the wood to the doors? Liquid nails?

    Thank you so much for any help you can give! I am crazy excited to update my kitchen in this fun, easy way. Your inspiration is so appreciated!



  45. Emmie Odrowski says

    I love the shaker cabinet doors! How did you attach the thin strips of wood, glue or nails?

  46. says

    I have been needing new kitchen cabinets for a long time and now have decided I don’t need new cabinets, I just need some pieces of thin wood. going to get busy on cutting these strips and see what it looks like. thank you

  47. says

    I love the way you took the old doors and made them look like shaker style doors. I am going to do this to my kitchen. I can only hope mine will look as great as yours. Your kitchen is just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  48. says

    Love the refacing idea on the cabinet doors! Did you order new drawers all together or how did you update the drawers? Thanks for your input.

  49. Kay says

    Just wanted to say that you just solved a problem for me! My backsplash ! I wanted breadboard for my old home but didn’t know what to put behind the stove. Where did you get the stainless or is it a stainless look-a-like?

  50. Angie says

    Those are MY kitchen cabinets! Seriously, I have those exact old doors, and I have been trying and trying to decide how to update them. I’d love to know exactly how you attached the wood pieces….I’m guessing some glue and little nails? Details would be appreciated!

    • Angie says

      OK, in my excitement I posted before reading others’ comments. I do see some details that help a lot. This is inspiring!

  51. Sarah says

    We have the exact same cabinets and I have been looking for a way to revive them. This shaker style may be just the ticket!

    Question: Are the edges of the cabinets in this post straight or rounded? If they were rounded, how did you go about a straight an even edge?

    Ours are a smidgen rounded and I’m now sure how to move forward with the birch plywood, as I’ll need the edge to be straight once all said and done.

  52. Martha Jameson says

    I love the cabinets, and I would like to do something similar to my 60’s very plain cabinet doors. I would like to know where your husband got his wood strips? Did he cut them himself,or buy them like that? Thanks for any help you can give!

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