• Tudor House

    Hey there!
    Remember our neighbors with the cool kitchen we featured in our e-zine?

    They’re replacing their front door this week. Their current front door is brown…

    …but they’re gonna go with a little more color on the new door. (Which, by the way, is actually an old door, and it. Is. Gorgeous!) Keeping that in mind, (and this is just for fun, because they’ve actually already decided which color they’re going to use) which direction would you go? A shade of green…(not necessarily the one in the photo below)

    …or some kind of blue…(not necessarily this exact one)

    …or a dark red? (again, not necessarily this one)

    I’ll be sure to post pics of their new door once they’ve got it painted and in place!

    Happy Weekend!

    Wanna see more of our neighbor’s kitchen? Check out ourĀ Summer Fun e-zine!

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