Trials and Trim-ulations


Well, unfortunately trimming out the hallway has turned out to be a bigger job than Kevin originally expected, so it’s taking a little longer to finish. It’s not the end of the world, I’m just impatient and can’t wait to see the finished product! :-)
Turns out this old place has a few less-than-straight walls and some not-perfectly-level ceilings to boot. I guess that’s to be expected in a 60 year old house. The good news is, I think he figured out a great solution today, and now that the situation is under control, he should be able to finish all the trim work tomorrow. (No pressure though honey) :-)

While Kevin worked on the opposite side of the hall today, I seized an opportunity to push the linen press into place, just to see what it would eventually look like. We had no idea when we bought it that we’d end up using in the hallway, but it does seem like the perfect spot for it now!

Of course I couldn’t stop there- so I asked Kevin to help me hang a big, wood-framed mirror on the wall above. It was left by the previous homeowners, and it just happened to be the perfect size- I love it when that happens!
Before we attached it to the wall, I painted it with leftover paint I had from another project and lightly distressed the edges to give it a little character.

Once the linen press and the mirror were in place I couldn’t help but mess around with some accessories.

I clipped some branches from out back and stuck them in a $8.00 jug I got at HomeGoods a couple years back…

I brought in the small, silver trophy that I bought for $2.00 on the Endless Yardsale, and filled it with a $5.00 bouquet from Walmart…

And because every tabletop needs at least one book, I stacked a few of my favorites here. I bought them at an antique store years ago…

I love buying ones with sweet titles like these. :-)
I covered the top book with a piece of an old piano roll I had.
I love that you can see the lyrics on the edge.

I got a whole box full of piano rolls last year at a flea market in Montgomery. They cost between $2.00 and $4.00 each, and they make the cutest little book covers!

We’ve got an exciting giveaway to blog about tomorrow, so if you’re feeling lucky- make sure to stop by and enter your name! :-)

Have a great week!

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  1. Krystal Hall says

    What color is the mirror you painted? I love it! Do you think a bookshelf/cabinet would look good In that color? Hmmm…decisions decisions :-)