Trash to Treasure Project

What do you get when you cross a really, really old, ugly green scale with a new enamel-coated metal bowl, marked “Sundries”?


I primed and painted the scale glossy white, and used a rusting kit on the face of it. The numbers where mostly rubbed off anyway, and I’m more of a “form before function” gal. :-)
Next, I used epoxy to secure the bowl to the top of the scale, and voila!
I’m not sure what I’ll fill it with yet, or even which room I’ll use it in.
Got any ideas for me?

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  1. Judy says

    Hi Layla! I am coming to you thru Rhoda @Southern Hospitality. She and I just spent the day junking in Sylacauga…we also met last Friday for the first time and had a great time!

    I think a “baby tears” plant would look great in your little scale planter. (I think that’s the name of the plant). I saw something similar done on HGTV years ago where a lady used an old yellow chippy mixer and put an ivy plant in the bowl…great look.

    Please visit me sometime at


  2. Layla says

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their GREAT ideas!
    I’ll post a photo of the persons idea I decided to go with in a future blog. Stay tuned!

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