Traditional Style Dining Room Inspiration for the Brights, AND Beth!

Do you remember when I did a dining room consultation for the Bright family awhile back? (Click on that link if ya wanna read, or re-read, all about it!)

(Move your cursor back and forth over the photo below to see what I suggested!)

Well, my friend Beth decided to use it as inspiration for her dining room a while back, and in case you haven’t seen it, I thought I’d feature it here on the blog today.
Here it is decorated for Spring…

And here it is decorated for Fall…

Isn’t it absolutely lovely?  I’m totally diggin’ those monogrammed chair backs. (and that amazing brick wall!)

She really nailed the sideboard styling too. Look at those framed corks, hanging lanterns and tall, skinny lamps!

She even used an oversized basket filled with hydrangeas on the floor on one side of it- just like in my photo drawing! Neat-o!

Rumor has it she’s got a whole buncha’ Sherwin Williams “Sea Salt” colored paint in her house right now, just waiting to go up on the walls.  So I have a feeling that pretty soon, the room will actually look more like this…

(Move your cursor back and forth over the photo below to see!)

…but you’ll have to stay tuned to Beth’s blog to find out for sure!

PS- I stopped accepting new design consultation clients a while back because they take a really long time to do from start to finish, and I started having a really hard time balancing everything. I’ve got a few clients left to finish up with, but I will continue to post some new (and old) “just for fun” ones here on the blog every now and then. Hopefully some of the ideas will come in handy to some of our readers, like the Brights consult did for Beth.  I have, however, been toying around with the idea of creating an (under $10) e-book for folks who might be interested in taking a more in-depth look at some more of my past design consultations, or for folks who have Photoshop and are interested in learning how to create presto chango’s themselves. I’ve had the pleasure of working on almost a thousand rooms at this point, so I could definitely jam pack that sucker with lots of tips, tricks and inspiration!  Consider this a sort of “informal poll”, if you will, and leave me a comment if you’d be interested in learning/reading about those kinds of things. If there’s enough interest, maybe I can put something together by next Spring. Thanks!

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  1. barb says

    I would love a class on presto changes for the rooms I would love to buy an e book Please remember me when you start Thanks for a great blog Barb

  2. Cindy says


    Love the room! Can u tell me where to get those sconces? I love them and can”t find them