Traditional Style Dining Room Inspiration for the Brights, AND Beth!

Do you remember when I did a dining room consultation for the Bright family awhile back? (Click on that link if ya wanna read, or re-read, all about it!)

(Move your cursor back and forth over the photo below to see what I suggested!)

Well, my friend Beth decided to use it as inspiration for her dining room a while back, and in case you haven’t seen it, I thought I’d feature it here on the blog today.
Here it is decorated for Spring…

And here it is decorated for Fall…

Isn’t it absolutely lovely?  I’m totally diggin’ those monogrammed chair backs. (and that amazing brick wall!)

She really nailed the sideboard styling too. Look at those framed corks, hanging lanterns and tall, skinny lamps!

She even used an oversized basket filled with hydrangeas on the floor on one side of it- just like in my photo drawing! Neat-o!

Rumor has it she’s got a whole buncha’ Sherwin Williams “Sea Salt” colored paint in her house right now, just waiting to go up on the walls.  So I have a feeling that pretty soon, the room will actually look more like this…

(Move your cursor back and forth over the photo below to see!)

…but you’ll have to stay tuned to Beth’s blog to find out for sure!

PS- I stopped accepting new design consultation clients a while back because they take a really long time to do from start to finish, and I started having a really hard time balancing everything. I’ve got a few clients left to finish up with, but I will continue to post some new (and old) “just for fun” ones here on the blog every now and then. Hopefully some of the ideas will come in handy to some of our readers, like the Brights consult did for Beth.  I have, however, been toying around with the idea of creating an (under $10) e-book for folks who might be interested in taking a more in-depth look at some more of my past design consultations, or for folks who have Photoshop and are interested in learning how to create presto chango’s themselves. I’ve had the pleasure of working on almost a thousand rooms at this point, so I could definitely jam pack that sucker with lots of tips, tricks and inspiration!  Consider this a sort of “informal poll”, if you will, and leave me a comment if you’d be interested in learning/reading about those kinds of things. If there’s enough interest, maybe I can put something together by next Spring. Thanks!

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  1. Sarah says

    Beautiful brick wall! I love what she did with it!

    I’ve been wanting to know how you do those before and afters in photoshop so consider me voting yes!

  2. says

    Layla….I’m currently enrolled in the Sheffield Course and would ABSOLUTELY L.O.V.E. it if you would put something together on how to use Photoshop to design a room. I have Photoshop CS3. (and Elements 7)

    It is your blog and your redesigns that inspired me to pursue my dream in interior design. Your home…and the Cottage Style speaks to me!

    Thanks for sharing all your work with us!


    • says

      Cheri, How far along are in the Sheffield Course? I have been thinking about doing it and was wondering how people in the design industry feel about the course. Thanks!

      I agree, this blogs and others like it really inspire me too!

  3. says

    First of all, the room is gorgeous and secondly, I love hearing the thoughts behind the details. I can only imagine how busy you are though and totally understand if something must go.

  4. says

    Beautiful she will love the sea salt it looks a lot like a color we used in the cottage called dockside haze….love it.
    Love when you share the design process….thanks

  5. says

    I would love to know how to do the befores and afters. It would come in handy when trying to convince my husband of something. :)

  6. says

    So beautiful; wow!! The brick wall is amazing. And I would LOVE to have some kind of photoshop tutorial; I would buy that in a heartbeat!

  7. says

    Aw, thanks girl! (Thanks also for removing my vacuum cord from the pic! LOL!) I cannot figure out Photoshop for the life of me, but I would by your e-book to try!

  8. Suzie says

    I would buy that e-book in a minute! I’ve been wanting a design consult but couldn’t figure out which room to choose. So maybe I could do all my rooms myself. How fun!

  9. says

    Layla, I’d definitely be interested in that e-book!! I am currently taking the Sheffield course and have been wondering how you do your presto changos and your e-decorating renderings! Would absolutely be happy to pay for an e-book containing info on this!!

  10. Coralie says

    yes, i’d love to know how you do those presto chango’s! i have such a hard time visioning what the room will look like. i need to learn to do this!

  11. Rachel Carey says

    I vote for a neck massage. I got whiplash looking back and forth at all those beautiful things!!!!!!!!!

    A brick wall is to die for. I wonder if Brad would be ok with me tearing through my drywall?????

  12. Nichole says

    I’d love to see more in depth design consultations!! I love your style and am sad that I wasn’t able to get a consultation for myself!! I could live vicariously through others!!

  13. Gloria says

    I’d love an e-book filled with your design consultation before and afters. How fun! A go-to book of ideas would be stellar.

  14. Hayley says

    I’d love to find out how to do presto chango’s! Oh, and I definitely would buy the e-book, especially if you could give ANY idea for how to incorporate a flat-screen TV hung on the wall and make it “blend” with any decor. My wall has been blank for 2 YEARS because I don’t know how to decorate around the huge “man-screen” that is the bane of my decorating existence!

  15. says

    Yes on the photoshop tutorials, I would love to learn all about these presto changeos – so i can convince my husband to make the changes that i want around the house! We’re both visual people, so Photoshop has been a lifesaver for us in deciding some house-related things – and getting better with Photoshop would be great!

  16. Shannon says

    I have been looking for those natural shades for my own dining room. Does anyone have a store or online site they can recommend?

  17. says

    I love the changes she has made, I too adore that brick wall. I have an ugly brick fireplace, if I could make it look like that, I would love it. I wonder how I would accomplish it?
    Hugs, Cindy

  18. says

    Thanks for the post about Beth’s room. I love the exposed brick, and I think the sea salt paint will look beautiful next to it.

    I think your idea of the e-book is an excellent one. Keep us posted about your decision!

  19. Jessie says

    That dining room in the first picture has been in my inspiration folder since you posted it the first time (and I don’t even have a dining room yet haha) . I adore what Beth did with it. Her room is gorgeous! I can’t wait until I have my own dining room so I can interpret it in my own way.

  20. says

    This is awesome! I love that brick wall too….those lanterns…oh my, I need to find out where she bought those :)
    I love seeing your makeovers a e-book would be fun!

  21. says

    YESS!!!! I would pay MORE than $10 for an e-book on how to do before and afters in Photoshop. That would be so awesome! I can paint walls, and usually I can pick up items with the magic wand and place them in a new picture. What I cannot figure out for the life of me is how to angle items like rugs to look as if they are lying on the floor. You have such a talent for placing things in Photoshop. I’d like just an ounce of that talent! So YES please do an e-book!

    I’m super bummed you aren’t doing makeovers anymore, but it’s totally understandable. :)

  22. Sharon in California says

    Layla, Yes, yes, yes I’d love to buy an e book to learn how to do those presto changos in photoshop. I’ve been on your list forever for a consultation and am sad to learn that you’re not doing them anymore. I’m desperate for some help with my challenging master bedroom and have been for 13 years. Please consider seriously doing the e-book to help the decorating challenged among us.

    P.S. Love the way your own master bedroom is coming along. Please keep us posted with lots of photos and thanks for your inspiration.

  23. Sarah says

    I would definitely LOVE LOVE LOVE to know how you do those “presto chango’s”! I tried to figure it out a while back but I need a step by step (hold my hand) manual. I could spend all day trying out different scenarios for my house. Consider me IN!

  24. says

    Absolutely!!! I’d buy the ebook. Sad to hear about no more consultations, though I understand why. Sure wish I could have gotten one for every area of my house! I love how you take someone else’s style and expand on that, rather than simply making it your style–not that there is ANYthing wrong with your style!!

  25. Sarah from Colorado says

    I would LOVE a tutorial on photoshop makeovers-so “Yes Please”…when can i buy it?

  26. Sarah says

    I would love to know how you do the makeovers in photoshop and would happily invest in your tutorial ebook!

  27. says

    Love these presto-Chango’s! Beth’s room looks great! Thanks for all the inspiration. I vote YES to the Photoshop presto-chango e-book (complete with how to do the mouse-overs, those are neat)


  28. Kati says

    Yes, please! I’d love it and would be very grateful if you made both: an e-book with past design consultaions and an e-book with how-to’s for the presto-change-os with tips, tricks, and inspiration–or a big e-book with all of the above!
    I’m so, so very sad to find out that you are not taking any more design consulations, although I certainly understand why. However, it would be so very generous of you and helpful for us who love your work and had hoped to get a personal consulation one day to at least try to take some baby steps on our homes with your information. Please, please make the e-books!

  29. says

    Yes, I’d be TOTALLY interested to see your e-book. I’ve checked out several others and they’re awesome and super handy, so it’d be fab to check out yours too! Such talent you have lady!

    I’m a HUGE photoshop freak and I love doing before/after transformations in it with the sections I’ve been making over for our little studio. That program is essential for any designer – not that I am one! I have to figure out how to code the switcheroo like you did on this post. I could do it in html,..but not sure if it’s a plugin I should be using on here…etc.

    P.S. – I think we have the same blog template. Did you use Genesis? It took me so long to figure out the code for it. How do you like it? I’m still not sure if I’ll be keeping this one or trying out a new one – but so far, I like! Great job on yours by the way. :) (Ok, I blabber too much.)

    Wishing you endless success!!

  30. says

    Be sure I am interested about your e-book :)
    I wanted to ask you how you remake those photos, but when I read about the upcoming e-book, I started dancing :D
    I do own Photoshop, and use it quite well, but I have to learn so much more… Yours tips and tricks would be SO helpful.

    Rooms look amazing, and although I follow your blog for a while, I didn’t see all your design inspirations…and now this is going to change

    Wish you a lovely day

    Millie @passiondecor

  31. says

    Hey Layla! First off, Beth’s room rocks and the exposed brick is to die for! Secondly, I HAVE to know where the Brights got those dining room chairs…please let me know if you know. I have been looking for the chairs with the rounded backs FOREVER and can’t seem to find them anywhere! I want 4 for my kitching table…I already have the fabric to upholster them and everything. (can you say putting the cart before the horse?!) :)
    I would love to have the presto chango secret and also a tute on photo shop…I keep telling you I want you to rub off on me! lol ;-)
    Talk to you later sweet girl!

  32. says

    I love the room and the exposed brick and the change in wall color. I wish she would add the dark woven blind even though I’m sure she doesn’t want to block the light. It just adds a great pop of color and texture. I love your presto chango’s the best and would love to learn more.

    • says

      I totally agree Shari! The window is ginormous though and can’t afford the cost of the custom blind right now. I also plan on raising the curtain rod and replacing the drapes so that they are longer.

      • says

        Make sure you splurge and get the custom size!! I hung mind outside of my window casing because I didn’t wait on a custom size. It has been a BEAR. Grrrrr.

        lol! Sorry. This is something I’ve just become passionate about :)

  33. says

    Please do an Ebook of your design consultations! I LOVE them. That would be awesome.

    The room looks amazing. Love the exposed brick. It’s fun to see the design idea come into real life :)

  34. says

    Beth’s dining room looks fabulous. I am disappointed that you are not taking anymore consults but would certainly invest in another one of your e-books to help me with my family room challenge.

    Your Friend,

  35. Sara says

    Awww, I’m so sad you’re not accepting design consults anymore, but I totally understand! I would definitely be interested in how you do the Photoshop “presto-change-o”. My husband has it and I’m sure he would appreciate me looking at it on the screen before I get to painting everything in sight!

  36. Christy says

    Love that dining room! gorgeous brick wall!

    I would ABSOLUTELY love a photoshop ebook! I purchased CS4 last summer with the sole intent of using it to help my parents redesign/remodel their home. I love your presto changos, but immediately knew that I had gotten in way over my head! It is not the easiest program in the world to learn, eh? I have gotten the gist of it, but like a pp I too need help tweaking the images to look like they are on the proper plane (perspective, skew, warp? whatever it is)

    thanks so much – I would be thrilled to learn how to do presto changos!

    • says

      Thanks Crystal! It is real brick. When we bought our home it was a complete gut. We had them remove all the drywall to expose the 100 yr old brick underneath. We love it too!

  37. Donna Goff says

    I would be very interested to purchase an e-book of your style tips!! I love your blog and your style

  38. Sindy says

    One more YES! vote for an e-book with all the Presto-Chango consults and the How-to DIY info. Bought your first e-book and it solved two humungous problems for me in my Living Room–thank you! I loved the design for the Bright’s Dining Room and have long admired Beth’s application to her own Dining Room with that incredible brick wall. So! Please!! Do tell ALL : ) I’m also bummed that you won’t be consulting anymore, but totally understand & will keep cheering for you as you & Kevin make your way.
    Blessings, Sindy
    PS I am almost done with my bedroom & bathroom from our virtual consult and I couldn’t be happier with the result–thank you so much Layla!

  39. says


    I love the presto change-o of this dining room—SW Sea Salt will be the icing on the cake.

    Yes, I’d pay $10 for an e-book of your ideas—that said, as an old school, hard-copy kind of gal, would you ever consider publishing a design book of some of your amazing rooms…I’d love to sit in my reading room with a cup of tea and peruse the wonderful ideas you’ve presented over the 18 months I’ve been reading your blog…please.


  40. says

    I LOVE that she used your idea for another house for hers! Just lets more people know how versatile style can be!! I would give anything for that brick wall! I think they are gorgeous (however, in my colonial, it doesn’t quite fit). I do LOVE that silverware print in the mirror reflection!!!

  41. says


    I would definitely be interested in an e-book. The dining room recommendations were awesome. I hate that you are not taking any more consultations, but understand the balancing act!

    Let us know what you decide!

  42. Odile says


    I would love to learn how to do the presto changes, and have your input on the design interior of my antique farmhouse. Thanks!

  43. says

    A book of your work ? Would love it !
    I also am intimidated by Photoshop, and wonder if you know of a good place to go to learn it ? I need pictures, lol.

    I miss my blog, but I had problems from day one with my feeds. I just could not stay connected, but I would love to start again.

    I adore your passion for your work with your husband/partner. Great mix and it shows.
    If you can use my email, I would appreciate it. Have lots to learn…..
    You are a breath of fresh air in my day so please keep it up.

  44. Little Spoon says

    I would love it if you published either of those e-books! I’m a designer with a passion for home decorating (but only my own) and any tips would come in handy.

  45. Sandra says

    I have photoshop and would love to learn how to do it. But you know, it’s your eye that makes the difference! Can that be taught?

  46. Larissa says

    I would love to see an e-book with some tips on both the decorating aspect and creating the room designs in Photoshop. Maybe that will help me not have so many misses.

  47. Bloom says

    I would love to get my hands on a how to create like Layla – well something like Layla. I need all the help I can get! Definitely would buy it!!

  48. says

    WHERE do you find such round hanging lanterns? I’ve been looking for the perfect sconces for my parlour and I think those are it!

  49. Kellie says

    I would defintely love to know how to do the photoshop before and afters! It would help me so much with decorating decisions before taking the pludge to do something different:)

  50. Rachel Z says

    I am soo interested in the e-book! I would love to learn the tricks and tips of Photoshop and beyond!

  51. Sara M. says

    I wish you were still doing design consulting! I need help pulling my rooms together. An e-book would be a really good second choice though!

  52. says

    Layla, yes, please do an ebook showing how you do the presto changos!! I am enrolled in Sheffield right now, and I would just love to be able to offer pictures like the ones you do for my clients!

  53. says

    Hey Layla. I LOVE your inspiration boards and would LOVE to see an ebook. In college i majored in fashion design and took several photoshop classes, since graduating i am a little rusty in the ole photoshop saddle and would LOVE a tutorial book on creating some inspiration boards to “create” a whole room feel before taking the plunge and purchasing everything.

    ps everything you do ROCKS!!! cant wait to completely finish up some of my rooms one day and share with you how much you have inspired my design philosophy! I used to be just traditional, now i would say i am cottage traditional with a modern twist!!

  54. Laura says

    I think the e-book would be nice – and could you give me PhotoShop too???! ;)
    Maybe you can work out a giveaway for the software??!!!
    If only I could rig it so I would definitely win…

  55. Krista says

    I would LOVE to learn your “presto-chango” techniques. I am a huge fan of Photoshop and use it regularly. I would really, really love to be able to try things out before making big purchases. I would buy your e-book in a heartbeat!!

  56. Hollie says

    Love the design and your friend did a nice job. I would be very interested in learning presto change o in PS. I am sad you won’t be consulting anymore. I have a 1920 craftsman I wanted your help on…I love your taste in design.

  57. Sunny says

    Layla, amazing how you bring a room to life with your vision! An e-book would really help so many of us at once. I sure hope the folks at Adobe and Sherwin Williams paint sit up and take notice, you should be receiving a portion of the referral revenue for piquing so much interest in PhotoShop and Sea Salt paint sales! :D

  58. says

    This is great inspiration for my dining room. I love the idea of having bare bones that can easily switch for seasons. I need this kind of idea!

  59. barb says

    I would love a class on presto changes for the rooms I would love to buy an e book Please remember me when you start Thanks for a great blog Barb

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