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While reading one of my favorite blogs, Blueprint Bliss , I learned about a company called Tracery Interiors. It was started by a firm called Dungan Nequette Architects located in Birmingham, Alabama. The Tracery shop is located in Rosemary Beach, Florida.

Tracery’s Story:

The best stories are those that flow seamlessly- in which every part fits together. At Tracery, we believe a home’s design should emerge in the same way. From the structure and roofline, to the furnishings and interior details- every piece should dovetail into the singular story of a home. A story that reflects the home’s people, its surroundings, its place in the world.
Dungan-Nequette Architects launched Tracery in 2003 to offer clients true harmony in interior design to match the quality of its architectural design. As a result, Tracery has a unique approach to interiors. The goal is to integrate every component of a home’s artistry, from architecture, woodworking, and finishes to well-appointed furnishings.
Tracery is a place that’s filled with the energy of creative people with a passion for thoughtful, timeless design. We are focused on helping to tell your home’s true story with powerful design that flows sensibly inside and out. Our designers don’t just know colors and furnishings: they also understand the “bones” of a home- and all these components inform their interior decisions. Through our network of artisans and craftspeople, we locate perfect pieces to complete each home’s unique story.


I am officially infatuated with Tracery Interiors style. Their blending of crisp, clean-lined pieces, with time-worn antiques is right up my alley. Their attention to detail, composition and ability to edit is flawless. Organic textures and muted colors play off each other in an effortless and beautiful way. Below are photos of my favorite space they have featured on their website. It’s located in Auburn, Alabama (War Eagle!), which is only about an hour away from me! :-)

I must write them and inquire about the striped fabric they used for the draperies.


…and look how the light and shadows create such added visual interest on the wall in the stairwell. It makes me think this house was destined to be sitting in this exact spot, positioned this exact way, and the windows and stairwell were meant to be constructed exactly where they are.

If I ever have the opportunity to build my own house, I will spend hours sitting on the empty lot, writing and drawing notes about the suns position in a journal, so that I can try to capture magic like this…

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