Tobacco Barn Antiques in Asheville, North Carolina

Well, we’re all done shooting the cottage we’re staying at, and boy did we have fun photographing the place!  We finished up around noon today, so we decided to head over to Asheville and check out a place called “Tobacco Barn“.


And HUGE! 77,000 square feet, to be exact.

Within seconds of entering, I was mesmerized.

But as with most large, totally-inspiring-because-there’s-so-much-cool-stuff/potentially-creepy-if-there-happened-to-be-a-power-outage type places, my bizarro brain went straight from design mode to “I-think-I-might-have-vertigo” mode, and then back to design mode, as usual.

Case in point:

(Quick clarification: I woke up with my first case of vertigo one night 8 years ago, and ever since then, I’ve been sort of obsessed with thinking I’m going to have another “episode” at any moment. Dude! I’m not weird! It was scary! Okay, fine. I am weird- but vertigo really is scary!)

Anywho…Kevin finally came along and distracted me from my fluorescent light-induced panic attack/inspired-by-design moment.

We strolled around the store/continent together, with our heads angled away from the occasional flickering fluorescent light, and down at lots and lots of awesomeness instead…

I LOVED this set of swan’s, carved out of a single piece of wood…

Kevin snapped a shot of this old, blue bench because as he so eloquently put it as we were standing in front of it, he “loves anything bench-y and chippy”.

Yet another reason why I love him.

But since we’re in hardcore save-not-spend mode these days, all we bought was this little red bucket…

It’s exactly what we’ve been looking for to finish up our Christmas mantel!

Speaking of which, are you ready for our Holiday Home linky party on the 30th?

Hope so! We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to over there!

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  1. says

    I have been there many many many times. I live in Raleigh so it is only about 4 hours to awesome Asheville and that incredible huge barn of fun. Glad you got to experience it. I picked u some really really awesome stained glass windows out of a church in England that were hundreds of years of old for less than $100 a piece. A steal.

  2. Rachel says

    OMG, I had vertigo, a severe case of it. I was afraid I had a brain tumor!!!!!

    I love, love Asheville…and Biltmore Estate!!!

    Thanks for posting this tour, looks like an amazing place!

  3. Ann says

    Woa! I’ve heard Asheville is a wonderful place. This just confirms it. How you didn’t hyperventilate with so…much…fantastic stuff, I don’t know. Well, maybe because you were fighting off vertigo.

  4. says

    Oh my gosh! Those chairs you were standing by are JUST like the ones my mother has! It was a set passed down from my great grandmother- crazy!

  5. Pam says

    I get vertigo too and have trouble with weird spaces. It stinks. You two are a cute couple and I love following your blog. You are sweet like my own kids.

  6. says

    Fellow-vertigo-sufferer too. Have to look at my feet when the girls use the swing set at the park. If I don’t, I get all off balance and am walking about like a drunken sailor. Loved that wood-top island/thing with the metal legs. .

  7. Mina says

    Hi Layla and Kevin! I wish there was a store like that here in MN. BTW, love love love your website!!!!! I think you two are the best couple bloggers/DIYers out there! I’m always reminded of you guys whenever I hear Train’s “If It’s Love” LOL :)

  8. says

    I only live about an hour from there! There are so many antique stores in the Asheville and Hendersonville area that are so much fun to just browse through.

  9. says

    That’s amazing that you wrote about the Tobacco Barn. I lived in Asheville for 20 years, and most of my furniture came from there. They used to close it in the autumn when the tobacco harvest came in, and all the vendors had to mark down their stuff to get it out of there. Maybe that’s a thing of the past now.

  10. says

    I left Asheville 7 hours ago. How have I never heard of this place??? Going back in December and I will for sure visit. Might have to take a truck?

  11. says

    Oh my gosh! Everything is so awesome! I have been looking for one of those long wooden candle holders for a while! I wish I lived closer or knew somewhere I could find those around here!

  12. Stephanie says

    Layla – Thanks for posting your trip there! We happened to go to Pigeon Forge for the weekend after you posted your trip and I was JACKED!!! SO, I talked my honey into going to Asheville for the day just to check out the place! It was fabulous! I left with some good deals that you can’t find in the Cincinnati area!

    Also, next time you are in Asheville, check Luella’s Bar B Que on Merrimont and The French Broad Chocolate Lounge on S. Lexington!! Best Bar B Que and Chocolate that I have had in a while.

    PS Thank you for your FABULOUS ideas and the blog is beautiful. I renovated a 1951 kitchen using your ideas and everyone in the neighborhood (who all have 1950’s tile 3/4 way the wall) are wondering why they didn’t think of it. thanks again and good luck with everything!

  13. says

    So Layla, per your recommendation AND the fact that I’m taking my second trip to Asheville in a month, I’ll be here on Sunday afternoon! I anticipate a freezing cold experience but really hope to find some goodies on my list. Thanks for letting this secret out.

  14. says

    Found this post while planning a trip south. I LOVE this antique store…haven’t been there in years. And it’s true…you can overlook so many great things because the place is so large. I found the prices to be pretty reasonable too. Definitely will have to make a trip back.

  15. Bethany says

    First off I LOVE your site! Secondly I’m creeping on your Tobacco Barn post because I went there today with my husband while snooping around Asheville! I had found the Tobacco Barn on your blog a month or two back and my husband and I loved it! It was so big they should have a coffee shop in the middle just so you can sit and rest your feet! I think they should pay you a commission for all of the people that go there through your referral! :) Thanks again and keep up the posts! :)