• Tichenor Master Bedroom Sitting Room

    I worked on a Photo Consultation for a family in Castle Rock, Colorado recently.
    Hover over the photo with your cursor to see the results of the Sitting Area in their Master Bedroom!

    The goal-

    Inspired by a sophisticated wallcovering, my intention was to create a space that was a visual treat to view from the bed on the opposite side of the room.

    The look-

    An earthy palette, mixed with the right amount of white keeps the space from looking too serious and creates a refreshing and classic look.

    An eclectic mix of traditional furnishings, lighting and accessories give the space heart, and a myriad of textures give the space soul.


    I used a French door, painted white, instead of a traditional bedroom door, to allow the light from the windows in the Sitting Area to spill out into the hallway. If privacy is an issue, a quick and easy fix would be to frost the panes of glass. That way light would still shine through, but create privacy at the same time.

    The apothecary-style console table is the first thing you see when entering the room. It’s a fun piece of furniture to be greeted by, with all it’s tiny drawers, and its surface provided a space for an interesting “balustrade” table lamp, fresh flowers and other accessories. It’s height doesn’t obstruct the view out the window, which is always a plus.

    I used tall beadboard wainscotting to give the space charm. It also makes for a nice visual transition from the height of the settee, coffee table and console table up to the height of the ceiling and drapes. It gives the elevation a fully balanced look.

    The window alcove was the perfect spot for a settee. The dark wood on the one I chose really draws your eye to that spot, and is a nice contrast to the whiteness of the wainscotting on either side.

    Grasscloth wallpaper on the center of the ceiling pulls the entire look together, like a big warm hug!

    The Palette-

    Sage, Cream , Dusty Green, Brown and White

    The Resources-



    Coffee Table:

    Pottery Barn


    Pottery Barn

    Console Table:

    Pottery Barn

    Table Lamp:

    Circa Lighting

    Wall Sconces:

    Shades of Light

    Floor Lamp:

    Circa Lighting


    Martha Stewart



    I’ll post the results of the Bedroom side of the room soon.

    What a fun project this has been!


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