This Old House Magazine

This Old House magazine published a story about our old fireplace recently…

It’s in their January/February 2013 issue, but I found my copy at Books-A-Million about a month ago, so I’m not sure if it’s still on newsstands. (?)

I absolutely love the illustration on page 76…

…and I’m intrigued by the columned-room divider project on page 57:

…but it’s the ad on page 88 that reminds me to ask you:

Should we be watching this show? I don’t know a thing about it except that I’m seeing that (always-hard-for-me-to-pronounce) title everywhere!


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  1. says

    For the longest time I thought it was DownTOWN Abbey. I have my DVR set up to record it but haven’t started watching yet. Some day I might get to it. :)

      • Kelly says

        Up until this post, I thought it was DownTOWN as well!! No wonder folks have been lookin’ at me funny. Everyone is raving about it, but I tried to watch a snippet and couldn’t get into it. Maybe it takes some time?

        • says

          Until you wrote that, I thought it WAS “Downtown”…I had to go back and look at the ad to see I had been mistaken when I see/hear about this series. I have not seen any of them but hear folks (who have time to watch TV) talking about it.

        • says

          It’s funny you should say that it takes some time. My sister watched Sunday for the first time and said that she was hooked within the first 5 minutes (yyyyeesssss, another convert!!!). My husband and I (yes, I said ‘my husband’ ;-)) have been watching it since the end of the first season, though. He picked it up pretty fast after a few “Okay, are those two related?” and “Is he a ‘bad guy’?” questions.

          I highly suggest getting into it!! Our biggest issue is how addicting it is, and with a 6-month-old we don’t like not getting to bed at our usual time on a Sunday night, hee hee. ;-) The cool thing is that they run the week before’s episode right before the new one so you can get a bit of a running head start. This week was a huge tearjerker, though — you’ve been warned!

  2. Laura says

    I saw that and was so happy for you all! And I tore out that room divider, too. Told my husband that it was “essential” for our survival ;-)

  3. Lori Mousseau says

    Congrats on the feature in TOH! Love their program and their magazine. And yes, you definitely should be watching Downton Abbey. it is FANTASTIC. The first two seasons are on Netflix. The third season, being shown now, is already available on DVD.

  4. says

    YES!! Watch it! The first episode I watched, I wasn’t too sure about. I had no idea what the show was about, just heard that it was good. Well, by the end of the episode, I was hooked and ended up watching it from the beginning on Netflix and online to get caught up. It’s addicting. Once you start watching, you just can’t stop!

  5. Bebe says

    Oh my goodness YES! You should be watching! But you have to start at the beginning. You can’t just jump in in the middle of season 3. Enjoy! You’ll be glad you watched!

  6. says

    YES! You should, you’ll LOVE it! At first, I didn’t quite get the hype about it. bc it was a little slow for me at first but now I adore it. Congrats, on the feature! : ) P.S. I called it DowntoWn Abbey for the longest too! lol

  7. Jennifer says

    Yes, you should watch Downton Abbey! Give it a few episodes to see how you like it. I think Netflix has the first two seasons. : ) -Jennifer

  8. cindy says

    Congratulations on being in the magazine, always nice to see your name/projects in print!
    Downton abbey, is fabulous, if you like British television. As per pronunciation try it like this: Downtin (instead of Downtown) .
    Love your blog :)

  9. Karie says

    That is awesome! I will have to keep an eye out – I always buy my magazines at half price books when I can get them for a quarter…. :)
    I love all your ideas and so enjoy your blog so happy to see you two are getting some recognition!

  10. Daphne Murray says

    Yes!! Watch Downton Abbey!!!! It’s a wonderful show but I do recommend starting from the very beginning so you won’t miss a thing :)

  11. Jennifer says

    YES!!!! Immediately!!! You should wait for a rainy day, settle in and have a Downton marathon!! Start with Season 1…you’ll be hooked! Run, don’t walk…. :)

  12. Minna says

    It looked interesting to me at first, until I saw on Katie Couric that they are introducing a homosexual character, and my convictions won’t allow me to watch something that endorses a lifestyle that is contrary to God’s Word. This is my own personal belief, and I am not in a position to judge others, but I thought you should know.

    • Stephanie B. says

      They actually don’t endorse that characters choice (he doesn’t live it out on the show). He’s actually made into the bad guy. I was disappointed they included it, but when I saw now negative they made it seem, it was ok.

      • Rebecca says

        Really? I couldn’t not respond to this ridiculous, hateful comment. So basically you were ok with watching this show only because a gay character was portrayed as a bad guy? Way to not judge. Ick.
        Layla, your fireplace is gorgeous -congratulations!- but this reader’s ignorance laced comment is not.

          • Stacey says

            Wow, I know Layla is a Christian, but yuck….not all Christians are judgmental haters, I keep trying to remind myself of that…..Jesus loved everyone, remember????? It isn’t going to give you God cooties to watch a show with a homosexual character. And they actually humanized the character and showed him struggling to keep his humanity in a society that condemned him.

  13. Terry says

    I just sent off a check for a subscription to This Old House magazine for my husband, so I was excited to see your post today! What a blessing to have had your old fireplace featured, and I also love the room divider. It would be a fantastic replacement for the wall of closets separating our front entry from the dining room. I sure hope our first issue of TOH is that Jan/Feb issue! :-)

    I don’t watch Downton Abbey, but based on all the chatter, I may be the only person who doesn’t! We receive a weekly e-mail from a financial firm, and this week’s article was based on the financial woes of the Downton Abbey characters. So they must be all the rage.

  14. says

    Oh my. Well, we were introduced to Downton Abbey via my in-laws and got hooked after just one episode. We’re not even big TV watchers, but now Sunday nights are like a holiday around here and we look forward to it every week!

  15. Tonia says

    Downton is SO GOOD! I have been watching it since the beginning and in my opinion, it is worth starting from the beginning. You can watch it on Netflix or – If I remember correctly, the very first episode is pretty slow, but it is amazing from there on out! Enjoy!

  16. Marianne in Mo. says

    Saw your fireplace! We are subscribers of TOH. I just took a peek last week at the hype that is Downton – a sophisticated British soap. Not sure if I’ll get hooked, but if someone gave me the complete series on DVD, I wouldn’t’ turn it down! :0)

  17. says

    Downton Abbey is basically a British period soap opera with very high production value. But it’s great! The costumes are gorgeous and so are the sets. I’d watch it from the beginning if I were you – since it is soap opera-esque, it might be hard to jump in the middle. You can watch it on Netflix streaming!

    • Judy says

      I agree that it’s just a soap.

      I watched season one when I was utterly sick with the flu. I really don’t get what people are so excited about. Real life is so much more interesting and beautiful.

  18. says

    Congrats on the This Old House article. Downton Abbey is one of my favorite British shows. It you enjoy period dramas you’ll love it. Another UK show that is worth checking out is Dr. Who. But you must wade through the first (not so great) season to get to the really good part. You may already know about it because of all the “Whovians” on the internet.

  19. Lynn M says

    I just got started on Downton Abbey a little over a week ago and it is terribly addicting – I’d highly recommend it, but you must know that if you watch it on disk, there is no way your sleep patterns won’t be ruined for a bit as there is no way you will be able to watch it one episode at a time. Because of my full immersion, I find myself using fancier words and faking a British accent at odd times too!

    Love your blog – and so glad to see you featured in one of my favorite magazines.

      • christienne says

        Down TON – like you weigh a TON!! But I know you don’t, that was just for pronunciation purposes!!

        I just started it on Netflix about 2 months ago to catch up because I know lots of people who watch it, and I love it!!

        Season 3 DVD I believe is just preorder right now on Amazon. Not out yet as season isn’t yet over on TV.

        If you do Netflix to catch up, you can probably get the current already aired Season 3 episodes on Demand to get to real time with the rest of us!

        Watch it!! And BTW – anytime you want to talk TV/Movies, I’m your girl!! I’m an entertainment addict!

      • Pamela says

        Don’t feel bad about pronunciation. I can’t say “schedule” the way the British say it. I say “sked-you-el,” but the British say “shed-jew-el.” l can write it, but I can’t run the syllables together with my mouth.

      • Ashley Ez says

        If it helps:
        When you say Down Town, you have two points of inflection.
        When you say Downton, there is only one, the strongest part of the word is at the very beginning, the “tn” sound at the end should be almost whispered. And on the show it is practically one syllable.

        And yes you should watch it! Its all about a family with traditional values trying to find their way in a brave new world.

  20. Michelle V says

    My husband and I are addicted – it’s a wonderful show – we look forward to Sunday nights!

  21. Harbormom says

    Say: Down-tun

    And ohmygoshYES! Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix; but I warn you…if you are the least bit of an Anglophile, you will be hooked with the first episode. I watched Season 1 in a weekend marathon session and knitted a pair of socks and a hat!

  22. Lisa says

    Layla–seriously….up until a month ago I had little interest in Downton Abbey. EVERYONE kept trying to get me to watch, but I have a very short attention span for TV and movies (yet I can read for hours…). Finally I gave in. Holy cow! I’m obsessed, and that is saying a lot. I went back and watched EVERY episode and NOW I get the hype. It is amazing. You begin to feel that you truly Know each character and they are darling! ( kind of like we feel like we KNOW you and Kevin..haha). Try it! It’s so sweet to watch such amazing characters, costumes,etc..

  23. Amy R says

    Yes, watch Downton. . . but, begin at the beginning~ You’ll be glad you did.
    Congrats too on the feature!

  24. Doris Hutchinson says

    I had never heard about it until our pastor told us just this past Sunday, that his wife got him on it, and he sat up half the night last Saturday watching every episode–he was totally hooked! mmm—maybe we should check it out—–or not! lol

  25. Jessica says

    Layla, Downton Abbey (pronounced Down-Ton, not downtown) is a wonderful show! Try not to read anything about it until you’ve had a chance to catch up. Seasons 1&2 are available on Netflix, and PBS is airing Season 3 currently. We are about 1/2 of the way through Season 3…this is not a show where you can skip around. I would suggest starting at the beginning and watch them in order. Also, due to personal experience with spoilers, do not “like” Downton Abbey on FB until you are current with the episodes. :)

  26. Bernie says

    Congrats on the mag article. And YES you should (must) watch Downton….but be SURE to start with season 1. You will be hooked in no time, and catch up FAST. ( I watched the first two seasons in a week)

  27. says

    Congratulations on the feature in This Old House!!!

    YES!!! Watch Downton Abbey!!! Just make sure you don’t have anything else planned, because once you sit down and watch the first episode, you won’t be getting up again for a while!!! You’ll be addicted, just like the rest of us!

  28. maryellyn thomas says

    YES! I got season 1 & 2 for my husband as a Christmas gift because I had been hearing so much about it on FB. He loves Masterpiece Theatre, me not so much, but in the end we are both hooked! It is a fast moving drama that draws you in, has a large cast and is really well written. We are up to date watching Season 3 now and wondering what will happen next week! ;)

  29. Norma Neeson says

    I thought everyone was watching Downton!
    Cried my eyes out last week.
    Rent season ! and 2 and have a marathon.

  30. Sue Diehl says

    Yes yes yes watch it! So refreshing that the whole country is becoming hooked on such a decent, clean show! The character development is really good, and the glimpse into the lifestyle is fascinating.

  31. Noelle says

    Yes, you should! I just started season 1 last week and couldn’t
    stop long enough to let my husband catch up. Look out for Facebook spoilers–apparently season 3 is shocking.

  32. says

    I watched the first two seasons, but I haven’t been watching season 3. It seems like everyone else who has seen it loves it, so maybe it’s just me, but the drama is just a little too over-the-top for my taste.

  33. Annon says

    I’m sure its a good show….one that will trap you in if you start getting into the plot and learning about the characters….as would many shows. However, I’m not sure its a show we should be watching. We watched the first episode and decided it probably wasn’t something we should be filling our minds with. It’s has some ideas and themes that are not very honoring. I’m not trying to be preachy….just a gentle reminder to all of us (including myself) that its probably best to stay clear of the things that are not pleasing to the Lord

  34. says

    I say you stay on the blissfully oblivious train that passes Downton Abbey with us. ;-) But then again, we typically rebel against everything that popular. We refused to watch Lord of the Rings, Twilight, insert any movie/show the general public turns into a craze. :)

  35. Cindy Logan says

    Yes!! You should be watching Downton Abbey. I wanted to watch for a quite a while, but didn’t want to just jump in, wanted to watch it from the beginning. So over my daughter’s Christmas break we watched seasons 1 and 2, then we were ready when season 3 started. The season 3 dvd came yesterday, now I can watch the rest of the seasons without waiting for each Sunday night. It is a great show. Maggie Smith’s one liners are worth watching the show alone. If you follow them on fb just be aware that they are way ahead of us in England so you might get some spoilers. Season 3 ended there a few months ago.

  36. Robbin says

    Oh YES, please invest time in Downton Abbey! And don’t read any blogs or too much info about it. There are spoilers out there. Kevin will like it too. My husband started watching half way through Season 2 with me and was lost. So we borrowed Season 1 and Season 2 from the library and had marathon/snowed-in days/viewing. Enjoy!

  37. says

    My husband and I recently started watching Downton (I got the flu last week and did a watch-episodes-all-day-couch-sloth). It has impressive character development, and also takes a crack at some interesting themes: women’s rights, post-WWI issues, and the general issues of aristocracy. I didn’t know what I was getting myself in for when we started watching it (that being said, I do like it, I just didn’t know). I really enjoy watching it, though it feels a little heavier than other shows I’ve watched (so, I don’t watch at the end of a long day:).
    Hope that helps you make a decision!

  38. Kel says

    Yes — we started before Christmas by renting them from the library. It is really best to start with season 1. (we tried to start in the middle and were very confused)

  39. says

    YES! You should be watching! The show is so good and once you start one episode you can’t stop…you just have to keep watching!!! Favorite show on TV by far! =)

  40. says

    Congrats on being featured in the magazine! Your house looks lovely!
    And….YES! You need to watch Downton Abby! It’s fabulous. I watched a bit of the first season and got thrown off by one of the storylines but watched the season 2 recap and got addicted all over again! It will make you laugh and cry and wish you were in England in the 20’s.

  41. says

    I recently started getting this old house magazine and was happy to see your fireplace makeover in there. It felt like seeing a familiar friend when I saw your name. Congrats!
    And yes, a thousand times yes you must become a Downton Abbey addict, If only for the exquisite costumes and decor. But good thing it’s so darn entertaining too!

  42. says

    I just started watching Monday night and I couldn’t stop. Watched the whole first season and started season 2 last night. It is VERY good! Set aside some time because it’s hard to stop watching once you start! Enjoy.

  43. says

    OH! Yes, Ma’am. I am clearly falling down on my duties if you are not watching. I can remedy that… have all 3 seasons. A rainy day marathon is a DISTINCT possibility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. julie g. says

    Hi Layla. I read every single post of yours and could comment on them all. After all, you and Kevin are repsonsible for my 1975 fireplace makeover! Yes, yes, yes you MUST watch Downton Abbey. We only started waching a couple weeks ago and it is one of those shows that keeps you guessing and gasping throughout. My husband likes it even more than I do I think. And you have to watch it together because we are always pausing it and discussing what is going on. If you don’t watch Mad Med, we were late to that party as well but it is a winner too.

  45. Mary Feagley says

    YES! And if you could license a Household Wants Indicator (Google it) like they have in the kitchen, I would buy it in a HEARTBEAT!

    • says

      You should definitely be watching Downton…especially if you remotely like Jane Austen and things like that. Plus, the decor is awesome! I love the interior or Crawley House where Matthew’s mother lives!

  46. says

    Stop what you are doing right this minute and find the series online! ( has it) It is soooo good. You will love the home, the food, the clothing, the plot twists and turns, everything!!!

  47. says

    Yes. Yes you should be watching Downton.

    But only people who love Downton will tell you that. People who don’t watch it or don’t find it interesting probably wouldn’t bother to tell you not to watch it.

    Do you like history and drama? If so, it’s a must watch.

  48. Whitney says

    You all seem to be deep thinkers and you would be intrigued and inspired by the intricate characters and the social issues they face.

  49. says

    Downton Abbey is fantastic. I got sucked in sometime last year. I had to go catch up on the first season and part of the second season. My husband came home one day when I was watching an episode. He thought it was boring but then when I had the first and second season on DVD he started watching with me half way through the first season. Now he is just as obsessed with it as I am.

  50. Babs says

    Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!

    Excellent story. Characters you can love and hate and love. GORGEOUS costuming. It has it all.

    Oh, and Maggie Smith. ‘Nuff said.

  51. Betsy Derr says

    When two guys kissed in the first episode of season 1, I thought, “This is not for me.” But EVERYONE who watches it assures me that that was a one time only occurrence and that I should have stuck with it. I never did, and now I hear there are some major disappointments coming up this season, so I’m glad I’m not hooked!!! But everyone I know who watches it, and there’s a lot of them!, they all LOVE it!

  52. kim stoltz says

    I like you was seeing Downton Abby everywhere. So we watched the first season on netflix and really enjoyed it. Great characters and a history lesson too. Just started season two and looking forward to catching up. Another show I would recommend is Parenthood, it too is on netflex you need to start at the beginning.

  53. KimN says

    YES to Downton Abbey…. yes, yes, yes the only downside of the series is that you have to wait SO LOONNG in between seasons

  54. Carrie Hughes says

    If you are a fan of Jane Austen at all, you will swoon over Downton Abbey. Here’s the kicker…even my husband makes a point to watch it with me on Sunday nights. You MUST catch up on seasons 1 & 2 before you start the third season. Congrats on your publication! (even though I know you have many under your belt:))

  55. Stephanie says

    YES!! We are late to the party, too. I watched my first episode this past Sunday and am almost through season two. LOVE IT. You will, too!

  56. Stephanie says

    I need to add that my husband loves it as well. Our 12 year old son refuses to watch it, however. ::-)

  57. Donna Doble-Brown says

    OMGosh! It is tough to get used to saying it properly! I had a hard time as well . . . .but I would be shocked if you and Kev didn’t fall in love with the characters as I have! I just received season 3 from amazon because I couldn’t wait for it to air! Hulu plus was great for “catching up’ on the back episodes!
    Happy watching . . .and I can’t wait to hear what you think! I have the first 2 seasons on DVD (blurry) if you want to borrow them . . . :)

  58. Patti B says

    I’d say yes to Downton. You won’t die if you don’t watch it as some suggest, but it’s very well done especially if you like watching shows about the upper crust of British society back in the day. Hella drama and scandal as always. Luv u guys!

  59. says

    yes – definitely start watching! I watched seasons 1 and 2 in 3 days!! It’s addicting – and makes you want to talk with an English accent ;)

    always loved your old fireplace – and all the pretty mantel decorating ideas you provide!

  60. chrissi says

    Count me in as a yes! I just started watching the first season on hulu and I am so hooked. I am a bit late to the party, but now I understand why all my friends were nagging me to watch. The bad part? I think it is addictive.

  61. says

    Yes!! Yes you should:) It’s mostly clean and a great story line. You’d love it!! and every once in awhile I get the hubby to join in with me:)

  62. Donna Lohr says

    I just started watching with season one episode one and I am not a big fan of period pieces, but this one is wonderful…the acting, the characters (some to love and some to loathe), the setting , the ideas….
    Yes. Watch.

  63. says

    Love your fireplace makeover! Congrats for being featured!
    And YES- you most definitely should be watching Downton Abbey. Although, I should probably warn you that you might be tempted to quit the real world for a while and spend 10 straight hours in front of the tube…

  64. Kim B. in Az says

    While I have watched several recent episodes and a couple of old ones. I am not sure how I feel about it. Yes when I watch it is a good story and well written. I am just not sure about it from a Christian perspective. There are some land mines that I am uncomfortable with. Those range in uncomfortable from very to just a little. There have been affairs, homosexual issues, some premarital sex, and on screen deaths in the few that I have seen. They are not all in one thankfully. Maybe I just happen to see the few with issues in it. In last weeks episode I covered up half the screen for part of it because of what was going on. It was not immoral just not something I can handle seeing. I am not passing judgment on any who do watch it, cause that is between them and God. I just thought you should know about the potential issues before you watch because it is addicting.

  65. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Congrats on the article! I know it is a good one. I have not seen the mag yet, but will watch out for it.

    Hey —- if “we” had our way about it — you and Kev would have your very own magazine and freaking t.v. show. But that’s just what I (and about a million other people) say. What do we know?????

    I have not seen D.A. yet. The trailors leave me cold.

  66. Jenn A says

    Ok. That illustration is fabulous! You should frame it and hang it somewhere.
    YES! You should be watching Downton Abbey – that is if you enjoy British period type movies/shows. It is a really good one.

  67. says

    One more enthusiastic yes vote for Downton Abbey! Start at the beginning and cancel. All of your plans because it is so very addicting! Enjoy!

  68. says

    I’m late jumping on the Downton Abbey train. It’s not that I think I won’t like it, I just never seem to see it. It used to be on Canadian Netflix and when I went to find it the other day, not sure where it went?? I want to start at the beginning, but not sure where to find it.

  69. Suzy says

    first, KEV-gratu-LAYLA-tions on your fireplace feature in TOH magazine! i have to admit that when i get “seasonally antsy” and want to spruce-up my mantle, your site is the first place i check for inspiration. =)

    second, DA is a must watch if you are into british period dramas or consider yourself even the slightest of an anglophile. i will admit that. like others, i was taken aback in episode one by the homosexual bend of one story line. i continued to watch and haven’t really thought about it since–it’s not a topic that’s explored much in relation to the character in question. however, it is coming into play more this season (season 3). i realize it’s a topic of epic proportion and i do not wish to engage anyone in a biblical/moral/ethical debate. i will say that as a christian, i was not created to pass judgment on others. i do believe that DA is a beautifully crafted drama with exceptional acting, gorgeous costuming, historical relevance, and intelligent/witty dialog. i definitely think it’s worth your time. the fact that my husband and 16 year old son are as eager to watch each week as i am, i feel, speaks volumes.

  70. angela says

    yes, you MUST watch the show.
    it’s probably one of PBS’s greatest masterpiece theatre series ever.

  71. says

    Definitely should be watching Downton Abbey. I watched season 1 and 2 over Christmas break. It’s my new addiction. Start from the beginning as the story carries on from the very first episode.

  72. Melissa says

    I thought it was about a girl named Abbey who lived downtown when I first heard the name. Not even close! Great show. I highly recommend it.

  73. Amanda says

    Just started watching the DVR’d Season 3 the last two days (staying up way too late!)……just ordered Season 1 & 2 from Amazon five minutes ago! That should answer that question. :)

  74. Cammee says

    YES! YES! YES! You have to start at the beginning. I started season 1 just after Christmas and thought I would watch an episode each day to catch up before season 3 began. Well, that was a good plan, but I forsake everything else and was caught up in 3 days! I couldn’t walk away from it. I don’t agree you have to be a fan of British period dramas. It’s just good writing.

  75. Sandy says

    Yes, you should absolutely be watching “Downton Abbey”! I hadn’t watched it until recently but I borrowed seasons 1 and 2 and had a DA marathon for a couple of days. I loved it and couldn’t wait for season 3, so I went online, found it, and watched it too. I don’t know why the show is so appealing but it definitely is to me and obviously lots of other people also.

  76. Steve says

    I’m a huge (but recent) Downton fan. Found no difficulty catching up with a few reruns from the first two seasons and then jumping into season 3. Even if you don’t get into the story line right away, Layla, you of all people will get hooked by the sets with all the great period interiors. Well worth watching just for that, and the costumes as well. And Maggie Smith as the pithy Dowager Countess is unforgettable. Great show; like a British 1920 version of Dynasty or Dallas. (If you’re old enough to remember those.)

  77. Mary Feagley says

    Yes, yes, yes! And if you can recreate a Household Wants Indicator (Google it) like they have in the kitchen, I would buy one in a heartbeat!

  78. Mary says

    Hi Layla! I’m so excited about your blog…just started following along a little while ago. I’ve been searching for a living room color, and after about 6 samples my hubby came home yesterday w/ a new one I just found on your blog – Natural Choice :) Definitely my favorite so far!! I also have a fireplace that I’m trying to update and was wondering what white you used for your mantle if you don’t mind sharing. Thanks for the color inspiration!!

  79. says

    Love Downton Abbey! Became obsessed this fall and had marathon weekends watching seasons 1 and 2. Loving season 3 so far. Think you’d love it Layla!

    On a totally different note I also became addicted to Breaking Bad and had marathon weekends for that too. That one is 5 seasons worth! Cannot wait for July when its starts back up!!

  80. Alisa D says

    Love, love, love Downton! I totally recommend it. I just jumped on the bandwagon this year and watched from the beginning. It is the best show. The only problem with it is that it has a short season – only 7 or 8 weeks I believe.

  81. Liz E. says

    YES! Please watch Downton Abbey ASAP! Start at the beginning so that you wont miss any important plot points and avoid Downton Abbey comments/blogs/etc. at all costs until you’re caught up (even then be careful: the season has already played through in the UK and I have officially ruined the end of the season for myself. It was an accident and I’m not happy about it =P). I hope you L-O-V-E it like I do!

  82. Waynette says

    YES! My husband and I don’t usually watch any TV, but we wanted some kind of show that we could make a ‘date night’ out of; something we would both enjoy. We started watching a couple of weeks ago with Season 1, and we were instantly hooked! We’re now on Episode 3, and can’t wait to have time for the next one!

  83. Jennifer says

    Hi Layla!
    I have that magazine and I love your fireplace.
    But on to more important stuff….You Must watch Downton Abbey! It is fantastic. If you like the series there is even a book written by the real countess who calls Downton/Highclere Castle home. The book is called Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle. It is written by Countess of Carnarvon. Just Keep Calm and Call for Carson!
    Happy Viewing :)

  84. says

    Yes you should! We just joined the zillions of fans this year at the recommendation of our daughter and so many others. We hit the library for the first two seasons and ended up watching them 2 or 3 episodes an evening- we were hooked. Most of the men I know watch it too- not just a girlie thing. Join the crowds, you won’t be disappointed!

  85. Kandy says

    Yes, Downton Abbey is something you need to watch. I think it is sooooooooooo good. Can’t wait until the next show!!!!

  86. says

    Oh, you definitely should be watching Downton! I literally started a week ago, and am sitting at season 3 right now. It took me about 2 episodes to get into it, then I couldn’t stop!

  87. Angie says

    Downton Abbey=YES. Best show television has created since the Cosby Show. Prepare to be addicted. I watched seasons 1&2 in the span of 9 days. Couldn’t get enough. Also, congrats on the mag feature, y’all are beyond talented!!

  88. Kathy says

    Haha. My husband and I tuned into that show last night for the very first time. A lot going on but i’m sure once you get all the “who’s who” down you’d do ok. Personally, I thought the acting was pretty poor, but you should view it sometime so you can decide for yourself. Kind of a neat story line ~ following the lives of the rich upstairs while peering into the lives of the servants downstairs.

    Unfortunately for my family TV is becoming less an less of an option because of the poor choices in programming. I miss the good old days of the Brady Bunch and Partridge Family (all right, maybe just the Brady Bunch).

  89. Vickie says

    Downton Abbey has to be my most favorite show if all time!!! You (and Kevin) will LOVE it!!!!! I’ve watched Season 1 and 2 all in the last 2 weeks and now I am “up-to-date” and can watch Season 3 as they are aired. You can watch Season 1 on Netflix and Season 2 on Hulu Plus (with Trial Subscriptions :) Enjoy!!!!

  90. Lori says

    Definitely yes on the “Downton Abbey’ question! Even my hubbie loves it.

    But back to your fireplace feature…What caught my eye, though, was the pine paneling in your room. I am getting my parents’ 55+ year old home ready to put on the market and there’s one room with the same pine paneling. I’ve always hated how dark it made their den, but our realtor doesn’t want me to paint it. Maybe I should show her your room. ;)

  91. Amy G. says

    A huge YES to both:

    “Downton Abbey”
    “Call the Midwife” – also Masterpiece Theatre on PBS – and possibly even BETTER than “Downton!”

  92. Jeanene says

    Yes, watch Downton Abbey immediately! But be sure you watch it in order and try not to see spoilers from the current season. It’s an awesome series. I didn’t hear about it until the second season was almost over. I got the first two seasons through iTunes and now am watching the third season as it unfolds. I think you will like it.

  93. Jessica says

    Yes you should definitely give downton a chance…it’s pretty good. My mother-in-law and i actually tackled a wainscoating project in her kitchen that was inspired by a room we spotted on that show! And it turned out beautiful. So you might even find some decorating inspiration here and there!

  94. says

    YES!!!! to Downton Abbey. I suggest you start with the first season. The one that is airing now is season three. I watched last Sunday night’s episode again and cried again. Pitiful I know.

    • says

      Yes!!! also to Call the Midwife. I am also waiting on the sixth season of Doc Martin. There is something about the British. They know how to tell a story.

  95. says

    I am enjoying the Downton Abbey series. I watched season I this past fall on Nextflix. I received Season II for my birthday in October and am right up front on PBS on Sunday evening. I look forward to it each week. I watch with my husband (he was the one who had first watched all of season I in a single weekend while I was out camping with my Girl Scouts).
    The costumes in season I are beautiful. Just beautiful. Season II was a time of war, so things weren’t quite so pretty. I’m now trying to “figure it out” as far as a few twists and turns in the current season.
    See if you can watch the special on PBS that features the real estate where the show is filmed. A grand historical home.
    It’ better than other television offerings, I think.
    You can buy the DVDs at Target.
    Marsha in Prattville

  96. Carla Pennington says

    Congratulation, y’all!! How cool is that? Almost as cool as all the work you two have done, both at home and in your volunteer work.

    DOWN (emphasis on that syllable!) ton Abbey is wonderful, and yes, yes, yes, if you watch anything, I’d say watch it. You may need to go to Masterpiece’s or PBS’ website to read about the characters and story line, as it may be difficult to follow otherwise. I’ve told some many people that they HAD to watch, and yep, they’re addicted. Even the manly-man types!

    Love yáll’s pics and posts, and look forward to hearing about all of your journeys.

  97. Ashley says

    Oh my, you really must watch Downton Abbey. I typically watch with a few pieces of fine dark chocolate and a small glass of red wine.

    It’s lovely. Really.

  98. Tina K says

    I just started watching right before Season 3 started and yes…just watch it! I LOVE the storyline and the characters. Added likes are no language, no sex scenes and not any violence (that I can think of anyway). And to know that the house actually exists and is still inhabited today (I love the history part of it) just makes it even better. One of the best sets I’ve seen.

  99. Dawn says

    By all means!!!! Start at the very beginning on Netflix and then get caught up via the pbs website. You won’t regret it. They give Cousin Violet the best lines!!! Maggie Smith is wonderful, as always.

  100. Sue J. says

    heavens, yes, to Downton (as if you haven’t figured that out by now!) fabulous fabulous. as an interiors nut, you will appreciate the set (Highclere) hugely.

  101. Sandy R says

    Oh Yes Downton Abbey is a Must See- I started it in Janury and HAD to watch season 1 and 2 immediately (like an addiction) now I am watching season 3 as it unfolds- it is Wonderful!!

  102. says

    Lol, well you’ve already gotten 154 comments as I type this and I’d venture to say about 150 of them are telling you to WATCH IT! It’s compelling historical drama AND it’s beautifully written. Which is saying something in the age of terrible sitcoms and reality TV. It’s the only show I make a point to watch… other than Sarah Richardson or Genevieve Gorder on HGTV, that is. ;-)
    Congrats on the magazine feature — I’ll have to try to find it!
    xo Heidi

  103. Tammy O says

    YES, like so many others have said — watch but start at the beginning. Get Seasons 1 and 2 at Netflix. It’s what everyone says — fabulous and addictive!

  104. Kim says

    Congrats on the magazine call out! If you like English historical pieces, then you will like Downton Abbey. Maggie Smith is one of my favorite actresses and she provides quite a bit of dry humor. There is a little suspense, drama, romance. It is well written and well acted. I’ve already seen all of 3 Seasons (season 3 is airing now on PBS) and I hope they bring it back for Season 4, but not sure if they will. The first couple of episodes in season 1 are a little dry and boring, but if you can make it past the first 2 shows, I think you will get hooked! :-)

  105. trisuv says

    Layla don’t be silly and buy Downton Abby, I work at our town library and we have all of the popular movies to borrow. That series is very popular so get on the waiting list for it now if they own it at your library. Your public library is the best deal in town…check it out!!!

    • Layla says

      Oh, I would never *buy* a movie or TV show- I just wanted to know if I should check that one out! :-) #NoPunIntended ;-)

  106. Heather's Hodgepodge says

    You should only watch Downton if you enjoy shows with engaging plots and well-written dialogue ;) And if you don’t mind occasionally yelling at the characters on the screen (not that I would ever do that…)

  107. AmyG says

    Dowtown Abbey – Absolutely watch – Netflix or Hulu plus great series. I put the subtitles to help with the British accents.

  108. Stephanie says

    YES!!! I love me some Downton Abbey!! I love having marathons when I do nothing but just watch & enjoy every minute.

  109. says

    Season 1 is available on Netflix streaming and I ordered season 2 off of iTunes just so I can get caught up and start watching season 3 thats been recording on my dvr. Love the architecture, the old attire, and just the way people talk on that show!

  110. Diana says

    Congrats on your magazine inclusion!! Wonderful!!

    Oh, I am a Masterpiece Theater watcher from WAY back and Downton Abbey is a gorgeous, absorbing, beautiful on the eyes series. Please start at the beginning and it is a little maddening at first, but it develops the characters and the “family” dynamics!! If you love period pieces, this is for you!!!! I have a “date” with them every Sunday night!!! :-)

  111. Bree Soncrant says

    I call it Dowtown Abby every time I say it and people get SO annoyed. I just recently started watching it and got HOOKED only to find out Netflix only had the first season…I highly recommend you start watching it too!

  112. says

    Oh my gosh, I clearly study your blog too much because I get that magazine and I actually RECOGNIZED your fireplace. Pretty scary when you recognize the stuff in other people’s homes, especially when you haven’t even been in them! I’ve seen other stuff out there that I recognize as yours as well. I think I may need an intervention!

    I also watch Downton Abbey— watched seasons 1 and 2 in two days on Netflix. It’s an infectious show and you’ll start talking like an Englishwoman for at least an hour afterwards. :)

  113. says

    I hope you were prepared for all of Downton Abbey ‘groupies’. ;) I bought my mother Season 1 & 2 for Christmas and we spent the entire Christmas day watching Season 1. For many reasons. Of course the story lines are fabulous, as are the actors. But the sets! Oh-so gorgeous.

    Now, let’s talk about the illustration in This Old House. I love it too. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at illustrating but was a little skeered. Enter Downton Abbey, stage right. I’m still on Season 1, but that’s fine with me. My next attempt will be the women’s hats. So far, this is what I’ve played around with:

    So much fun!

  114. Gloria says

    First: Congratulations on another write-up! Second: Yes, you should be watching. No cursing, no violence, no nudity, beautiful homes, food, and dresses and lots of British fancy-pants drama. You now have 2 whole seasons to watch (I think they are on Netflix and Amazon and maybe even Hulu). Warning, you might lose some sleep if you are like me and plow through a season in a couple days. Enjoy!

  115. says

    You should walk Downton! Such a great show!

    Congrats on the fireplace story in the magazine! I love your fireplace and it has inspired us to make our own mantel! I have my blog’s URL here, so I will have to share with you when we complete it!

  116. Jody says

    Yes, that show?! what is it? I wonder too!! I keep hearing about it…

    But you guys, your firelace, kudos on getting into the mag about it…it’s always been one of my fav makeovers you’ve done…but our fireplace is DRIVING ME CRAZY – I keep showing my hubby your post & trying to convince him we can do that EXACT thing with our’s – but he’s doubtful. Can I send you a pic & you can tell me nay or yay!?!! Aren’t you dying to see my (ugly) fireplace that needs some love?! best, jody

  117. MJ says

    Yes! My husband and I watch it together – he likes the historical background, I like the characters – how often does THAT happen!

  118. Heather Patterson says

    I think we might be the only 2 people left that say the title with purpose as to not mis-speak and who haven’t seen the show! Did FPFG see this???? She loves the show and insisted I watch!!

  119. Robin D says

    Congrats on the article. That illustration of the couple is cute and yes I think you might enjoy Downton Abbey. I watched 2 seasons in just one week, the show is that good!

  120. says

    If I miss an episode of Downton Abbey, I catch the last episode on I’m showing my age, but the half wall divider reminds me of the entry to the house in the 60s TV show, My Three Sons. Congrats on the article. Love you guys.

  121. coastal femme says

    Domton Abbey is great series. I watch it on Netflix and see that it just won a SAG award.

  122. Jane Crawford says

    Yes, Downton (Downtun) Abbey is wonderful, but if I were you I would watch the first two seasons on Hulu to get caught up. You are probably too young to remember Upstairs Downstairs that was also on PBS, but it is along the lines of that very successful series!

  123. ReneeM says

    Downton Abbey is sooo worth the watching! And now I’m gonna have to track down that magazine:)

  124. says

    My husband and I watched most of the first 2 seasons. Very addicting. Then we decided it was too much like a soap opera and we could make better use of our time. But that’s just us. ;) Having said that, the grandmother is hilarious. :)

  125. says

    Wow, I’ll have to go look at that issue of TOH again and see your fireplace. Love that magazine. I too liked the room divider. My husband and I just purchased our first house this month and we have plans to do a room divider similar to that one.

  126. Geri says

    Layla and Kevin, it is a must see, DVR set cause you will want to watch them over and over. I feel like they are my family. Yu bond with each character, you laugh and cry with them also. best show on TV in a very long time. I am so excited for you to rent your first season. I actually could watch from the beginning again since I remember nothing these days. Lt us all know when you start getting into a few. Geri.

  127. Tery says

    LOVE Downton Abbey! Yes you should watch it. Beautiful clothing and great interiors. Especially the kitchens-great utilitarian style.
    The whole house is beautiful but definitely not my cottage/beachy style. I can appreciate it though.

  128. katie says

    My hubby and i just started watching Downton Abby maybe 2 weeks ago and tonight we are watching the 3rd episode of the 3rd season. (we’ve been on a Downton marathon) We are TOTALLY in to it. There is such an attention to detail in every aspect of the show from the costumes, decor and down to the characters and scenery. It is truly a wonderful show and Maggie Smith (Grandmama) is hilarious!!!! I highly recommend it. It will not disappoint!
    I love checking in on you guys and seeing all the beautiful things happening in your lives. such a great blog!!!


  129. Glenn says

    Love Downton Abby and so do my hubby & even my 23 yo son got hooked! I recommend watching the 1st & 2nd season before starting in to the current one though.

  130. says

    Oh my gosh, yes, yes, YES you should be waching Downton!! So, SO good!!! But hit up Netflix/Hulu, (I don’t know about now, but this summer season 1 was on Netflix and season 2 on Hulu Plus), and watch from the beginning, don’t start right now! ;)

  131. says

    Yay! Congratulations on the This Old House article. I loved your fireplace! Oh, yes, you guys need to start watching Downton. It is one of our favorites! x

  132. Kathy :) says

    Oh Layla it is the greatest I love it, make sure u start from the beginning !!!

    Congrats on the article……..

  133. says

    Aughhghghg the coincidences kill me! I just wrote about one of the characters on my blog! I just started watching on Netflix and I am sooo hooked! I can’t get season two on Netflix but I threw caution to the wind and started watching season three on PBS anyways! So worth it! I highly recommend it!

  134. says

    Love your fireplace-always have. Love the room divider-may have to do it myself. Downton Abbey-DEFINITELY!!! I was sick back in Nov. with a horrible sinus infection…..I layed on the couch for nearly a week… lovely sister-in-law lent me seasons 1&2 of Downton….that did it for me. I am now on to season 3 on PBS. Yes definitely watch it but start from the beginning. It is so worth it. The costumes, the acting, the SETS and of course Dame Maggie Smith!! Enjoy!

  135. says

    Wow! Lots of Downton fans out there. :) We haven’t started watching it. I just don’t know… I read about it on, and I’m on the fence. I tend to only watch shows that are TV-PG, which it is, but the reviews say it’s good for 14+. So, that would mean it’s really more like PG-13. Shows with a lot of emotional drama give me anxiety, and I don’t find them entertaining. And if there’s any violence, I’m out. So… I don’t know… maybe it’s good?

  136. Misti Sciacca says

    I and several friends watch it…it’s a great drama and the architecture and period dress don’t hurt either!

  137. stacia says

    yes, yes, yes,!!! downton abbey is soooo good. if you have never watched this show i’d advise you to rent or buy seasons 1 & 2. season 3 is well on it’s way. this past sunday was a real shock and heartbreaker.

    i highly recommend this show.

  138. says

    OMG you have to watch it … start by getting the past seasons from the library and watching them … then catch up to this year. It’s fabulous.

  139. Nancy says

    Just borrowed a friend’s DVDs of Seasons 1 and 2′ and caught up with Season 3 with On Demand. Yes, the answer is YES!

  140. says

    My daughter, Jessica, refuses to jump on any bandwagon that iis overloaded with people, so she is a firm no, on watching this show!!! I however have a weakness for bandwagons full of people, so I am tempted to watch it!! The only saving grace is that I really don’t have the time to get hooked on a show that’s already in it’s third season!! I’ll just be sitting here, watching the bandwagon race by me : )

  141. Christiane says

    Dear Layla,
    please watch this show, you’ll LOVE it!!! But you have to start with season 1! Over here in good ‘ol Germany, we only got to see season 1 so far on TV! And no one knows when season 2 will follow – it’s announced to be somewhen in 2013, great huh :-) – so my husband and I ordered it online. Can’t wait to watch and see how the story continues!!

    I absolutely love your blog, by the way! We just started to build a house and I’m getting lots of inspiration from TLC! You guys are my DIY-Heroes, honestly!!!

    Many greetings from Europe, Christiane

  142. Kate says

    The answer is YES. Yes, you should be watching this show. Like yesterday. It’s available on both Netflix and Amazon Prime.

  143. Nan Parker says

    Hi Layla & Kevin,
    I’ve been one of your ‘quiet fans’ who loves your blog and has purchased Kev’s Photo Lessons as well. So many zillions of times I’ve been so moved by you two and all that you do. Kevin’s original song written for your soon to be adopted little one is incredibly beautiful. It hardly seems appropriate that I’m finally leaving a comment that has to do with Downton Abbey (just pronounce it as “DowntIN Abbey”). This Masterpiece Theatre original series is FABULOUS! My advice is simply: Run, Don’t Walk to get your hands on Seasons 1 and 2. It’s an investment of time, but one that you will fall in love with. The writing, the acting, the music, the location will totally get under your skin (in a good way) ! Let me know what you think when you’re into the series. Love and blessings to you both, my friends. Fondly, Nan

  144. Trisha Grant says

    Yes, Yes, Yes! You should be watching Downton Abbey! It is fabulous and I don’t even watch t.v. that much. Someone mentioned it to me and I had the same response as you. I started watching in season 2 and was hooked!! Go back and get the first few seasons and start watching. BTW…love your blog! Trisha

  145. says

    We bought our grown daughter season one of Downton Abbey for Christmas then watched season two on t.v. It is one of our two new favorite shows ever (Homeland also!). Even my husband enjoys it. Sara, Ohio

  146. Kim A says

    I have only become a Downton Abbey convert since this past fall. I subscribe to Amazon Prime on and was able to watch all of Season 1 and 2 for free on my computer, ipad and just recently iphone. I watched at least 2 to 3 episodes at a time to get caught up. I have recorded all of Season 3 so far on VHS (no I don’t have a DVR) but have not had a chance to watch them. I did not think it would be something I would like, but because I heard such hype about it, I decided to try it and love, love, loved it.

  147. Jacqueline says

    I’ve been watching since the first season and yes it’s enjoyable! It’s basically a soap opera in period costume. The first season has been my favorite, the second season was downright sudsy it was so over the top drama (all it lacked was a damsel tied to the railroad line), and so far I’m enjoying the third season. This isn’t high-brow drama but As the Word Turns with accents, servants, bobed hair and the mores of a bygone era.

  148. says

    We were late to the Downton Abbey party too, but we are hooked! We watched all of Season 1 on Netflix in one day and have started the DVD set of Season 2 while DVRing Season 3. It is addictive. If you like period movies, you will love this!

  149. says

    I felt the same way about the show. I finally decided to give in, went to ON DEMAND to start at Season 1, and ALAS, they didn’t go back that far. So I decided the heck with it. Until I saw that I could get every episode for free on my Kindle Fire because I was an Amazon Prime member. Even if you are not a Prime member, you can get a whole season for $9.95.

    I can’t get enough of it. Great writing, terrific acting, and it’s just quite interesting. You won’t regret it.

  150. says

    My husband and I recently started watching Downton Abbey and we are hooked! Congrats on the magazine feature, I have been following your blog for years and absolutely LOVE your decorating style! : )

  151. Kim says

    Absolutely! We just finished watching the second season last night. It’s a really great show! Enjoy.

  152. says

    The new fireplace looks gorgeous. That mantle!

    Downton Abbey is a favorite of ours. The setting, costuming, and characters make for a truly engrossing package. It’s eye candy. It’ll have you thinking in the Queen’s English and lamenting the mannerless masses. Watch out – it’s addictive and unlikely to be surpassed anytime soon in terms of television programming. We’re hoping for at least a few more seasons.

  153. says

    The first season of Downton Abby was good, but my husband and I honestly lost interest. By the time you get caught up that family have been through almost every crisis you can imagine and probably a few more you can’t. It’s probably good if you like to cry over book endings, but I can’t say I really get it. My preferences tend to run towards more narrative and less of a crisis driven plot though.

  154. Dita says

    downton abbey is really addictive! The first season is on netflix streaming and season two netflix dvd, I caught up a month ago sooooo good! The third season is just as great so far!

    I love your fireplace so much that it was the inspiration for doing ours! We also love your kitchen and are currently painting mourning dove on our cabinets! You have amazing taste and skills.

  155. Linda says

    Oh my goodness! Yes, watch the show but you have missed so much that you may be a little lost on the story line. It is the ONE TV program that I stay home for.

  156. says

    Oh! I love TOH magazine. My parents have a subscription, and I eagerly scoop it up when they are finished reading it. Congrats on the feature! I can’t wait to check it out when I get back to visit with them in a couple weeks.

  157. Victoria says

    How wonderful for you and Kevin to be featured in This Old House! Can’t wait to go get a copy. And hey, I need that columned room divider built in my house!

    Are you kidding me? You aren’t watching Downtown Abbey? A HUGE YES! Watch it. But you might want to catch up with who everyone is and what’s been going on by viewing the first two seasons. The British know how to do these series!

  158. Itsa says

    If you don’t want to pay for seasons 1 and 2…check your local library. I bet they have the cds.

  159. says

    Congrats to ya on the TOH magazine feature! That’s awesome :)
    About Downton Abbey, my mom and my niece were watching way before me and kept telling me to watch. I was like, “yeah, yeah, good can it be?” So, I decided one night, around 8 pm, to watch a few shows of season 1 on Netflix. I wound up staying up until 2 am to watch the whole season. It is THAT GOOD! Watch and you will not be disappointed.

  160. Michelle says

    Congrats on being featured in TOH. How exciting. I have my issue but haven’t gotten around looking at it. This will give me the incentive to read my magazine subscriptions.

    Yes,Yes ans Yes to Downton Abbey. I had no clue what it was all about but my friends kept posting how good it was. I pulled an all nighter last weekend and watched the first season. I’m hooked and now I have my husband hooked.

  161. Jean S. says

    What?!!! Not a Downton Abbey fan? You have to watch it. Although Season 3 will end Feb 17. Watch from the beginning – it’s fabulous!

  162. Barbara O'Neil says

    Hi Layla……As a loyal follower of Downton Abbey, I would highly recommend your watching this series, HOWEVER, I would strongly suggest that you rent the series from the beginning so you can go through all the ups and downs and twists in the storyline.
    I promise you, you will not regret it!

  163. brileyB says

    Yes! You should watch Downton Abbey! What great social changes England and the US were going through in the early 20th century!
    Plus a few love affairs and a few one liner zingers delivered by Maggie Smith make it great tv.

  164. Stacey says

    Do you love awesome decor? Do you love amazing costumes? Dashing men? Maggie, Freaking Awesome Smith? Soapy but awesome plots? This show is like champagne and chocolate! I say emphatically, YES!!!

  165. Cindy says

    Down-ton as we southerners call it, is a nighttime soap opera. I have watched it last season; my husband & I really got hooked. Then, I read on-line some sad info about what the writers would do for the character Edith. I don’t know if this is still the plan, but the review said they plan to write Edith as a lesbian this season. Because of the liberal agenda of the writers and our own spiritual convictions to biblical Scripture, we are no longer watching the show.

  166. katie says

    i love downton abbey. But if you are least bit narrow-minded like some of the commentators here, I’d skip it.
    It’s a show, its entertainment, its reality for some…for all other spiritual guidance read the Holy Book!

  167. Tonja Giles says

    Oh Layla! Yes, yes, YES!!!! You absolutely should be watching this wonderful series. You can watch Seasons 1 & 2 online to catch up. Be warned though…it’s thoroughly addicting and absorbing.

  168. Claudia says

    Yes, yes, yes!! We had an unusual Christmas this year after having family all come home in early December for a new baby’s arrival. That resulted in family not being able to get together again on Christmas Day — a depressing prospect. A friend had mentioned “Downton” to us and so we decided to give it a try (thanks to Amazon). After seeing Episode 1 of Season 1 we were “hooked” and watched the entire First Season in one long sitting. We had a relaxing, cozy, enjoyable Christmas Day after all.

    Good luck with your adoption! We have two little grandchildren from China and two more coming, hopefully, late summer or fall.

  169. Sherri says

    I thought everyone was crazy for being crazy over this show, but I was so wrong. I caught up on season 1 and 2 over a long weekend, and I’m hooked!!! I love it and realize I was born in the wrong era!!!!
    The way its shot is beautiful, the outfits are beautiful, the homes are beautiful, the writing is beautiful, and Maggie Smith is a hoot!!! (bet you thought I was going to say “beautiful”, which she is!!!).
    I’ve totally been sucked in and hope it never stops!!!

  170. ashlee c says

    gasp! that cover photo on the magazine! the yellow kitchen cupboards! i swoon over beautiful painted kitchen cabinets nearly every day but i’m terrified to make the actual plunge myself. maybe someday! i’ll add it to my bucket list.


  171. says

    I was late to the Downton game and asked for season 1 and 2 for Christmas. Luckily, my husband has enjoyed them, too. I love the characters! I think it depends if you like period drama. Are you suckers for Jane Austen and the like? If you watch, you’ll have to share how you like it…

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