The Yard Sale

I’m happy to report that our yard sale was a TOTAL BLAST, and we sold everything in the trailer, and almost everything single thing we had packed into the van.


It’s a good thing too, ’cause Kev and I weren’t about to lug all that stuff back to Prattville and re-load it back into the house!

The house feels so much cleaner, and more spacious, and I’m totally diggin’ it.

(Why didn’t I do this earlier!?)

(Oh yeah, because it’s been 99 degrees all Summer, and it was a refreshingly crisp 94 degrees today.)


We met SO many friendly folks at the sale too.

(Sorry if I got sweat on anyone I hugged today. That sun kicked our butts quick!)

I am usually such a homebody, so it was really good for me to get out and socialize with mammals that don’t have whiskers and tails for a change.

I was a little intimidated when we pulled up and saw how many people were there, but everyone was so sweet. Including Rhoda– who ended up handling most of our “financial transactions” for me ’cause I felt too weird asking people for money.

(Me, sporting my “I feel so strange taking your five dollar bill” smile.)

And thank goodness for a helpful gal by the name of Beth who helped us get the van we were driving, and trailer we were pulling, up to Rhoda’s house.

She did a funny blog post about it that you can find HERE.

It was a pretty wild morning to say the least!


In other news, we’re starting our road trip to Minnesota bright and early tomorrow morning so that we make it in time for our gig at Junk Bonanza on Thursday and Friday.
(It’s a 17+ hour drive to my aunt and uncles in Wells, MN- ugh!)

But this is a super exciting/semi nerve-wracking time for Kev and I, (more on that later) so I look forward to documenting and blogging about our crazy trip throughout the week!

Cross your fingers for us…


If you’re going Junk Bonanza, please come up and say hello!


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