The Reading Room Reno Continues…

Our reading room may look fine and dandy at this angle…

…but the ceiling is another story…

Not to mention, there is some trim work that needs finishing too…

(You can see what color the room used to be up there by the ceiling. Eek!)

So starting tomorrow, Kevin plans to rip down the drywall on the ceiling…

…and expose the original, tongue-and-groove wood ceiling underneath.

As well as remove this light fixture…

…and replace it with this one…

So after lunch today, I took all the bedding off the bed…

And all the pictures off the walls…

…and moved it into the guest bedroom.

Of course when I saw all the pillows piled up on the guest room bed, I couldn’t help but play around with a few different looks, just for fun…

70’s flashback.
I hoping you remember him….

Ahhh, the good ol’ days.


Anywho…back to the reading room.
After Kevin finishes removing the drywall on the ceiling, painting the wood planks “barely blue”, installing the new light fixture, building and installing the cutest little custom shutters on earth (no pressure honey), and putting up crown moulding- I’ll get in there and finish painting my quote…

It’s going to say,

“Draw on the walls, read every day, believe in magic, laugh a lot, have wild imaginings and transformative dreams and celebrate every gorgeous moment”.

And when that’s all done, I look forward to re-staging the room a little too.
(That’s the best part, isn’t it?)


One new addition I’m excited about displaying in the room (if I can get it framed in time) is this awesome photograph by Tim Irving

It’s called “The Button Tin”, and I adore everything about it!
If you haven’t see Tim’s work before, you must visit his Etsy shop.
You will love it!

The room has to be camera-ready by next the end of next week.
(That’s enough time, right?)
I look forward to documenting our progress here on our blog throughout the next couple of weeks, so y’all come back and see us, ya hear?


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