The Nest magazine is coming to TLC!

If you’ve noticed the accelerated pace at which Mr. LC and I have been working on projects around here lately, I need to let you know that we normally don’t work quite this fast. We’ve got some exciting news to share with you today…

The Nest magazine is coming to photograph us and our house for their Winter issue this week!

The crew flies in today, and they’ll be over to scope out the situation tomorrow. The shoot will take place on Thursday and Kevin and I will collapse and finally exhale on Friday. :-)

This opportunity is thrilling and terrifying at the same time. Yes, it is at the top of my “wish list”. I’ve dreamed about this experience for years, and can’t believe it’s actually about to happen. BUT, I always thought it would happen in a home that I was DONE with. Not a half-done fixer upper that doesn’t even have one entire room done yet! Not to mention, we haven’t even touched the outside of the house yet. (Crap, gotta change the subject before my temple starts twitching again. Does that happen to anyone else? The temple-twitching-when-you-get-stressed-out thing? Just wondering if that’s normal.)

For real though, I know everything will work out. With a Prop Stylist Alistair Turnbull, photographer David A. Land, and a crew of hair, makeup, wardrobe folks, I’m confident they’ll be able to get some shots that will knock our socks off.

Last week the Nest asked us to send in photos of outfits we liked, so that the wardrobe person would know what kind of clothes to ship in. This was one of the many photos I sent in:

And this was one that Kevin sent in:

(That David Beckham sure is a looker isn’t he?) :-)

After so many days of being dirty and dressing as down as you can possibly imagine, it will be neat to have someone make us look like humans again!

So I guess after we finish our to-do lists today (mine is about 26 items long), we’ll attempt to get cleaned up and ready for the big day tomorrow. (It’s going to be tough though…I’ve got everything from wood glue and Kilz under my nails, to dust-filled pores on my nose. Can you say Biore’?)

Alright…that’s all I have time to type for now. Kevin is outside mowing the grass right now (thank goodness it FINALLY stopped raining long enough for him to do it. Oh yeah, it’s supposed to rain the whole time the crew is here.)
I’m off to frost the glass on our new/old bathroom door in the hallway then I’ll attempt to tackle the other 25 items on my list. Wish us luck!

Layla :-)

PS…Our issue will be released around December 28th!
Also, for those who have asked, “The Nest” is a subscription-only magazine, and is not available in stores or on newsstands. “The Nest” is a division of “The Knot” magazine. To order a subscription, visit this link!

Nest Shoot - Day One
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