The Lettered Cottage Magazine- Screened Inn Issue

Hey there!
I hope all is well in your neck of the world this spendid Saturday afternoon.

Everything is groovy over here at TLC.

Well, except for the fact that I’m still hobbling around here due to the large-and-in-charge invisible shards of glass embedded in the ball of my foot and big toe.


But it’s all good in the hood.
I’ve had more time to SIT and work on design consultations, and put the finishing touches on the Screened Inn e-zine!

The photos I included this time are of the living/dining room.
(Oh, and I snuck in some exterior shots of the place this time too!)

Here’s how the living/dining room looked when we got there…




Click on the flipbook below to see how they turned out!

Click to launch the full sized magazine

We had such a great time working on this cottage for Diane at Mermaid Cottages, and we’ll never forget the June we spent on Tybee.

And we wanna send out a big thanks to everyone who helped us with the re-do.
(Friends, painters, handymen, gardeners, cleaning crew, sponsors and my Mom!)
You RULE, and we certainly couldn’t have finished on time or on budget without you!


Now that we’ve finished the “just for fun Screened Inn e-zine”, we’re pretty excited to see whatcha think of the “for real premiere issue of The Lettered Cottage e-zine” we’ve been putting together.
(Which, by the way, we’re hoping to release in October or November!)
Among other things, it’ll include uplifting articles, step-by-step tutorials, ce”web”rity interviews, inspiring interiors, and even some video segments too.
We hope ya dig it!

Sundial Charters & Sliver Island
Screened Inn: Sand & Sea Bedroom

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  1. says

    is this a magazine that will be sold in stores, like books a million, barnes and noble, target, etc. in november? i really think this is a magazine i would subscribe to.

  2. Lori C says

    For some reason the pictures are not showing up – just the text? Is it just me?

  3. Sue Rodney Fancher says


    You nailed it girl. Let me say kudos to you on the video. It almost had me in tears (of joy of course) . My husband and I visited your Silver Island with Rene and Fiddler in 2013. It’s an experience that leaves you longing for more. You caputured it so beautifully. Thank you for sharing the love and beauty of nature in all her glory. Keep up the great work Layla. ~ Sue