The Lettered Cottage in The Nest Magazine

Last October, the fine folks from The Nest magazine sent us an email asking if we’d be interested in having our home shot for their Winter issue. Of course we were ecstatic, but since we’re soooooo far from being done fixing up the place we were also a bit hesitant to say yes. I explained to the editor how much work we still had left to do- kitchen appliances to buy, wood floors to refinish, rooms to paint and decorate, furniture to purchase (a bed in our master bedroom would be nice sometime this decade), but she said none of that mattered, and just a few short weeks later we were visited by a creative crew who spent a couple of days snapping shots of our half-done home.

We finally received our issue in the mail the day before yesterday. I knew it had arrived when I looked out the window and saw Kevin standing next to the mailbox, smiling at something magazine-shaped. :-)

(You can enlarge any of the images below by clicking on them)

Our prop stylists sprinkled the house with a neat variety of colorful linens and accessories. And although they used a lot of things we wouldn’t have necessarily chosen ourselves, it was so fun to have the place styled a little differently especially for the shoot.
Who knew our little cottage could look so eclectic! :-)

We were also intrigued by all the “electronic accessories” scattered about the house too…

There was even one in the kitchen sink!

It was fun to watch and learn from these guys…

Here they are shooting our Guest Bedroom, at 9 o’clock at night…

…you’d never know it was pitch black outside in the photo they used in the magazine! Pretty crazy huh?

All in all, it was an exhausting yet fun-filled day and we’ll certainly never forget it!


In other news, Kevin is shooting more guest bathroom reno footage today- so we’ll be back soon with another update! Happy Wednesday y’all!

Layla :-)

Guest Bathroom Reno - Day 74
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