• The Lettered Cottage E-zine, Coming Soon To A Computer Near You!

    Happy Weekend Friend!

    I wanted to give you a quick heads up about what’s goin’ down here in Lettered Cottage Land this week.

    On Monday, Kevin & I are heading back to Tybee Island to shoot the most delicious little cottage you-ever-did-see, because we are determined to put together a kick butt e-zine for you during the month of September!

    (We’re shooting for an October 1st release.)

    We’re also gonna interview the woman who owns the cottage we’ll be staying at/shooting.
    She’s a remarkable gal and you’re gonna love her!

    We also plan to shoot some kick butt, crystal-clear, high def video footage of our time at the cottage too.
    And since our e-zine will be interactive, we’ll be able to pop all that in their too!

    (Did I mention we’re determined to put together a kick butt e-zine for you?)

    Anywho, we’re workin’ hard to pack our mag full of lots of other inspiring articles, interviews and photos too- so we re-he-he-he-heally hope you like it!

    By the way, if you’re wondering how “re-he-he-he-heally” is pronounced, click the play button on the divShare player below and Ace Ventura will give you a demonstration…


    We’re not gonna have an internet connection while we’re away from home, but we will be publishing three incredible makeover posts here on our blog throughout the week. So be sure to swing by and check ‘em out if you’re lookin’ for some awesome Guest Bedroom, Mudroom or Nursery inspiration.

    And if you’ve got a Guest Bedroom, Mudroom or Nursery re-do you’d like to share, we’d love for you to link up.
    There will be a Mc-Linky-Thinga-Ma-Bob at the end of each post this week, and we’d love to see whatcha got goin’ on over there in your neck of the world!

    Take care,


    The e-zine cover above is just a mock up I put together tonight using a photo we shot earlier this year at a cottage called “Maddie’s On Jones”.
    (It’s also on Tybee Island.)

    The premiere issue of our mag will actually have a different cover because I want it to be a surprise!


    Wanna “hang with us” on Tybee Island this week?

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