The Lettered Color

Here’s a little video I shot while Kevin mixed up a color for our hallway…
(I just realized I had the Back Light button on the whole time, so sorry it’s so bright!)

I’m happy to report that the walls and ceiling are painted as of today! Yahoo!

The trim isn’t quite all up yet though, so we’ll be back soon with more photos as soon as it’s all finished.

This was such an unexpected little renovation, and we’ve definitely learned a lot over the past few days. For one, Kevin learned that he does not enjoy painting whatsoever. He says it’s because he’s “not good at it”. He reached a breaking point today when he stepped in paint, and at the same time, had paint drip from the ceiling onto his face. He actually had to stop and take a drive to “cool down” after that one. Poor thing. :-)

We also learned that no space is too small or insignificant to overlook.
What was once simply a pass-through area has surprisingly blossomed into an inspired little spot with a personality all its own.
It’s made the visual journey from room to room so much more fun too!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend y’all, and if you’re tackling a project- have fun with it! If you run into challenges, push through them and keep your eye on the prize because it will be so worth it in the end!

We’ll be back with more photos soon,


Obsession du jour: These French enamel house numbers from

Hall Walls - Sneak Peek
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