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Research has proven that writing down your goals, and your plans to achieve them, is the best way to ensure that you accomplish them.
Kevin and I started writing down our goals in January 2008, and we continually make sure to carve out time to modify them as necessary.
Earlier this week, we made a “run for the border” to take some time to talk about our goals. On this particular day I guess you could say we wanted to think outside the bun. :-)

We shared one side of a booth, and had a meeting of the minds over cheap burritos and nachos & cheese. We discussed everything from how the heck we’ve gotten to this point in our lives, to where the heck we see ourselves going next.

It was a nice little excursion, and I enjoyed each layer of our conversation as much as the seven that filled my delicious burrito.

Once we arrived back at the house, I immediately went to my computer. I had an email from the CBN television network in my inbox. One of their producers asked if we’d be interested in filming two decorating episodes for the show “The 700 Club”. (If you’ve never seen the show, you can find it on the ABC Family Channel, and a slew of other channels, from 10:00-11:00 am.) Of course we said yes! yes! yes!, so they’re flying us to Virginia Beach on the 6th of December to shoot for a few days.

The first segment we’re doing is a complete master bedroom makeover. On day one, we’ll shop for everything we’ll need to re-do the room. Day two, cameras will capture us in action, re-doing the room from start to finish. Day three will be the live reveal of the room. (Yeah, I said live.) <:-O It’s like Design Star, without the judges and crazy restrictions. No shopping at a pet store for this challenge! We’ll be given a $1500 budget to work with and we’ll be allowed to shop at whichever stores/shops tickle our fancy. I guess I better start doing some research on great places to shop around Virginia Beach! After we’re done shooting the room makeover segment, we’ll head to the CBN studio to film the Christmas segment. We’re so excited about the whole deal- we can barely sit still and we’re talking a mile a minute about our ideas for the room we haven’t even seen yet. :-)

Stay tuned for photos of the Halloweenie Roast sometime this weekend.
Remember- you’re responsible for choosing the winning costume, so make sure you come back and cast your vote!

Have a happy Halloween!
Layla :-)

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