• The Cottage Next Door

    In case anyone wants to be neighbors with Kevin and I, here’s a picture of the cottage that just came up for sale next door to our house.

    Isn’t it delicious? It’s needs some work, but don’t you think it could be the cutest little thing?
    It’s for sale for $85,000. It’s 988 square feet, has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a roomy kitchen, a small formal living room just inside the front door, and a den in the back of the house- overlooking the woods. Here’s a photo of the woods behind our house, right next door:

    Occasionally, when I’m too exhausted to work on the house, I enjoy sitting on our deck, sipping Riesling from a tiny antique wine glass, and reading Cottage Living magazine. The birds serenade me, dappled sunshine falls all around me through the branches overhead… it’s so magical.
    So if you can’t move in next door, at least stop by and enjoy my deck with me next time you’re in the area. :-)

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