The Chapel Market Update!

Hi! We’re starting to plan refreshments for The Chapel Market, so I need a HUGE favor from you today. Can you visit The Chapel Market’s Facebook page and let us know if you’re planning to attend?

Just click here: The Chapel Market on Facebook, then select the EVENTS box:


It’ll redirect you to the EVENTS page where you can then select JOIN:


I would appreciate it so much, and I’m excited to start getting our menu planned!

I also wanted to post a map and list of nearby hotels for folks who are coming in from out of town. All of these are just off I-85 in (east) Montgomery, Alabama- approximately 15 minutes from the market:



I’ve never stayed at any of them, but that’s the area where we do all of our shopping and dining out since we moved out to Pike Road last Fall.

Let me know if you have any other questions about anything, and I’ll respond back to you lickety-split! And again, thank you SO much for RSVP’ing on The Chapel Market’s Facebook page!

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  1. ginny thacker says

    would you email me more info on the chapel market? i generally take my daughters to country living fair at stone mountain…is your market at all similar? we come up from pensacola…

    • Layla says

      Hi Ginny!

      We don’t have any more info to share about the event quite yet, but we’ll be posting another update here on July 19th, August 19th, and September 19th. Our market will be very similar to (but much smaller than) the Country Living Fair. Hope to see you in October! 😀 (PS- My mom and brother live just outside Pensacola and will be at The Chapel Market, too!)

  2. Ann Mullins says

    Hey Layla

    I’ve been following you for a while now, and nothing would make me happier than to come to the Chapel Market but, alas, I live a thousand miles away and the trip just aint in the ol’ budget! But a plane ticket would be a great idea for a giveaway! :)

  3. Mary Ann says


    How far would you say Montgomery is from Raleigh, NC. I am thinking
    about making the trip – I love an adventure and would love to meet you and the other bloggers/vendors.

    Thank you

    • Layla says says 9 hours from there to Pike Road, Mary Ann. We’d love to see you this Fall if you’re up for the trip! 😀

  4. Sonya Negley says

    Hi, I don’t do Facebook but I wanted you to know that my friend and I are planning to attend. We are looking so forward to it!

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