The Cat In The House

Afternoons are my favorite time of day here in the new house. Sun spots dance across the walls and floors, and seeing birds swooping in and through the front porch makes me feel eight years oldĀ again.

Yesterday, Kevin and I spent the afternoon working on Halloween projects for articles scheduled to come out later this year. We were using our dining room table as a work surface, and somewhere between the foam bats and craft pumpkins, I looked over and saw Kit-Cat sprawled out in a patch of sun underneath the piano bench. His head was propped up against one of the legs of the bench, and his whiskers glowed like his tail was plugged in.

In that moment, I re-realized (for the hundred-billionth time) how much I absolutely love having a cat in the house.

 photo Tuxedo_Cat_Lettered_Cottage_zps91c04076.jpg

Sun spots and swooping birds are so more fun with Kit-Cat around!

Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore
Half Bath Update - Barn Light

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  1. Josey says

    I totally understand. I lost my cat, Roo, a week ago yesterday. She gave me 20 years of glowing whiskers, squeaky meows, and purring backrubs.

  2. says

    This post makes me miss my cat at my parents :( My dad treat Roy (the cat) like his own son. The incredible thing to see is the connection that my dad has with the cat. My dad seems to understand what the cat is saying. Incredible isn’t it?

  3. Abby K says

    Yes! I never knew how much joy they could bring into your life until my husband finally convinced me to get an indoor cat. She makes everything a little more fun!

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