• The Back Porch

    Kev’s Mom and Dad have a cute little screened-in back porch…

    And while they have plenty of seating…

    …the pieces were definitely in need of a facelift. The original paint was chipping…

    …and the cushions have faded in the sun…

    So the day before Mother’s Day, we brushed off the loose bits of paint and gave everything a fresh coat of spray paint…

    …and a local seamstress is sewing new cushion covers out of this outdoor fabric from Hobby Lobby as I type…

    Kev’s parents are celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary this month, so we’re going to treat them to a little extra sprucing up back there when the cushion covers are done.
    Stay tuned for photos of the freshened up, new look!

    PS- Don’t forget to link your spray paint projects up to Sarah’s Home May’d spray paint linky party!


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