The Accessory Your Room Can’t Live Without!

1. mirror
2. candle
3. plant/flowers
4. basket
5. tray

If you could only pick one, which of these five accessories would you say your room can’t live without? I vote for #1, mirror. I love how they instantly open up a room, and for me, the more sunshine the better. Wouldn’t be a cottage without it, right? But I must confess, I have a MAJOR basket fetish, so #4 is a very close second! Anybody else have a hard time resisting the little wicker wonders? :-)

Dining/Kitchen Inspiration

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  1. Corinne says

    I love your blog, Layla. I am enjoying your remodeling and the front garden looks so wonderful. What a great Mom you have! I would have to agree with teacats….books. OMG-there is not one room in my home without books. They are everywhere, on every subject! I also would have to go with candles as a tie with books!

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