The 1st Day of the Rest Of Our Lives!

Well, we did it.

You know that saying “don’t quit your day job?”, well, we quit our day jobs today.

We’re both sort of in shock at the moment.

It’s a good shock. An excited-but-still-a-little-nervous shock.

We’ve done A LOT of soul-searching and praying over the past year, and it just feels like the right time to start this new chapter in our lives.

Here goes everything…


T.G.I.T - Living Rooms
Lettered Cottage - Partial Floorplan Layout

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  1. maitlandmommy says

    I am a firm believer on follow your bliss and the money will follow you. Congratulations in following your dreams. I think it speaks volumes to the relationship and love that you have between the two of you to give each other the freedom to make those choices. I wish we all could hold each other up like that. :-)
    Can’t wait to see all the good things coming for you both.

  2. Teacats says

    Well done to both of you! Starting off on your own Dream Lives …. what a wonderful day! Congrats and time to have a party to celebrate — and network! Hope we will get to hear some of your husband’s work on your blog …. perhaps a soundtrack for renovating The Lettered Cottage?

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  3. Layla says

    Today is our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary….thanks to all of you who have left such sweet posts! You’ve made the day that much more special for us.


  4. Cathryn Sypert (Mandy) says

    Congrats! I am so excited to see your creations. I know that there will be wonderful things in store for you!

  5. chriskauf says

    How exciting for you , I am in the same position right now, August is mt start date , let me loose I am ready to decorate.
    I will love to follow your progress as you take the big step like me.

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