That’s What Friends and Flea Markets Are For

Meredith emailed our adoption update around 1 o’clock on Friday. She said that IBESR did have a meeting about consentment letters last week, but that no one knows exactly what was discussed or if any decisions were made. Or if anybody at the meeting was feeling signature-happy. ;-)

Needless to say, our prayer this week is that IBESR has figured out best way to proceed with everyone’s consentment letters, and that someone will be ready to sign them all soon.

Prayer Hands 2

Throughout this process, I’ve started to notice that those “no new news” updates  always seem to trigger the need for a quick change of scenery. If I’m out and about, I usually feel like heading home. If I’m home, I usually feel the need to flee flea. There’s just something about wandering around 60,000 square feet of previously-loved stuff that feels like such a great distraction, ya know what I mean? I know you do. ;-)

For instance, if you had gone with me after that email came in on Friday afternoon, there’s no telling which one of us would’ve pointed out the INSANELY PERFECT paint job around the top of this little table first:

Aqua Mantel | Antique Side Table

I mean, look at that line!! #PrecisionPainting

I think it’s also pretty safe to say that we probably would’ve high-fived every time we passed one of these babies:

Console Table Cabinets | Sideboard | Buffet

You can put SO much stuff in them, but they don’t eat up a lot of floor space, ya know?“, says me.

I know, right? And they’re so much fun to decorate!“, says you.

#ThisIsWhenTheHighFiveWould’veHappened :-D

I think we would’ve stopped to talk about this old iron table base, and we would’ve decided that grass green is definitely one of our faaaavorite colors:

Iron Table Base

#ThenWeWould’veSteppedAwayFromTheTableBase #NeitherOfUsHasRoomForItAndItDidn’tHaveAPriceTagOnItAnyway

We definitely would’ve discussed this glass-topped metal biscuit box…

Metal Tin Biscuit Box | Glass Top

…and how the SUNSHINE lettering (our favorite part) would be covered up you put anything inside the box.

We would’ve passed these wire baskets and decided that we may love mint green just as much as we love grass green:

Mint Green Wire Baskets

I would’ve said “Ooh! Ooh! That bookshelf would look so cute with a colorful coat of paint!

Music Note Bookshelf

…and you would’ve replied, “Yeah, but aren’t the music notes upside down?:-D

I think we would’ve decided that we both have a thing for old, wooden crates- but that vendors must be onto us because they’re just too expensive these days!

Tip Top Bread Wood Box Crate

We would’ve played a round of “I could see that in a Pottery Barn catalog”…

Vintage Airplane Black and White Photograph

White Wood Trunk

Wire Baskets

Wooden Print Block

We would’ve thought about Traci (again) when we spotted yet another cool, old croquet set:

Vintage Croquet Set | Eastbrook Flea Market

We would’ve decided that one of us HAD to buy this jewelry case because it was ONLY 15 bucks:

Wood Jewelry Box

Until we discovered that we were both looking at the wrong sticker, and that it was actually $75.

Wooden Jewelry Box | Eastbrook Flea Market

#LOL :-D

Last but not least, there would’ve been my experience with this glorious thing…

Yellow and White Quilt

All folded up and looking just like sunshine sitting on a sideboard. *sigh* You would have witnessed pink puffy hearts actually flying out of my eyeballs the second I spotted it…

Begin slow motion sequence, set to Chariots of Fire music: I would’ve shoved my purse into your arms and ran full-blast towards it…yelling full-on Braveheart-They-Will-Never-Take-Our-Freedom-(Or-Our-Vintage-Quilt)-style. Arms outstretched…nostrils flaring…eyes narrowed and locked straight onto it. Vintage dishes and knick-knacks would’ve crashed down to the floor in my wake.

…but, once again, you would’ve reminded me that I’ve got enough vintage quilts. #That’sWhatFriendsAreFor. :-)

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  1. Marianne in Mo. says

    Annnnd, THAT’S why I don’t take much cash with me when I go “flea-ing” !! But now I also have to leave the credit cards behind, because many places wised up to my tactics! Too much temptation! Good restraint, Layla! ;-)

  2. says

    I love flea-ing with you! :-)

    With the biscuit box, I might’ve had to suggest that it be mounted on the wall with the letters facing out so it looked like a shadowbox and maybe a few vintage biscuit cutters on the bottom. We would’ve twirled like Stevie Nicks at the thought, I would’ve carried it all around the store for 3 hours before talking myself out of it because as the Mr can attest, that is what I do. Wah wahhhh!

    • Danae says

      I live in Millbrook and I’m just curious which flea market you visited. I don’t recognize it. Actually, I think I spotted you recently at Eastbrook. You are so cute and looked like you were enjoying some alone time so I just smiled and kept on junkin. :)

  3. Cheryl Fin says

    I would join you in some flea market therapy any day, it sounds very soothing. Having said that, when it comes to vintage quilts I would be an enabler. I would have given you a dozen reasons why you couldn’t leave it behind. A quilt-pusher if you will. I’ve never met a vintage quilt I didn’t love.
    Come to think of it, I have three old croquet sets so you would have to talk me off that ledge.
    I fully subscribe to the idea that some days no news is definitely good news. Your good news will come, I can feel it.

  4. Jennie Clarke says

    Sorry… I’m the kind of friend that would have MADE you buy that quilt!!!!! Soooo pretty!!!!!!!!! Loved your post… so cute and made me smile!

  5. says

    You wicked temptress….it’s BEAUTIFUL out there today and I’m stuck in my office…..but those flea market treasures cause me to pause and lean my chin in my hand and think about what I’m missing…..Thanks for making me drool all over my keyboard. *shakes head, goes back to work…dreams of going shopping with you.”

    Hugs from Texas,

  6. Linda says

    I just so love your faith, optimism and sunny personality. You also have such great resources in your area. You make me seriously consider a move to Alabama. Is it the air?

  7. says

    Oh Layla, the waiting is so hard. It’s hard for me to understand. You love the boy; he needs you. Why are they not working harder and faster to make this happen? Praying there is good news for you soon.

    It was fun shopping with you and I totally would have said all those things. You know me so well ;)

  8. Alicia says

    I must say, you have the best flea markets near you! I just recently visited 2 near my home and was so disappointed by the merchandise. Maybe you just need to come on up to Maryland and help me out! By the way, I’ll be praying for your adoption case! Our son has been home from Taiwan for just over 2 months now, and he is a gift! We praise the Lord for him! If you ever want to talk to someone about bringing home your child who is around 2 or so, please hit me up sometime! :)

  9. Miranda says

    I would have made you buy that quilt with the justification that your Sweet P from the sunny islands needs a little sunshine in his room. Praying for a quick union with your baby!

  10. Cindy Chapman says

    I looked at the exact same items when I spent time at Eastbrook Flea Market yesterday. I was looking for a painting project and considered that bookcase but couldn’t figure out what those cutouts were. Upside down music notes. Good to know.
    It seems that there are fewer and fewer unpainted items to purchase. Most are already done. If anyone knows of a good sourse to try, pass it on. I’ve looked at Amy’s, too, with the same result.

  11. Gwen says

    When I read the first lines I was upset. Did not this agency see that this red tape of delay only hurts the child as he needs a Mommy and Daddy now. Then I began to be so sad for you. And then, I heard The Lord say, Abide in Me. Stay attached to, in communion with Jesus. Even now. And then He says (in John 15) I have told you these things so that you will be filled with my joy. Yes, your joy will overflow! (John 15:11 NLT). I end writing this response feeling so differently than when I first reacted to the post just minutes ago. Only through Christ. And remembering Abide in Me.

  12. Dawn says


    I would go shopping with you any time! I love any color of green and your shopping style is very similar to mine.

  13. Josephine Bontrager says

    Was so good to meet you on this shopping trip!! You are one of my “heroes”, so totally made my day. Continuing to pray that things speed up for your adoption and you get your little fella soon. My husband did email you some pictures, so please let us know if you didn’t receive them. Blessings to you!

  14. says

    I would have definitely went along for the trip to the flea market, but I probably wouldn’t have been able to leave that quilt behind…everyone needs a bit of sunshine in their day…will keep my fingers crossed that you get your consentment letter very soon!!

  15. says

    What a sweet post Layla! It’s like you made each of us feel like your best bud today and took us all away with you. :) This is what I mean! You just radiate joy and kindness. :) I know–enough with the faces but you are that–a happy face who puts happiness in the hearts of others. (another smiley face.)

  16. hello haha harf says

    i sat and stared at that little bookshelf, wondering why the music notes were upside-down, wondering if the self was sitting properly, then finally gave up and continued reading. you can imagine my laughter.
    thank you for the smiles and the shopping trip with you, layla.

  17. Wendy says

    My sister and I used to live in the Chicago suburbs and there used to be this A-M A Z I N G flea market the first weekend of every month called the Kane County Flea Market. It would take a whole weekend to see everything brought in from the vendors who travel from all over IL and the surrounding states! My sister and I would go EVERY month. Much of our houses are furnished and decorated using items (deals!) we’ve found there. In fact, my sister has an incredible quilt collection from those trips! (Fun side note: for items we weren’t sure we wanted to spend the money on…we used ‘flea market fate’ — we’d leave it, then return at the end of the day. If the item was still there, well, then we would buy it!)
    12 years ago, I moved to Florida. We haven’t gone flea marketing together in all that time. Our lives have both radically changed, and our relationship has been tested at times. Reading your post today brought back all those great memories of our sweet and precious time together…because the way you wrote that dialogue is exactly US!!! Thanks for capturing that today. I forwarded it on to my sister and we relived those great moments together!

  18. Tam says

    Enjoyed reading your post – the way it was written sounded exactly like a post I read on Thistlewood’s blog a couple of weeks ago..

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Tam! I’ll have to go and check her blog for that one! I have so much fun putting these kinds of posts together. If you’re up for taking another trip, here’s another link to some more of the previously-loved pretties I’ve seen recently:

      Working and Wandering

      Thanks for taking the time to go treasure hunting with me! :-D

  19. Ashli says

    Even as a little girl my Mom started taking me to flea markets and antique stores. We’d spend hours hunting and browsing, I bet throughout my childhood I’ve been in over 500 stores. My Mom and her friends used to laugh at me because when I’d see a sign by the roadside I’d yell “ant – tee- cues” pronouncing the “q” just like that and in my little South Carolina southern drawl. We almost always stopped, it was just part of the adventure of life (and an escape when things on the farm were tight and tough). We mostly just feasted with the eyes, but it sure was a fun escape to wrap yourself inside someone else’s “story”. Thank you for reminding me of that today!

  20. Karen U says

    I’m so glad we had this talk, Layla! What a wonderful flea market!
    And, I think about you and Kevin, and your Sweet P often. I hope you hear the news you are waiting for so very soon!

    • Layla says

      Me too, Karen! :-D And thank you for keeping us and our little one in your thoughts! I can’t wait to share the exciting news with you as soon as we’ve got the green light! XO

  21. says

    Thanks for the window shopping post! With two kids, I don’t get out for the leisurely stroll about the vintage shops like I used to and I miss it! So many treasures on this trip. Thanks for a peek.

  22. Jessica says

    Thanks so much for allowing us on your journey to becoming parents! You are in my prayers! Love you posts as well. Such talent!

    God bless!

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Jennifer! I appreciate you taking the time to read them and it makes ME smile to know that YOU’RE smiling! :-D

  23. debbie rodriguez says

    i would have told u buy it!!!! life is short and who cares how many u have and its perfect. Just yellow and white with sunshine written all over it. It would look so nice with a sweet pea snuggled up inside of
    it. ;)

  24. Therese Herrema says

    Feeling your joy, your sorrow, you tension, such a beautiful share, once I choked back my tears I fell to my knee’s into pray. I then added you to a pray chain.
    God has a plan for you, an what a blessing to be able to have you share this part of the journey with us all.
    God Bless you and your husband, it’s all going to happen soon.
    All those beautiful things filled my heart with happiness, and perked me right up.
    again thank you, and I am praying with all my soul for your Blessing.
    thank you for you friendship I feel through your blog.
    I only wish I could do more.
    all our prays and love to you and your honey!

  25. Lisa W. says

    OH and you are a girl after my own heart…..for sure!!!!!! There is not way I could of come home without that mint green wire basket…OMG OR that wider wire basket on the little table in front of the vintage vanity with a little mint green on the (each)side drawers with the BIG round wire basket kind of thing in front of it. And OH that quilt………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh YEA you get the drift!!!!! Such yummies:)

    And we will pray, that you get that signature, that call, those plans REAL soon!!!

  26. sarah says

    Bless your patience! I recently saw a desk made out of a singer sewing machine, so I have plans for mine. Not worth anything as it is so need to give it a go.

  27. Jennifer says

    I have been aching to go flea marketing too! I know what you mean about those wooden crates though, I’ve noticed the prices steadily rising :( If you are every in lower AL and want to go flea-ing I know an amazing interior design student how loves to go.. wink, wink ;)

  28. says

    I love this post. I moved to France this past summer and I get to do some really fun antique/thrift shopping, but it is always more fun with a friend. I finally found a great shopping buddy and it has made exploring and finding treasures so much more fun.
    I am glad you were able to find some distraction on a rough day.

  29. says

    I’m pretty sure that gorgeous old iron table base is the bottom half of an antique Singer sewing table (see the scripty “S” in the legs? That looks like their brand’s mark). The bend in the bottom iron post between the legs would have accommodated the pedal.

    Or, at least I think that’s what it is! I could be totally off :)

    Praying for peace in the waiting.

  30. Rachel says

    What a treasure trove of fun finds. I love the metal stand on the first table. Shopping is such a great distraction.

  31. Rachel Carey says

    Flea market season (and yard sales) are right around the corner here in Ohio. I am (very) proud to say that I’ve turned a few people into marketers as they love my style. Poking around in old ‘junk’, thinking creatively, and filling up my arms just whispers love to me. And sometimes it screams it!

  32. Sunny says

    Oh Layla..thanks for giggles…I too, went into “ahhh” mode when I saw the words “Sunshine Specialties”…couldn’t one hang it on the wall or something..kind of like the ones I’ve seen at Pottery Barn made out of glass and metal..
    Anyway…praying to some of that “”john handcock” signing to happen soon..have hope…He makes all things beautiful in His time.

  33. Betsy Brown says

    Eastbrook, huh? I haven’t been in years, but I may have to go back for the croquet set. Also the yellow quilt would be yummy on my porch.

  34. Susan says

    Wow! What a cute blog you had today! made me feel like we did actually go flea-market-finding and antiquing together…Fun!

  35. Lauren says

    This article made me smile and SUPER excited for the Nashville Flea Market this weekend!! PS – I totally want that iron table base for a blanket holder! (Yes, I *need* that many throws and quilts! : )

  36. Pamela Allen says

    Love your taste in vintage goodies. The white fan-tailed bird(mine has gold on the eyes,beak and feathers) is from the 1940″s. I have a pair of them, and of all of my mom’s things, I really love these. The wooden fabric stamps are fun, I have collected 3 over the years. If you go to an Indian fabric site you can find more if your interested. I use a soda tab attached on the back to hang them on the wall.
    “Till next time.

  37. Shanna J says

    Layla, you’re such an inspiration! Your faith, kindness, and your style! You are the kind of person that makes the rest of us want to be better! Thank you for sharing!

  38. Raylan White says

    Which flea is this? I’m coming down from Opelika on Sunday, because I want to hit up a couple of flea markets. Angel’s is five minutes from my house, so I go too often and only see the same ‘ol things. I need a change of scenery (and would love to find a quilt like that)!

  39. Christine berends says

    I just died with excitement a little bit. Go back and buy the glass topped biscuit box. I have been looking for something similar for months now.
    One day sweet p will grow out of a pair of shoes. The first you ever bought for him. And you will want to frame them. And hang them on the wall. And you will have a beautiful box with the word sunshine embossed in it, and a sweet pair of shoes nestled underneath, for you to look at for the rest of your days.
    I have serious box envy.

  40. Jana Huntsinger says

    How funny….that EXACT conversation was happening between us in my head too!!! Too bad California is so far away because I would totally come shopping with you anytime!

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