• That’s What Friends and Flea Markets Are For

    Meredith emailed our adoption update around 1 o’clock on Friday. She said that IBESR did have a meeting about consentment letters last week, but that no one knows exactly what was discussed or if any decisions were made. Or if anybody at the meeting was feeling signature-happy. ;-)

    Needless to say, our prayer this week is that IBESR has figured out best way to proceed with everyone’s consentment letters, and that someone will be ready to sign them all soon.

    Prayer Hands 2

    Throughout this process, I’ve started to notice that those “no new news” updates  always seem to trigger the need for a quick change of scenery. If I’m out and about, I usually feel like heading home. If I’m home, I usually feel the need to flee flea. There’s just something about wandering around 60,000 square feet of previously-loved stuff that feels like such a great distraction, ya know what I mean? I know you do. ;-)

    For instance, if you had gone with me after that email came in on Friday afternoon, there’s no telling which one of us would’ve pointed out the INSANELY PERFECT paint job around the top of this little table first:

    Aqua Mantel | Antique Side Table

    I mean, look at that line!! #PrecisionPainting

    I think it’s also pretty safe to say that we probably would’ve high-fived every time we passed one of these babies:

    Console Table Cabinets | Sideboard | Buffet

    You can put SO much stuff in them, but they don’t eat up a lot of floor space, ya know?“, says me.

    I know, right? And they’re so much fun to decorate!“, says you.

    #ThisIsWhenTheHighFiveWould’veHappened :-D

    I think we would’ve stopped to talk about this old iron table base, and we would’ve decided that grass green is definitely one of our faaaavorite colors:

    Iron Table Base

    #ThenWeWould’veSteppedAwayFromTheTableBase #NeitherOfUsHasRoomForItAndItDidn’tHaveAPriceTagOnItAnyway

    We definitely would’ve discussed this glass-topped metal biscuit box…

    Metal Tin Biscuit Box | Glass Top

    …and how the SUNSHINE lettering (our favorite part) would be covered up you put anything inside the box.

    We would’ve passed these wire baskets and decided that we may love mint green just as much as we love grass green:

    Mint Green Wire Baskets

    I would’ve said “Ooh! Ooh! That bookshelf would look so cute with a colorful coat of paint!

    Music Note Bookshelf

    …and you would’ve replied, “Yeah, but aren’t the music notes upside down?:-D

    I think we would’ve decided that we both have a thing for old, wooden crates- but that vendors must be onto us because they’re just too expensive these days!

    Tip Top Bread Wood Box Crate

    We would’ve played a round of “I could see that in a Pottery Barn catalog”…

    Vintage Airplane Black and White Photograph

    White Wood Trunk

    Wire Baskets

    Wooden Print Block

    We would’ve thought about Traci (again) when we spotted yet another cool, old croquet set:

    Vintage Croquet Set | Eastbrook Flea Market

    We would’ve decided that one of us HAD to buy this jewelry case because it was ONLY 15 bucks:

    Wood Jewelry Box

    Until we discovered that we were both looking at the wrong sticker, and that it was actually $75.

    Wooden Jewelry Box | Eastbrook Flea Market

    #LOL :-D

    Last but not least, there would’ve been my experience with this glorious thing…

    Yellow and White Quilt

    All folded up and looking just like sunshine sitting on a sideboard. *sigh* You would have witnessed pink puffy hearts actually flying out of my eyeballs the second I spotted it…

    Begin slow motion sequence, set to Chariots of Fire music: I would’ve shoved my purse into your arms and ran full-blast towards it…yelling full-on Braveheart-They-Will-Never-Take-Our-Freedom-(Or-Our-Vintage-Quilt)-style. Arms outstretched…nostrils flaring…eyes narrowed and locked straight onto it. Vintage dishes and knick-knacks would’ve crashed down to the floor in my wake.

    …but, once again, you would’ve reminded me that I’ve got enough vintage quilts. #That’sWhatFriendsAreFor. :-)

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