Tetanus Shot, Check.

After receiving many comments and emails from people urging me to get a tetanus shot, I finally broke down and got one.
I’m terrified of all things medical, so it was a very big deal for me to even entertain the thought of (voluntarily) driving to the doctors office. Not to mention, once I got there, I would willingly invite them to drive a needle into my arm with a substance that could, or could not, cause an allergic reation.
On this particular day, Kevin and I waited for over an hour an a half in the jam-packed waiting room. You could almost feel the germs in the air.
They were short-staffed, and the girl who ended up stabbing me was actually the receptionist, who made it abundantly clear that she was not exactly at the top of her game because she “had not eaten all day” and was “about to pass out from starvation”.
When she had to stop and ask a nurse if she was about to inject me with the right medication I nearly passed out.
To top off the whole experience, I asked her how long this shot would cover me for, to which she replied, “Three years”.
“Really?”, I said, “I thought it was longer?”.
Then she says, “Oh, wait, did I say three years, or ten years?”.
“You said three years”, I replied.
Then she says, (and this is the clincher) “Oh, oops, I meant to say ten. My bad”.

Let’s just say I will be watching where I step a lot closer about ten years from now.

So tonight I’ve added “sore left arm” to my list of aching body parts.
But I have to admit, I will sleep more soundly knowing that I’m not going to get some sort of weird infection.
Last night, the whole subject must have really been weighing heavy on my subconscious mind because I dreamt that I did get an infection in my foot and both of my ankles and my knees completely locked up making it impossible to outrun whoever (or whatever) was chasing me. It was terrible!
I was so relieved when I came to, and realized that I was actually still able to move my legs underneath the covers. :-)

We’re having Kevin’s side of the family over for supper tomorrow night.
(His brother celebrated a birthday this week….oh, and because some readers have asked- yes, he is married) :-)
I’m anxious for the rest of the Palmers to see how much our Lettered Cottage has changed this past week. I can actually hear Kevin out there installing, caulking, priming and painting as I type this. I’ll be sure to share some photos of the “new look” tomorrow when the project is complete.

Sometimes I just sit and think about how much the house has evolved because of us, and in turn, how much the house has completely changed the course of our lives as well. Life is but a dream….
Now if you’ll excuse me, I owe my house a hug.
If only I could raise my left arm.


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