My Mom celebrated her 54th Birthday on Friday (yes, the 13th!)
So I sent one of these little buggers to the hotel she was staying at on the beach in Pensacola.
Aren’t they cute?
(I sent her the one on the left) :-)

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  1. PAT says

    My oldest daughter was married last fall. Our grandson was the ring bearer. He carried the rings on a small “gift” box, made with green Yoko Ono mums. Love it!

    I saw your napkin and white/cream dish post. I have to be very careful or I tend to bring home many cream and/or white dishes everytime I visit Marshall’s or HomeGoods! I have a cabinet in our hearth room filled with white dishes. At certain times of year, I add a pop of green.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Susie Harris says

    I have never seen those before, I love em’ and would love to get one myself. hehe… Susie H

  3. Jaybird says

    I just found your blog….y’all are doing a great job with your cute little house! I lived in Florida in a cement block house for a number of years. You will have it looking spiffy pretty quick!
    Blessings to you,
    the Texas Jaybird

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