How To Touch Up Photos


I’m up to my eyeballs in primer today, but I wanted to publish a quick post about Kev and Josh’s latest ShootFlyShoot class! It’s called Photoshop Touch Up, and it’s all about re-touching photos of people in Photoshop. This is something the two of them did for years and years before they started photography businesses […]

How To Shoot Photography – 102

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It’s Photography 102 launch day over at! Last March, the guys introduced Photography 101, and they’ve had such a blast connecting with folks through their site over the past year! While Photography 101 was primarily about learning to shoot in manual mode, Photography 102 is about the things that “changed the game” for Josh […]

How To Shoot Photography – Affiliate Program

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Before we move on to blogging about the grodiness that is currently our master bathroom- I wanted to share a quick announcement. Kev and his BFF, Josh, have received a ton of great feedback on their first two classes (Photography 101 and Photoshop Elements 10), and they’re super excited to finally offer an affiliate program for those who […]

Photography Tips for Sharper & Brighter Interior Photos

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I contributed to a multi-blogger guest post over at Kate’s today… It’s about photography, and it includes a lot of helpful tips! So if you’re interested in learning about this kinda stuff… And how we used them to create these three shots within seconds of each other yesterday… And why using one of these little […]