Table Redo

I love a fun table redo, so Kev and I set out to find an inexpensive side table we could use in a room we’re helping decorate right now. We hit our favorite flea markets the other day, and ended up bringing home this wiggly-wobbly one:

The dimensions were just right, and since it was only $20, we figured we’d take a stab at making it over.

Some screws and leftover wood took care of the wiggly-wobbliness…

…and a coat of “French Linen” chalk paint, a little distressing, and a rubbed-on layer of (clear) soft furniture wax all added up to the fresh new face we were after:

We picked up the drawer pull on clearance at Hobby Lobby a while back…

…and the existing brass “feet” got sprayed with a coat of Rustoleum’s “Rustic Mist” metallic spray paint & primer-in-one. Even though they were smooth and shiny, one quick misting of that stuff really did the trick!

Now that the weather *seems* to be cooling down a little, I’m really looking forward to tackling more of these kinds of project outside.

How about you? Do you feel the urge to get out there and get your hands dirty, too?

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  1. says

    Paint magic! French Line is one of my favorite colors! Your table is awesome; the details really show now! Love the Rustic Mist feet! Great transformation! Yep, I like to get my hands in paint too!

  2. Angie W says

    What an adorable table! I love the criss-cross detailing. It really stands out with the new paint color.

  3. allie says

    Hey…did you spray it or paint it on by hand. I love the finish you get with sprayed on paint but I don’t have a sprayer. OY.

  4. says

    That’s the cutest little table! I really enjoy when people take the time to find something with good lines…because a chunky piece of furniture with all the wrong curves is still wrong even with a coat of paint!

  5. Casey Barnhard says

    oh yeah! I need to refinish my coffee table and do something with my 90’s curio cabinet, but no way was I going to tackle that in the 90 degree temps!!

  6. says

    It looks great! Love the detail on the drawer front. I have started making a list of all the things I want to paint/spray once this humidity goes away. Maybe soon!

  7. says

    I recently did a make over on a $20 table too! I like yours very much. Yep, can’t wait for the cooler weather of Autumn! I’ll be tackling our little master bath…Hint hint…just in case you want to Pick My Presto…he he he.

  8. says

    Cute make over! I was just out in the garden this morning planting a bush that has been sitting in my front yard for 2 weeks because it has been to hot to plant [sorry neighbors]! I think I’ll be spending the weekend in the yard!

  9. says

    ok, showing my ignorance here…how did you do the distressing? i love it, but always tend to over do it. there are a few things i would like to play with at home, but a little guidance would be most appreciated.
    sunday i helped a friend paint a lamp red and both a coffee table and an end table an awesome shade of blue. would never look good in my house, but so cute in her new place. great fun.

  10. erica says

    i love it!!! i redo everything in my whole house im definatly not 1 of those if it ant broke dont fix it ppl im more hey theres nothing wrong with this table but i think it would look fun red type.

  11. Mia B says

    Layla, your timing is impeccable! I was just doing a mental inventory of my cooler-weather-can-finally-go-outside-to-paint thrift/estate sale/garage sale finds projects yesterday and they are: spray two ($30 each) Hollywood Regency bamboo cane chairs, spray and reupholster one Queen Anne style chair (inherited) plus learn how to do nailhead trim, prime and paint two desks, a corner piece and a hutch for the office (free), spray two metal file cabinets (free), and sand and refinish a Drexel pedestal breakfast table ($100). Plus paint at least four of our rooms, and paint built-ins and cabinetry in laundry and breakfast room. And two chandelier re-dos. Ah, I am exhausted just thinking about it! This is why the hubs doesn’t want me going to anymore sales.

  12. says

    I love your table! It looks so good. Thanks for the mini-tutorial on how to fix the wobblies too. I have yet to get the confidence to refinish a table yet, but I love to tackle little accessories.

  13. says

    Where are you’re favorite flea market places to shop? I will be traveling through the south in September and need some good places to visit!

  14. Joanne B. says

    my question i show the heck do you find a table that looks that good before you re-do it for just $20.00??? here in South Florida we have JUNK for more than that! Lucky find for you!

  15. Patti Zipper says

    What a great makeover! And you make this seem easy enough for me to do :). Gotta get me some AS paint!

  16. Alison says

    Wait, this is too good to be true — you didn’t have to sand it or strip it? Just the paint and the wax? I have a similar table that I want to re-do but have been procrastinating because I do not want to strip / sand in this August heat (I live in Texas). Could you confirm that there was no stripping or sanding? If that’s the case, I’ll tackle my little table this weekend!

  17. kathleen says

    Great table could not reach the screen on your previous post today as of 2:34 pm to enter for the tru valu gift card give away I guess your blog host can not handle the traffic has the page crashed pick me

  18. Melinda says

    Oh how cute! The color is perfect to show the detail and the knob makes the whole table come to life.

  19. says

    Awesome makeover! She’s a beauty now. :) Itching for it to cool off enough to revive my yard for sure… but still love me a little end of summer fun. Beach for Labor Day and then I’ll be ready. :)
    xo heidi

  20. Liz VanKirk says

    Love this little table & love the chalk paint color. Have to get me some!!! Any ideas on where to find some easily? We’re in MI.


  21. says

    I simply must know where this magic flea market is!! We’re in Alabaster and my hubby has now banned me from thrift stores (well, him taking me to them, which is usually how we roll), but I think he would swing a flea market! Especially one that has such amazing things for so cheap!

    • Layla says

      My favs are Prattville Pickers (there are two more of these same tables there right now), and Memories, and J&G. They’re all here in Prattville. Eastbrook in Montgomery is great too!

  22. Mary says

    Hi! What an incredible redo to a formerly “meh” table. Love it! Several months ago I repainted a piece then did the wax technique to finish it off. Neither were AS products. It is a yellow high dresser but what I noticed is a black picture frame on the top left it’s little black lines:( in the finish. Any ideas? Does that wax need to cure for a long period of time? Once it’s there, is there a way to remove a mark like that? NOt sure if it’s only in the wax coating or deeper, but I’m bummed! Any experience with that?

  23. says

    Cute. What a great redo on a darling little table. Like you, I have been in the mood to get outside and breath new life into something. I just redid a couple of trikes a friend gave me. I love being able to add a bit of myself into an old piece and make it shine!

  24. Cindy McCallister says

    I know you said the paint was French Linen. I assume that is the color. What brand is it? Thanks!

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